I found a SPY camera.

– This looks kinda suspicious. I don’t see a lens on it, though. What’s this? Oh! Camera, found it! That, that was a good one. Can’t get past me, though. All right. Hey, guys, this is Austin. When you’re traveling there is a lot to consider. Is your flight on time? How are you getting […]


hey everybody this is my first youtube video I’m really excited about it I decided to start this journey with a documentary series about connecting with people this first one is about a photographer I met had a bus stop hope you enjoy and thanks for watching you’re the only young person that has spoken […]

Accessible Photography – Switch Accessible Camera

Hi, Karl here again from Enable Irelands National Assistive technology training service. While writing a post about accessible photography for the ATandME blog (there is a link to that below) which was mainly concerned with the possibilities offered by the Sony DSC QX10 (you can see that see video here- put in annotation link), I […]

Evolution of Camera

Evolution of Camera In the 1500s, The first pinhole camera (also called the Camera Obscura) was invented by Alhazen. Which uses a pinhole or lens to project an image of the scene outside; upside-down onto a viewing surface. In 1839, The Daguerreotype Camera was invented Louis Daguerre and Joseph Niépce. They Invented the first practical […]

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