Shoot The Stars Season 4: CINEMATOGRAPHERS

Hi, I’m Matthew Villescas and I’m the cinematographer for Karkutong. I’m Nathaniel Regier I acted as the cinematographer on the Hate Me Gently production. Cinematography is telling the story with camera and lighting. Essentially my job is to be invisible while still adding a lot to the viewer experience and what the audience feels and […]

How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera

hi my name is Aaron I’ve been installing security systems for about five years today I’m going to be talking to you about the installation of outdoor cameras. Some things you need to take into consideration before purchasing an outdoor camera Are some of the capabilities that it has. Some cameras have night vision, some […]

Phone Photography Gear (2019)

why hello my name is Noe ALZ and today we’re going to talk about mobile phone photography now some of you may have watched my previous videos where I kind of decided that I’m going to shoot with my phone for a whole year no gear and people are confused as to why I’m doing […]

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