STAR Exemption Procedure

Hello and welcome to the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office online tutorial on applying for your STAR property tax relief credit. My name is Gabriel, and on behalf of all of us here
I’d like to welcome you to Nassau County. To get started log on to The following screen will appear. Notice in the second column under popular topics the second option STAR Property Tax Relief, click it now. On the following screen, here you will find some basic information about both STAR programs the basic and enhanced. If you scroll down you will see a chart that outlines three possible periods of when you purchased your home. For the purposes of this tutorial we’re going
to select the purchase your home after August 1, 2015 [Page loading] The following page will have some more information including qualifications on whether or not
you are eligible for basic or enhanced STAR. Please take a moment to read through the options
and make sure that you do qualify for this program. If you do, let’s get started. Click the blue Register button at the bottom of the screen. On the following you will be prompted to enter
a six digit security code. You can find this code in the gold box in
the blue letters, right above the entry [field]. Enter the code into the box and click continue. On the following screen, you are now ready
to get started in applying for your STAR tax exemption. First, verify whether or not you’ve received a letter from the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. If you have, there you will find a STAR code. if you do not have a STAR code, don’t worry. The tutorial will show you exactly how to
obtain yours. If you do have a STAR code, please stand by and we will rejoin you in a moment. For purposes of this tutorial we’re going to assume that we have not yet received a welcome letter from New York State and we
do not have our STAR code. By selecting No you’ll be asked a few more questions such as: what county is your home [property] locate in, and in what town or city?
[select from drop down list] If you do not know this information, please
check with your home ownership documents, as most of them will outline which city or
town you live in. For this tutorial we will be using the Nassau County administrative office located in the town of Hempstead. Click the continue button to proceed. On the following screen you’ll be asked
for the property owner’s information. After entering your address, click the search button
located at the end of that section. If you scroll down you’ll notice all the
available options: in our case there is only one property that matches our search criteria. We’re going to select it and click the blue
Continued button. [Next Screen] Now I am ready to apply for my STAR exemption. You’ll noticed that at the top your screen the STAR code has been populated. If you did get your STAR code and you entered it in the previous screen, you will now be brought to the same screen. Section 1 is pre-populated. Section 2 you’ll be asked about the purchase
information your property. Enter it now, including the seller’s name, and whether or not the property is a mobile home or coop. The last section is going to ask you your
current mailing address. For most of you it should be your home address. Enter that now including the person whose attention any correspondence should be sent to. Once completed select the blue continue button. On this screen you’ll be asked to enter the
property owner information of your home. You may have one, two or more owners
such as a spouse or sibling. To start, enter the primary owner’s information including social security number and date of birth. You’ll also be asked if this is the primary
residence of the individual listed. The answer should be Yes. You will then be asked whether or not this
individual owns property in another state, and is receiving a residency based tax property
tax benefit: the answer should be NO. If you have a second or third owner you can enter their information by selecting the Add Another Owner button at the bottom of the screen. if you only have one owner click the blue
continue button to proceed. The following screen asks if any of the property owners have a spouse that is not an owner of the property. The answer should be No. If this is the case, click the continue button to proceed. The next screen will summarize all the owners [Information] for your particular property. If the information is not correct, you may delete any of the owners and reenter their information by selecting the trash can on the right-hand side. If the information is correct, select the
blue continue button to proceed. The following screen asks if whether or not the combined 2014 federal adjusted gross income for the individuals listed below exceeds five hundred thousand dollars ($500.000.00), this is per year. The answer should be NO. If this is the case you may select the blue continue button to proceed. The next screen asks for the contact information in order to receive updates
and future information about this program. This may be the secondary or primary owner of the property. Once you enter your phone number and email address, click continue to proceed. The following screen will have a summary of all the information entered in the previous screens. Please review each section individually to
make sure that the information is correct. If it is, you may click the blue Submit button at the bottom of your screen. This will send your information to the New
York State Department of Taxation and Finance, which should be followed up with a confirmation email. Once you receive this email keep it for your records. If you have any question at this point or
to confirm verbally over the phone, you may do so by contacting the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance using the links below, or the Department of Assessment for Nassau County. Feel free to contact the Nassau County Comptroller’s office at anytime.

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