Street Photography Tips From Sony Artisan Ben Lowy: The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

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50 thoughts on “Street Photography Tips From Sony Artisan Ben Lowy: The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

  1. Some questions I wish he'd asked:
    1) What catches your eye more in others' street photography: light or faces?
    2) You said everyone has the idea of what NYC looks like. So don't we see enough Manhattan street photography? Why not shoot in Newark, NJ, or Staten Island, where we don't have preconceptions?
    3) Do you crop in post processing?
    4) What is your approach to color in street photography?
    5) You said you won't get up in the face with a 35mm. Why not?

  2. I notice he is always looking down on his flip screen. I think most street photographers tend to use the viewfinder even if their cameras have a flip screen. I think on reflection (if you pardon the pun), looking down is better, as people won't notice you a taking their picture. It's also from a nicer angle I think. I'm gonna try that.

  3. damn I get some but miss many of the same shots in NYC. GRii, a6000, had Pentax now Nikon. Have been reluctant to turn up my ISO and shutter speed. Especially needing that and stopping down when I am really up close in middle of people and sometimes I have not stopped moving.. Thanks,

  4. Que talento y cuanta práctica para poder ver las fotografías donde nadie se lo imagina o se puede ver… que magníficas fotos y excelente fotógrafo.

  5. Great street photog tips here! I need to get out more and do some street photography 🙂 Hopefully this summer!

  6. Other than the F'ing word "sharp"…if i EVER hear photographers discuss their F'ing "settings " again, i am going to kiss them with a 2×4 to their face… I have been taking pictures, or is that MAKING Pictures, or Photographing, or is it Shooting…..since 1977…..SETTINGS…???? …who gives an F what the stupid settings were.?…If most stuff is in focus…f/8 or better…Shallow depth..??….5.6 or faster. We NEVER asked each other about settings…it seems in the last 10 years or so, people have become OBSESSED with Gear and Setting and "Sharpness…..what The F Happened…????

  7. I disagree with his opinion that regular people don’t “make” images, but take them. Look at where Instagram, and the genre of cell phone, or what’s known as iPhonography has taken the world of photography to, and what’s sparked interest in photography for many people. Most of my Instagram is dedicated to this type of photography under my user name of sandboxvet, or just look up iPhonography on google, for examples.

  8. It bothered me that the photographer did not make eye contact with the camera ( us out here ) and/or barely connected with the interviewer either.

  9. I would be nice to see more images (before and after post production) and not so much talking and discussions. I think.

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