[SPOILERS] Crimson Court Cinematics

In those younger years my home was a hive of unbridled hedonism. A roiling apiary where instinct and impulse were indulged with wild abandon. A bewitching predator slipped in amidst the swarm of tittering sycophants. Though outwardly urbane I could sense in her a mocking thirst. Driven half mad by cloying vulgarity I plotted to rid myself of this lurking threat in a grand display of sadistic sport. But as the moment of murder drew nigh the gibbous moon revealed her inhuman desires in all their stultifying hideousness. Mercifully the morbid encounter resolved itself in my favor. And I set to work pursuing degeneracy in its most decadent forms. The air pulsed with anticipation as I revealed the unnatural terroir of the house vintage. But my exultation was cut short as the attending gentry turned upon themselves in an orgy of indescribable frenzy. A single drop of that forbidden tannin gifted me with a dizzying glimpse of the hibernating horror beneath my feet and in that moment, I understood the terrible truth of the world. I stood reborn, molted by newfound knowledge. My head throbbing to the growing whine of winged vermin come to drink the tainted blood… …of the Darkest Dungeon.

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  1. When you try to slay a side thot but she actually an eldritch abomination that feeds on the blood of the living, so you can claim self-defence.

  2. So basically, it's like vampires, but replace all the bat imagery with mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and spiders.

  3. Isn't this a big retcon? Originally, the Ancestor was already old and grey-haired when he first learned about the heart of darkness. The narration says he found out through old writings in his bookshelf.

    Why would he wait and do nothing for several decades after this revelation?

  4. I love how every single person or group, that to any other character would be an antagonist, gets spectacularly ruined by the Ancestor. The Countess is probably the best example, trying to get at the Ancestor. To her misfortune, he had already figured her out the moment he witnessed her walk down the hall.

  5. A lot of people commenting are missing an important part of the story. The ancestor sensed in the countess a fellow predator, a lurking threat as he put it at 0:48. That is why he plotted to kill her.

  6. "Ay I may have laid waste to our home, town, and the population. But i got some sick knowledge out of it, but I'm gonna let you fix instead." – From Uncle Ancestor

  7. Most men; "Hey there gorgeous, how you doin'?"
    The Ancestor: "I'm going to use your cursed blood to fuck over my guests by damning them for eternity for shits n' giggles."

  8. Can we point out that among this evil mastermind's many accomplishments and horrifying acts of irredeemable evil, one of them was fighting a super-powerful vampiric Countess in a one-on-one fight, with a small knife, and winning? I don't know that I would have wanted my adventurers to fight him while he was alive…

  9. Lol,the Ancestor is just a fountain of good ideas that definitely dont backfire in a spectacular way EVERY SINGLE TIME XD.

  10. My theory is that everyone at the party who drank the wine got 100% stress. When tested they got the affliction Rapturous. The Ancestor got Focused. With his knowledge it was an over powered Focused mind you.

  11. You know, even though I love Wayne June's narrating, I think we should give some credit to the writers as well. Sometimes I feel that they were given a thesaurus and an order to not repeat a single word.
    "Mercifully the morbid encounter resolved itself in my favor."
    "I knifed the bitch."
    Sure, Wayne could still make it sound awesome, but it wouldn't have had that awesome vibe.

  12. What's kinda terrifying is that the Countess doesn't start out as that horrifying monster we encounter: She was able to take a human form, as we see here, but while the ancestor defeated her, he didn't kill her. After all, he didn't stake her through the heart, and her blood clearly didn't coagulate. But time passed, her servants brought her more and more blood, and she changed from a mere vampire to a kind of uber-vamp.

  13. People keep talking about how good the narrator sounds, but I don’t know why. He’s annoying, and over emphasizes random letters.

  14. Yes, i too would drain the corpse of the eldritch being i somehow killed with a knife and serve the blood to my guests. Perfecly rational decision.

  15. I love how everything in Crimson Court just fits together so well. Everyone's a vampire, but not just a stereotypically supernatural one; They're all just gross hybrids of man and mosquito. Mosquitoes, of course, tend to hang out in swampy areas, which is where the courtyard is placed. So the people of the courtyard, turned into foul mashings of bug and human, just sorta stayed there. It's like a puzzle where every piece fits the other perfectly.

