Hi guys, Joost here from PPCRN the
Netherlands. We are are a production studio. Content production, that’s what we do. And this is an unboxing of serious piece of… equipment which we have been waiting for a long time. I do this in English because I think the whole world must see what the best choice is for choosing gear… equipments, that kind of stuff. A long time ago we were figuring out how can we… do good quality imaging shots without
having all the hassle of all the extra… rigging and gear that you actually don’t
want during your production because things need to go very quickly and
your recording needs to be done in less time. Every time rigging up a
complete stabilizer or gimbal system… just takes too much time. So we thought
that working with DJI Osmo was a great choice. But in the end the quality isn’t that
good of the X3 Zenmuse camera. You want something more, you want something that matches the quality of your bigger… cameras, say like the Sony FS7. Going for Ronin M by DJI was a choice with a Sony camera. But still this makes for a
very heavy piece of equipment. And then again: you don’t want to rig your fs7 that you use for other part of the… production on a Ronin or a Movi kind of
gimbal system while you’re shooting because it costs a lot of extra time so
you need an extra camera and you don’t want to spend too much money on two Sony FS7s right? Actually DJI came with a solution for that: the Ronin S. Which is actually a small gimbal system on a stick. It’s like an Osmo but
then awesome because you can just put a… bigger better camera on it, such as a
Sony A7Sii. And that’s what we’re gonna do today. We’re gonna unbox that one over here in a later unboxing. We also do the Ronin S because it’s here and it’s one of the last models available in Holland because they are all in back order
everywhere. And we’re gonna unbox it in a later video. The choice for this camera
is because the A7 series is just, they are great
cameras and the S is more for film production… video production than the
others are. So we have it over here the box is nice, what we expect from a
Sony box. We have some accessories with that. Of course we have these cards because
those are the best. And a small lens. The lens let’s start with the lens
because it came in just a piece of plastic. That’s not how we want to unbox right? We want to unbox from boxes. That’s how this goes. Let’s start with the lens because I want to see how it is. Well I have my good unboxing knife over
here. They used to pack this kind of stuff very well in Holland. Okay there it is, there it is. This is Sony’s SEL 16 by 50 millimeters lens its F-stop is 3.5 to 5.6. which is more than sufficient for what
we’re gonna do with it. Because we want to… do wide-angle shots with this camera
because it’s an B camera setup. We want to put it on a stabilizer, gimbal
stabilizer so you actually only do wide angle shots with that. All the B-roll material that you want to have in higher quality. So this lens is more than light
sufficient for what we’re gonna do with it. Let’s see how it looks if I get
it out of this. It’s just a small lens with an standard Sony E-mount. It also contains an electronic stabilizer. It has a zoom in and out over
here. So it’s all electronic and that’s smart. Because we can control it by the camera. So that was the choice: simple lens to fit on a very light efficient camera. Let’s open the box. See how that goes. Here goes opening the box. What do we find? A Register Now flyer actually all the infor… Wow!
This is this instruction manual. It’s like a Bible. Sony E-mount interchangeable lens digital
camera instructions manual. Actually they just put all the languages inside of one book. Another register form! Okay this is for the power cords. Who needs a manual anyway. Okay, here we go. Look inside the box. First we find a cord with the
A7 logo on it. It feels like Christmas. Over here, I don’t know what this is.
I don’t know much about photography. In the end it is a stills camera,
so I need to figure out all this stuff. But we’ll check out that later. This is a
charger. Nice Sony charger for the small batteries. This one will fit in there. All the different power cords where we only need one: the one you use in Holland. They put more of those in the box. I don’t know why they put two of those inside of this box. We have a little power supply Another battery. Oh, this is actually nice. Sony put two batteries inside the box. So actually we have three batteries
right now. So these are the little batteries and we have an extra cord for camera power and one for the charger. A small USB cable to fit with the micro
charger power supply. Which is really, really small. And now the camera itself.
It is heavy. We don’t need the box anymore. Thank you box. There it is: Sony A7S mark 2. Little orange ring, typically Sony. And the E-mount with the big sensor over there. So right now we should just get the lense
and see if it fits. Because that’s actually where we bought this lens for. There we go. It fits nicely over there. And it’s a
full-frame camera of course with a small… screen as you expect from Sony. I hope we’re not gonna break that. You can fit in a cart and you can fit in a battery over here. Maybe I should read the instructions manual. In a later unboxing we will see the camera working. And we will see the Ronin S
working. So subscribe to our channel and I’ll see you in a bit.

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