Solarize on the Prize—Vlog

Hey guys, we’re back. Some of you were looking forward to some of the results of my solarization test. So, we’ll start with the first roll of film that I did a test with. Now I want you to look at these. Each photo is on the same roll of film. I did a test roll of just 10 shots. So, each of these photos as they go through is from the same roll. And, normally when you shoot photos you have negatives, right? And, when you scan them you take a negative image to make the positive. I’m leaving these as they look on the negative so you get an idea of what I actually got, because it gets really interesting. Watch as we get to the end and you’ll see I actually got a positive image. We call that direct positive… On this same roll… using the same procedure as the other shots I just showed you. That’s cool. So, I’m really excited about that. I should mention right now if you think, “why why are we in your kitchen?” It’s because the baby is sleeping and I don’t want to wake her up. (Can I make a cup of tea?) (Yeah you can make a cup of tea.) And then if you’re like, “Dave, clearly you use a green screen. Why I did you put your kitchen behind you? You could have been anywhere”—that’s a good point. (Okay, I flicked us…) (Do you want one?) (Yeah, please thank you. I flicked to change the location. Where should we be now?) (Oh, like the beach or something.) (OK, I’ll find beach footage.) So, anyway I’m really excited about solarization. Super excited. I’ve since run a few other tests which have been cool. I’ve been getting some interesting things. I did my initial splitter test—because you know I do a lot of splitters shots—and this shot is hot off that test roll. And, again, this is a direct positive image; so this is exactly how it looks on the on the negative. I say “negative,” but it’s not negative it’s a positive image. It’s really cool. So I’m excited to do more of this kind of thing—to try to do my double buildings that basically look like stickers in the sky. So we’ll see how that goes; but i’m pretty excited. The other thing, I ran a poll on Twitter to see what kind of tutorial I should make regarding film photography. And, you guys voted for reloading disposables. So I plan on finishing that video right after this. And you’ll know if i I did because there’ll be a link to that video at the end of this video. And if there isn’t that link, that means I was really lazy or my wife didn’t make me tea with caffeine in it. (Are you making me tea with caffeine?) (There’s not enough water and you’re blocking the sink.) What do you mean—the sink’s right there now. (I put us back in the kitchen.) So, yeah so look forward to that… That is ridiculous. That’s what that is. That about sums it up. I feel like I’m really lagging on the special effects… so we’ll see later what I do with that. Watch the tutorial on how to reload cameras… comma dispoasable because I forgot to say it. Or just subscribe to my channel because I need attention.

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