Funeral home markups and upselling: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

♪ [theme]>>David:This ismarketplace.Undercover inside Canada’sfuneral homes.>>The top level and the bottom level they start at $3,000.>>David:Can you trustthe people meantto help you the most?>>98% is mandatory.>>We’re still grieving. It’s only been a couple days.>>David:High-pressure sales.>>She doesn’t die in the next 90 days we still have to pay in full?>>Yeah.>>David:Hi costs.>>You could be looking at $12,500.>>David: […]

Celebrities Who Were Born Filthy Rich!

From stars that came from a family in showbiz to the idols born into nobility, let’s look at Celebrities Who Were Born Filthy Rich. Number 14. Robin Thicke Long before his Blurred Lines fame, this R&B singer enjoyed a fortuitous upbringing thanks to his superstar parents. Raised by Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke and Days […]

How I Make Money with Photography

Hello in this video I’m going to tell you how I make money with photography This video is sponsored by Squarespace if you need a website a domain name or an online store….. make your next move with Squarespace so when Squarespace got in touch recently and asked me if I would make a video […]

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