Sky of Fire and Aching Arms – Landscape Photography Vlog

Landscape photography is just brilliant. It does so much good!! hello today I’m out about again shooting
some landscape photography I’ve come to the Peak District it’s a place I’ve been
to before and I’ve come to capture the shot that I’ve had in mind since I was
here in the winter. I’m also going to try and capture another little shot here or there,
a bit of scouting mission maybe, and then later on just before sunset I’m going to
meet a couple of very special people who I think you’re going to be interested in
I’ve got a good little afternoon ahead of me…… come with me one thing I’ve not talked about very
much is the ‘why’ of photography I do regularly mention the feeling of
well-being you get from getting out and shooting landscape photography but what
we’re really talking about when we say that is our mental health. It gives you
that positive boost that you get from being outside doing, some exercise
landscape photography is brilliant for that when I started doing landscape
photography many years ago I clearly wasn’t a professional. Back in the day I
just started doing it as a hobby and that’s because I just loved it and
during that time or still to this day to some extent as well doing landscape
photography just is an island and retreat combining my love of nature and
photography and art and being outside all into one and it’s that that creates
that feeling of well-being and that increased mental health. Now since I
started vlogging I have been pleasantly surprised and really joyously surprised
in fact about some of the emails that you have sent me people telling me about
a lot of the struggles in their life that they’re having and how landscape
photography and to some extent watching landscape photography vlogs on YouTube
has really helped them out and provided some escapism as well. So it’s just been
overwhelming it’s been an absolute honour and I just wanted to give something back
so today I have two people coming on the channel and they’re going to explain why
they’re here and what we’re going to be doing together and then we’re going to
hopefully catch that sunset at the end of the day let’s go and meet our guest
today. And welcome to my guests I’ve got Jason and I’ve got Tracy
Jason, do you want to tell us why are you here? yes it’s been a very difficult year we were
expecting our first child in May and she suddenly passed away in February we’re
here because we’ve started a bit of an epic charity landscape photography
challenge we’re trying to take 73 landscape photos across 73 different
locations in the Peak District in 73 days and we’re trying to fit that around
work and all the other things that happening and is proving to be a lot
more difficult than we first thought. here have you been so far? so far we’ve been
to Saddleworth which is probably the furthest point away from where we live
about two-hour drive and some of the places have been about a two to three hour trek
we’ve been to some of the more local places in Buxton and we’re here at Winnat’s Pass we’ve been well we’ve been pretty much all over all
over the Peak District trying to dodge the weather at all times day and night yeah
there we’ve had some very very late nights and some very very early starts
and sometimes when they’ve been consecutive it’s been very difficult it’s probably not escaped everybody that you’re holding a little bear there Tracy
can you explain why you have that? Yes this is our aching arms bear I was given to us
when we left the hospital as you can imagine when you get pregnant, you
think that you’re going to be having this happy ending where you leave the
hospital with your baby in your arms but that doesn’t always happen for
everybody and this bear was given to us by a midwife as we were leaving to hold
and so we didn’t leave empty-handed and because of that we held her every night
because our arms literally ached for our daughter and it was given to us by the
Aching Arms charity which is just so perfectly named So Jason reached out to
me a couple of weeks ago now asking if I would get involved and it was such a
powerful message with just…. the sort of healing that photography and landscape
photography can provide to people and it really struck a chord with me. Jason and Tracy
have started a thing called 73 in 73 Jason has now started a YouTube channel
as well I watched a couple of his first videos last night it’s well worth a
watch so go ahead and subscribe to his channel
Jason has also setup a website where should people go and check? if
you’d be so kind we’re at and you can find everything that we’re
doing on there there’s some great charities on there isn’t there you can
go ahead make a donation if you see fit or go ahead, have a read of it check out
Jason and Tracy’s story like I said it’s very powerful
I think it’s just the way the photography community has come together
and supported Tracy and Jason it’s just it’s really powerful I think it’s
something we can all sort of understand especially if you’re a parent yourself
and really sort of help out in any way you can. That would be much appreciated by me and I’m sure by Jason and Tracy definitely thank you okay so
now we are going to shoot some landscape photography like Jason said we’re at Winnats Pass and the Sun could go either way tonight the weather’s been on and off
all week but it’s looking like it could be quite a nice evening but it could
also go a bit cloudy so we’re going to go and shoot the sunset together I can’t
wait for that so lets just have fingers crossed for a good evening okay so I’ve set up for and this
is Winnats Pass behind me and it’s this absolutely incredible Road that
sort of carves its way through these cliffs and this landscape I think what
happened in the past is it’s been a sort of sinkhole that’s opened up iinto the landscape but it’s incredible now and makes for a great composition. The light
behind me though isn’t great but it will still sort of work with lighting that
I’ve got I’m going for a long exposure of about three minutes I’m at f/16
because I’ve got some of the reeds or the grass in my foreground here just as
you sort of go over the edge of that cliff Jason is just over here somewhere
about to put the drone up so that should be good but it’ll be an okay image I
think it’s just we’ve got a bit of spare time so I wasn’t what i’d come for but I
think it’s a nice little spot to shoot something I can work with in future
maybe, Jason did actually get a really nice sunrise shot from a very similar
position I’ll put that up so you can have a look as well he have not been
shooting landscape photography for very long but you can tell there is some real
talent there. so we’re set up for the final shot of
the day and landscape photography is just brilliant it does so much good and
today has been a magnificent day just look at the view behind me here,
absolutely stunning the light or the Sun is now just
hitting the horizon it and it has actually showed itself… i’ll just take another
quick shot. I’m bracketing I’m at…. i don’t even know what i’m at….. f/8 because I
haven’t got anything in the foreground I’ve got 1/15 of a second exposure time, i’m at
ISO 100 and i am bracketing two stops either side because the foreground does get a
bit dark in the image I don’t think we’re going to get that much interesting
light it’s going to be a thin band across the horizon I think but it
doesn’t really matter for me it’s not been about the photography as much
today I have enjoyed capturing these images and it’s always fun going out
shooting with other people and today has been no different. but it’s all about
the well-being for me today and just like i was saying. Some of the benefits that
shooting landscape photography provides us, some of the healing it can do as well
when you’ve suffered some losses I’ve had a great day with Jason and
Tracy here, make sure you follow the 73 and 73 channel check out the photography
that Jason’s doing as well, there’s some great stuff on there but I hope you’ve enjoyed
the video, leave a comment down below leave a comment for Tracy and Jason or
just let me know what you think I’d love to hear from you and so would Tracy
and Jason so hope you enjoyed the video I’ll see
you on another one very very soon I’m Adam this is first man photography in
the Peak District…..Out!! there’s a lot going on tonight amazing sunset that way and if I
spin the camera around there’s this absolutely stunning rainbow at this side…..
great night

