7 iPhone Photography Tips

Jay: Do you know what the best camera is when you come on a great photograph? It’s the one you have in your hand. And unfortunately, all of us have a camera on our phone in our hand most of the time. So, it’s crazy not to understand how to take your phone and make […]

Car Show Photography Tips

We’re Chelsea and Tony Northrup and we’re going to photograph a car show So we’re at the Ocean Beach car show and as I had expected it’s very busy. There are people in front of all the cars. So one thing I like to do is just focus on the details that make a car […]

How to Do Stop Motion Photography

[JAY P.] Hi this is Jay P Morgan today on the slanted lens we’ve got a treat for you. We’re going to talk about stop-motion photography and we have the master of stop-motion photography here with us. This is Trisha Zemp. She’s going to talk to us about the things that she does to make […]

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