US To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through

With the national debt climbing to an estimated 11 trillion dollars the White House announced an emergency economic plan today, trading the national gold reserves for cash through precious metal buyers Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner devised the measure after viewing this television commerical for the cash for gold program last week. I got 583 […]

Point, Click, ShootTokyo

I just walk. I walk a lot sometimes. I don’t always have a destination, it’s more like I’m searching. I don’t know exactly what I’m searching for, but I seem to know what it is when I find it. People always say I’m a fast talker and a fast walker, but not when I’m out […]

Gardening Tips : Turfgrass Benefits

I’m Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. The benefits of turf grass. The one big benefit of turf grass, is that it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, giving us something to breathe. The average size lawn, can supply enough oxygen everyday for a family of four. It helps control the glare of the sun. By it’s […]

DoD News: The Rotation

Colonel Lewis Zeisman says the Soldiers of the second Stryker Brigade Combat Team 2nd Infantry Division, the 2-2 are ready If I do my job, the battalions will do the close fight can we use our Apatches to slowly kill the enemy Training rotation 1408 at Fort Irwin National Training Center is where the 2-2 […]

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