What Is Image Quality? – Vision Campus

Welcome back to our Vision Campus! Today let’s talk about brightness, sharpness, quantum efficiency, sensor and pixel size, resolution, dynamic range, noise and signal-to-noise-ratio, and contrast, or in other words image quality. What does image quality mean? For the amateur photographer, good image quality mostly means a sharp, bright image with high contrast. In industrial […]

How Image Compression Works

What’s up, everybody! Today we’re talking about how digital images are represented, compressed, and stored on your devices. Let’s get started! A typical image is represented as a matrix. Values of this matrix correspond to pixel intensity values. A larger number means a brighter pixel, a smaller number means a darker pixel. Color images have […]

What Is Image Processing? – Vision Campus

Welcome to our Vision Campus! Today, I will focus on image processing. There are endless situations calling for image processing done by software. In general, they can be clustered into a few groups: Checking for presence, object detection and localization, measurement as well as identification and verification. In most cases, the acquired image from the […]

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