How to Piss Off a Photographer

Oh hey! Lok! Hey how’s it going man long time no see! You’re Warren! Yea yea yea man… we met while ago somewhere but… you’re a photographer now! That’s crazy! Yea… just make a living. Yeah this is I mean this is a nice camera and everything look at that eight, five mm? I don’t […]

Your camera is better than Ansel’s

What is up everybody welcome back I have a topic that I want to bring up for discussion today that Deals with a quote that I heard a few months ago And I thought it was really interesting basically the quote was this every famous photograph ever made was done with equipment That wasn’t as […]

Studying a Photography Degree Online

I’d like to talk to you about studying photography with IDI. Unlike skills-based training courses, studying a photography degree course will expand your creativity as well as develop your technique. You’ll devise your own photography project through self-generated ideas and in response to professional briefs. Telling a story through photography means working not only on […]

Matthew Leifheit – Photographer, Curator & Editor

– Hello and welcome to the i3 Lecture Series, hosted by the Masters in Digital Photography program at the School of Visual Arts. We are thrilled to welcome Matthew Leifheit as tonight’s guest speaker, originally from Chicago, Matthew is a Brooklyn-based photographer, curator and writer. Bit of a Renaissance man. In 2011, he received a […]

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