How to make stuff FLOAT in your photos!

– What’s up everybody? Today we’re talking about how to make objects look like they’re floating, and no Hogwarts required. That’s a terrible joke, it sounded better when I… Yeah, intro. (exciting energetic music) Okay, there’s a few ways to do this. There’s a really easy way, you just take like 200 photos until you […]

Switching cameras?

(upbeat electronic music) (man grunts) – Today, we’re shooting on the 6D Mark II. Woohoo! Oh, yeah. Look at this. I haven’t had a flip-out screen since like, I’ve never hd a flip-out screen. Today is 6D Mark II day. We got the ATV here. Mattie’s here. We got a snowboard. We’re going to try […]

Editing YOUR Photos!!

p.m. edits my shots at Gmail doc what there’s 8,000 emails I can even choose there’s hundreds of pages [Music] what’s up everybody Peter MacKinnon here welcome back to another video today is the day we’ve been waiting for I’m actually I’m super excited for this video today we are well I am I’m editing […]


I was more interested in the bottle rockets that we just smuggled across the border and wanting to light those off than do photography skateboarding BMX biking that kind of stuff those are my hobbies was never anything remotely to do with the arts [Music] just kind of funny Here I am and you know […]

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