Simple Photography Questions and Answers

today we’re actually going to be answering some very simple photography questions where actually they’re not really simple perhaps because so many people ask them it makes me wonder if I just think they’re simple but actually they’re not and some of them of course I do need to answer but anyways let’s get to […]

Photography ideas for Instagram

all right so today I actually have a just an artistic idea right now I’m just coming from my house I put some of my pictures in a USB and I’m on my way to print them what I’m thinking is I’m going to print a few photos put them in picture frames and just […]

Street Photography in Ikseondong

So today we’re going to shoot in Ikseondong. It’s near Jongro in South Korea. If this is your first time on this channel. Please be sure to subscribe. Especially if you’re a photographer, and even if you are a Korea enthusiast. I think you’ll enjoy the scenery very much and I will be uploading regularly. […]

Top Youtube Photography Channels

This video is sponsored by circle space So, my name is noe and welcome last time I made a video about which Photography channels small YouTube channels you should be following and this time I want to give a shout out to the big YouTube channels that I enjoy watching and That maybe you might […]

Depression and Photography as Therapy

Photography and depression, mainly how photography helps me overcome my depression. Actually many people don’t know but I suffer from depression. You know I’ve been suffering from depression pretty much all my life. And I always try to put out this kind of stoic kind of cold but caring never fazed personality you know? But […]

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