COMPOSITION – Most Important thing in PHOTOGRAPHY!

pewdiepie is better than t-series ناسەرەكى بۆ گۆشتى ڕانى بەرازى جەويى لەسەر يوتيوبناسەرەكى بۆ گۆشتى ڕانى بەرازى جەويى لەسەر يوتيوب ليل ئووزى ڕەنگى سەوز باشتر زوو بەر دەبێتەوە هيێ كابراى تۆ چووكى باريكى بۆى omg help me i’m trapped ok bois hey guys, i am sourav and in this video let’s talk about about composition […]

Simple Photography Questions and Answers

today we’re actually going to be answering some very simple photography questions where actually they’re not really simple perhaps because so many people ask them it makes me wonder if I just think they’re simple but actually they’re not and some of them of course I do need to answer but anyways let’s get to […]

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