Sony A6400 | Best Camera For Video Under $1,000?

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49 thoughts on “Sony A6400 | Best Camera For Video Under $1,000?

  1. this vlog micrphone mount for a6400 will be better.

  2. So quick question any advise would be great. I currently own a Nikon D5200 and wanna trade it for a mirrorless camera. Been thinking if the G85, what are your thoughts on it? I want something that will do good video but also takes good photos. I thought of the m50 but I was told cannon will no longer be supporting it.

  3. Seems like every time a new camera comes out, every big YouTuber out there with a huge following starts, not only reviewing it, but recommending them. Makes you wonder …
    It was Canon SL2, then Canon M50, and now Sony A6400

  4. I want to record and live steam my dj performances via hdmi out. It’s pretty dark in the dj booths all the time but i also want to be able to get the crowd. Will the a6400 be good enough for low light? Or a7s? Or should i splurge for an A7sii? Or wait for a A7siii, is it ever coming?

  5. I have the a6400 and it's never overheated on me. And I live in Florida, shooting in the absolute worst heat for hours continuous.

  6. Hey! I just bought your sony a6400 lut pack after messing around with the settings you suggested and shooting video of kids doing martial arts. Thanks for thinking of us low-end camera guys too!

  7. Can you recommend a good camera for low light gyms to film my kids playing basketball or volleyball. I also wonder if you could also recommend what camera would focus really fast while panning/ following the volleyball in the air without it being kinda blurry until you come to a kinda stand still so it can clear up? Thanks Mr. Potato Jet! Love your channel your very funny and informative!

  8. Would you recommend the A6400 to me? I’m looking for a quality camera for shooting pictures of my kids sporting events an maybe some video. I initially was looking at the Nikon D3500, then seen the mirrorless cameras an those seemed to be a little better. So I looked into the A6000 from Sony, but the 6400 seemed a ton better. But I’m new to high quality cameras, never owned one before. My main focus is picture quality not so much video. So I’m not sure if the A6400 is over kill. If you have any tips or recommendations of other cameras I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!

  9. This video is a trap. Thumbs down for you. Your aim is in fact to show where Canon cameras are "superior", and highlight the "flaws" of the A6400, despite you know it is a much better camera…. better, even than the Canon RP/EOS R… so bias man

  10. Hey Potato, I really need help looking for a upgrade from my 60D. I originally was going for the 90d but since Canon murdered 24fps I don’t think I’ll be getting that anytime soon. I’m currently eyeing the EOS R but it’s currently out of my budget. I know Sony has GREAT cameras for video at my price range, but I don’t want to buy the same lenses I currently have for Canon. (and autofocus issues)

  11. A6400 with kit lens+Sony 18-105 G lens+extra batteries+cage+gimbal orrrr A7III with kit lens and save up for other accessories?

  12. im considering a6300 for photos and videos.. what is your opinion? with Sony 10-18mm f4 combo.. need your professional advice.. im not a pro, just an enthusiast.. thank you in advance..more power..

  13. hi potato im also youtuber but i dnt any cameras im shoot my videos in oppo f5 mobile to bad quality videos bro give me one cam bro plz ?

  14. Hi Potato Jet ! Im using LUMAFUSION to edit my videos, but im thinking to upgrade my 750d to a6400 but wondering if Im shooting S-Log, can I grade the colour by the app ? Thank you

  15. Man…. your videos are awesome. Thanks for the fun informative content! I want to do some vlogging but I also want to have some cinematic capability to film shorts. Having a hard time deciding between 80D or M50! Any thoughts??? Best of luck bro.

  16. Meh, pre-ordered GoPro Hero 8, everything's in focus all the time. If I need big and stabilized my 6D + 24-105 is fine.

  17. How is the video on EOS R? Anyone has some c log footage I can play with? Considering to upgrade to R as I’m with a Canon lenses and cameras, but also thinking on GH5. The only downside of the GH5 is that it’s hard to find any useful informations on image quality. With photography I know I can trust Canon, but my goals is to mix video and still.

  18. I wish in these videos you would show us what your normal setup looks like with the cameras so we could compare them with the eos r you are shooting on.

  19. Fuji xt 30 beats out the Sony a 6400. I'll give the Sony a 6400 a close second place but I say the Fuji xt30 is the camera that can't be beat for under $1,000.

  20. Hi Gene, I've no problems with longer shots in 4K and overheating. On one page I've read, that the plastic lenses could cause this problem. I've use the Sigma 16 mm and 30 mm f1.4. Booth have a metal body and works a bit like a heatpipe. Wah, when I don't use a translator my english is terrible 😀 Hope you understand me.

    Also you should open the monitor for a better airflow, but, I doesn't do this. My Meal Lenses work well enough. 🙂

    I'm glad to find your channel, nice and helpful videos. Well I don't think you will read this…as you said, you read the comments…sometimes.. 😉

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