Street Photography in Ikseondong

So today we’re going to shoot in Ikseondong. It’s near Jongro in South Korea. If this is your first time on this channel. Please be sure to subscribe. Especially if you’re a photographer, and even
if you are a Korea enthusiast. I think you’ll enjoy the scenery very much
and I will be uploading regularly. Today we’re gonna be shooting with the 5D
Mark III with a Canon L 24-105. It’s one of my favorite walk around lenses
cuz you never know when you’re gonna need to go wide or when you need to go, very narrow.Plus
it’s got image stabilization so let’s see what we can shoot. So, right now we’re on our way to Ikseon dong. Ikseon-dong is like a very trendy upcoming
trendy part of Seoul, you know? Not too many people know about it, in fact
I didn’t know about it but my friend Robert recommended it. So, the subway station we’re nearest to is
Jongro and actually I already have a Youtube video up on that area but it’s on my old channel. So it’s not so good, the audio is not so great. And I am trying to upload only quality content
on this channel so…I’ll put a link to it. But ultimately, I think I will be re-shooting
that video for you guys. Because it is a pretty cool area. A lot of people usually ask me…when they
want to shoot in Korea…where to shoot in Seoul? They ask me where they can find the most neon
and to be honest the answer in Myeongdong, but the thing about Myeongdong is there’s
just so many people and …so many shops it’s not that interesting. If you want like a more realistic view of
Korea then you want to come to Jongro. And Jongro has a lot of restaurants, a lot
of old places, good places to eat, they won’t rip you off. And it just has a lot of character. You know? A lot of shadows and contrast. Which is what you look for, what I look for
when taking pictures. So, I do apologize for not uploading more
often, I’ve actually been meaning to upload pretty often, but there’s been a lot of pollution
in Korea these days. And along with the cold weather, it’s just
really hard, but even right now, you can see it’s pretty freezing, but I still enjoy shooting
and that doesn’t really stop me. Right so if you’re a photographer you know
what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just can’t stop shooting. So, if you haven’t done so, please be sure
to subscribe. I’ll be uploading as often as I can and please
leave a like too or a comment. That really really helps my channel out. Especially with the new Youtube guidelines. Those are pretty terrible. But yeah you know I love photography, I love
sharing with people. Don’t be shy, ask me anything, leave a comment. You come to Seoul, please give me a shout
out and if I am not too busy I’ll shoot with you guys. Even if it’s freezing like this. So…thanks for watching and I’ll see you
guys around.

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5 thoughts on “Street Photography in Ikseondong

  1. Great Video as always! I was wondering, do you only use in camera stabilization, or also software? Very impressive how clean and stable the footage is, especially when you walk!

    I also have a video recommendation, or rather request: I'd love to see an overview of the different areas in Seoul, where you show the area on a map and some photos you or someone else took in it, showing the general character of the area, maybe also some attractions/food etc. Reason being, I might visit Seoul soon, either privately or for a school competition. If I have enough time, I'd defintely love to shoot with you 🙂

  2. Hi Noe! I saw this on the Youtubers in Asia FB page. I subscribed to your channel. #198. Thank you for liking my pics on IG. Hopefully I’ll go back to Seoul soon. Hopefully you can visit my channel and subscribe to my channel as well. Thank you!

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