Tinder Profile Picture Day 2

(upbeat tune) (acoustic guitar music) – So you’ve had your profile picture taken before, right? – Oh, yes sir, I know the drill. – Good, because the last time I was here no one would just let me take a normal photograph of them. ♫ Everyone loves a puppy, please go out with me – […]

Top Crime Scene Photographer

♪♪ ♪♪ [dogs bark] [police sirens] [car horns honk] [police chatter] [police sirens]>>Detective’s here. [car door shuts]>>Hey, talk to me. What’ve we got here?>>Looks like a homicide, sir. Blunt force trauma. We recovered a pipe next to the body. Looks like the murder weapon. And we have a suspect in custody.>>Do we have an ID?>>Yes, […]

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