Seoul Train Photography

So I had this idea I want to show you how I take a picture but not just how I take the picture But what happens before I take a picture what happens during and how I read it after and even post it But today is a very beautiful day You don’t get those […]

Camera ASMR – Photography Sounds

Hello – thank you for tunning in Today, we’re going to stroke some of that GAS that you’ve been holding onto You hear that? That’s the sound of fresh photography gear calling out to you. If you buy that brand new camera… You’ll be as good as Peter Mckinnon And he knows it… He doesn’t […]

Noealz Photography Videos

Welcome my name is noe I’m a photographer living in Seoul, South Korea and as you may have guessed this channel is about Photography I Consider myself more of an artist so I’m not here to do gear reviews I’m not here to try and sell your gear through affiliate links I’m not here to […]

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