What Is Image Quality? – Vision Campus

Welcome back to our Vision Campus! Today let’s talk about brightness, sharpness, quantum efficiency, sensor and pixel size, resolution, dynamic range, noise and signal-to-noise-ratio, and contrast, or in other words image quality. What does image quality mean? For the amateur photographer, good image quality mostly means a sharp, bright image with high contrast. In industrial […]

How Does a Photon Become a Film Photo?

[♪ INTRO] For most of the time we’ve had photography, you couldn’t just snap a picture on your phone. You had to use specially made film. And taking the perfect photograph meant you had to master some chemistry, from capturing light, to developing an image that you can see. When photons enter a film camera, […]

The secrets of sports photography

if you’re looking at taking better action shots the next 10 minutes may give you some good tips whether you shoot Canon Nikon or have third-party lenses this isn’t a comparison there’s some tips that apply to both types of equipment main thing you’re gonna need a digital SLR most important part of that digital […]

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