Morning, this is Mujahid. We are in Golden
Gate Highlands National Park right now. Mustafa is with me, and we have decided for a sunrise
photography shoot. I am hoping to shoot these iconic mountains in South Africa. Morning once again, so, Mus and I are on our
way to this mountain behind me. The sunrise is gonna happen in this side, and, we are
actually not sure where we are heading. But this is the location we have chosen. When
we are there, we will have to find a nice foreground and a good composition.
The good thing is, that the time is on our side. The sunrise is gonna be in the next
20 minutes. And as you can see on my right side the light is starting to appear. So we’ll
have small window of let’s say 20 minutes or so to catch this light before it becomes
quite harsh. So its time to setup the camera, and I’ll
catch you once the setup is done. I am waiting for the light, I got my composition
ready. I have prepared myself for any filters, so it’s LEE filter. It’s a graduated ND filter
on. I have got it on a little bit of an angle here because I don’t want this side to be
effected by the filtration, I only want to cover the sky.
I have got a polarizer in my bag, I think I am gonna end up using it for the sky, but
not now. I am in complete Manual Mode right now because the camera doesn’t know that the
filter is on. So, I am focusing on my foreground here, it is actually trying to calculate the
exposure for the foreground and I want to calculate the difference between the sky and
the foreground so that the photo is not under or overexposed. It is a 16-35 mm lens. So
it’s covering this bit and not a lot of the scene behind me, which is fine. I just want
to get this beautiful wall, and the tree in my foreground, and then I will use mountain
as my background. As the sunrises I will not stick to this location, I will keep changing
my location. So the sunrise is happening right now, the
clouds are extremely beautiful, the light is reflecting on the clouds, the sky is extremely
beautiful and gorgeous. What I have done is that I have got two graduated ND filters now
because I have realised that there is too much light in the sky, and because we are
towards the shadows, the difference between the sky and these shadows is quite high. So
I am blocking the light from the sky by four stops. These are two graduated ND filters.
These are .6 LEE ND filters, and each one of them stops the light by 2 stops. One is
a soft grad, and the other one is an ND hard grad. I have changed my perspective now, so instead
of shooting towards the sunrise, I am shooting here where the light is reflected, and I have
changed the angle a little bit now. And, to add to the fun, I have got a polarizer filter
in my hand. I am hoping I will be able to cut of some glare in the sky. So let’s put
a polarizer filter on. It’s a 105 LEE polarizer filter. So, a small piece of advice. The sunrise happens
in two places. One, where the sun is rising, and second is where the sun is reflecting
light. So if I were to show you around me, look at that, look at the gorgeous orange
light reflecting on the grass and the clouds. So the aim is to keep changing the perspective
and make the best use of the situation. So as soon as the sun goes above that piece
of cloud, then the light is gonna become very harsh. But, here, it is not as harsh and you
can see that the light is actually bathing the mountain slowly and slowly it is coming
down. And we are gonna take photos of this mountain right now. So the sun is fully up now, and what I have
done is that I have put a LEE Little Stopper on my lens. It stops the light by 6 stops.
And before putting the LEE filter on the exposure was nearly 60th of second (1/60). So as per
the guide, if the exposure is 60th of a second, after putting the LEE filter on, it will become
3 seconds. So, 3 seconds is actually giving me the movement in the clouds, alright? and
also the wall behind us has got some shadows and light. So when I take the photo, the wall
is painted with light and shadows and gives a nice effect. So, I hope you enjoy the photo,
and I hope you like the video. Please press the subscribe button on the left
corner. Is it the left or the right? Well, one of the corners. In the description I have
got the link to my website and my social profiles. You can also press the link below to the blog
I have written on this, and I hope you enjoy it. Bye.

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