  16. Yeah guys lets serve the blood of an ancient eldritch horror from the the deepest part of thr abyss as wine. Nothing can go wrong.

  17. I love the halo motif in this game. They did this in KOTOR too where they used a simplistic representation of the big reveal at the end to hide it in plain sight (the Unknown Ruins on Dantooine have banners with an emblem on it that's shaped exactly like the Star Forge, foreshadowing that it's a space station like the Death Star). Note how, at 1:52 and 1:55, it has the precise same shape as the halo your heroes get when they're afflicted.

  18. For some reason I found the scene where the Countess was hanged backward, her blood being drained down and mixed into the wine, very interesting to me

  19. Does no one find it weird that the Ancestor has a more mordern hairstyle (no wig) when compared to all the other nobles?

  20. so after drinking the blood, all the guests transformed into monsters but the ancestor rolled a virtue so he didn't transform.

  21. I believe I have a feeling that the crimson curse that the countess carries might just be the blood of The heart of darkness itself and that the countess is full of the hearts blood and that the the crimson curse is self terminating, because the countess actually dosent infect somebody on the scale the nobles were infected and she isn't so powerful and fit when the ancestor was alive. And she's depressed quite rapidly since she's lost almost all the hearts blood and that the blood gives visions to certain people of the heart of darkness and it also may be a lure of sorts to draw certain people to the heart of darkness

  22. Soo basicaly if e wasn't for the countess anything that happened in the darkest dungeon will never happen

  23. So… drinking the blood of an ancient evil monster can either turn you into a monster as well, or it can give you cosmic knowledge that which no mortal should have the burden of carrying?

  24. We just gonna overlook how this man was gonna indulge in some casual murder in the middle of hosting a party before she turned out to be a monster?

  25. I was: "Ok Ancestor you were ok in this sit—" Ancestor uses the blood to turn the entire court into vampires; "Come on."

  26. Let me get this straight. It is because of the drop of her blood that he got visions of what lurked underneath his manor that he started digging?

  27. I would like to point out a small detail I just thought about.

    The first time you attempt the Viscount mission, the ancestor says that they discarded the idea of eating the composting refuse because it was "decidedly unhealthy". However, literally everyone at his party sees nothing wrong with drinking an eldritch mosquito's blood. You'd think that drinking any blood would be more unhealthy than a bit of rotting food, but I guess I'm not rich enough to understand.

  28. a pity they didn't reached the goal in KS for cinematics of each boss and some others things ,things one looks amazing!!

  29. Only if we could recruit the ancestor, he would be the strongest character, since he defeated the countess with just a knife….

  30. Awesome story, most disappointing DLC I've ever purchased. I was hoping for something interesting and challenging, and instead I got something frustratingly tedious. Or to put it another way…

    Despite the grandeur of the malignant tales, this… Haphazard addition gave promise of, it was a grievous lapse in better judgement. In my careless anticipation of a greater, more profound encapsulation of distilled escapism, and a lust for the dangerous and disturbing, I instead laid witness to a miserable quarry of fruitless toil, and agonizing perpetuity. My greatest folly, and a wasteful drain of my already dwindling coffers.

  31. I'm still tryina understand how she is a problem for the descendant if the ancestor himself actually killed her in the first place.

  32. i thought he was gonna do good this time and tried to save the party but it failed but nope. he caused it yet again

  33. Up untill now, I am still not sure to the bone if Shiki or Darkest Dungeon has the most mindfucked, straightforwardly merciless story of all, but the urge to choose DD as the most terrifying game yet having the most beautiful narration is drawing me close intensly.


  34. Question is why make wine out of the monster girl's blood? Out of laughs I mean I understand that the whole darkest dungeon thing was the seek of power I guess? But crimson court is just a weird situation that I can't figure out why? Although they did give some pretty cool new monster that I do enjoy the look off maybe not the gameplay stand point but design is cool! Those annoying mosquitos and curse

  35. couldn't the ancestor just have gone senile with age or broken his back horseriding like every other nobleman too rich for his own good? did it HAVE to be parties involving eldritch monsters tainted blood and eldritcher abominations? why do i always get stuck with either a grand destiny or an ancient family curse?

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