hey everybody this is my first youtube video I’m really excited about it I decided to start this journey with a documentary series about connecting with people this first one is about a photographer I met had a bus stop hope you enjoy and thanks for watching you’re the only young person that has spoken […]

Stupid Terms in Photography

Photography terms are dumb. They don’t make any sense! Stops. Stops! [Both]: sToPs! [Chels]: What more can we say?! Stahp it! [Tony]: Stops date to 1858! This is a dumb term! S T O P S are doubling or halving of light. It’s a logarithmic measurement system, but humans don’t like to use logarithmic terms; […]

How to choose the perfect camera

– I own a lot of cameras, like probably too many, but that’s because it took me a really long time to figure out the style I wanted and then figure out a way to achieve that style, which is 35 millimeter Kodak film, I should have just known. Any who, people are always asking […]

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