Confidence As a Photographer – Mike Browne

someone sent me an email a few weeks ago asking can an introvert become a good photographer I’m not gonna name this person, let’s just call him john smith. well this series of photography they’re about exactly this kind of thing. It’s about finding confidence in yourself your abilities and indeed the others around you. […]

GuruShots – Join the World’s #1 Photography Game

Love taking photos? join GuruShots the world’s greatest photography game. whether you like taking photos with a camera or your mobile phone, GuruShots makes your photography more fun, exciting and rewarding. challenge yourself join daily photo challenges it’s free! get massive exposure, meaningful recognition and win real prizes! get instant feedback from 600 million monthly […]

Editing YOUR Photos!!

p.m. edits my shots at Gmail doc what there’s 8,000 emails I can even choose there’s hundreds of pages [Music] what’s up everybody Peter MacKinnon here welcome back to another video today is the day we’ve been waiting for I’m actually I’m super excited for this video today we are well I am I’m editing […]


I was more interested in the bottle rockets that we just smuggled across the border and wanting to light those off than do photography skateboarding BMX biking that kind of stuff those are my hobbies was never anything remotely to do with the arts [Music] just kind of funny Here I am and you know […]

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