DON’T BE NICE – Official Trailer

“If you move I swear to God“TV Announcer“Growing outrage… after a deadly police shooting the images now seen by millions across this country. Something really heavy in the world just happened. What do we want to say about it? You all want to go deeper with your art? We want to help you to go […]

Man with a Movie Camera (1929) movie

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA A recording on 6 reels of film. Production VUFKU, 1929. Extract from the log book of a movie cameraman. Attention, viewers: The film you are about to see is an attempt at cinematographic diffusion of visual scenes. WITHOUT USE OF INTERTITLES (the film has no intertitles) WITHOUT USE OF A […]


hey everybody this is my first youtube video I’m really excited about it I decided to start this journey with a documentary series about connecting with people this first one is about a photographer I met had a bus stop hope you enjoy and thanks for watching you’re the only young person that has spoken […]

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