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95 thoughts on “Sky of Fire and Aching Arms – Landscape Photography Vlog

  1. Wasn't expecting any of this when I clicked. Very moving testimony from this young couple. I wish them all the best in the future.
    Also love the last two shots, fantastic light.

  2. A powerful and emotional episode Adam, I love the healing power of photography and how it can positively impact your wellbeing. Jason and Tracey, your bravery is incredible, the 73in73 project looks really interesting and is such a wonderful thing to do in memory of your daughter, best of luck with it guys! What an amazing sunset to end the evening. Thanks for sharing this, I’m now off to check out the 73in73 channel.

  3. Oh…you just touched a string in my heart…something that was buried deep inside and will bring years in the eyes of any father, who has been through, what this wonderful couple has been through. You are a great man Adam. Bless you.

  4. stunning photos! great video! I couldn't agree more about the increased mental wellbeing of landscape photography. I work shifts in a factory and getting outside with my camera always gives me a lift. Im very lucky as both my daughters enjoy it too and always come with me so i get to spend time with them.

  5. Good man, Adam. Brought a tear to my eye. My wife is 3 months pregnant and my heart goes out to these guys and to you for helping them. All the best.

  6. I dont think the therapeutic aspect of photography is confined to shooting just landscapes, photography as a whole is a process which makes us slow down and think about where we are, whether shooting landscapes, portraits or abstracts. I know it has helped me out over recent years!
    The rainbow image really got me though, that was gorgeous! Have bookmarked the 73in73 website, i wish them both all the best xxx

  7. Is someone pealing onions. Absolutely superb video Adam and a massive thumbs up for Jason & Tracy and Aching Arms. Fabulous pics at the end πŸ‘

  8. This was exactly what I needed to see today. The power of photography is amazing. I am glad that Jason and Tracey have found an outlet for their grief. Wonderful episode Adam.

  9. Again Adam another fantastic blog and that last image was superb, and yes being out there in places like that make life worth living

  10. A very moving video Adam, Jason and Tracy, my heart goes out to you and what you are doing to work through this in a very special way.

    I totally agree on the therapy aspects of photography and the how we can use it to give something back to benefit others.

    Subscribed and donated.

    Ps. Super images and love the rainbow shot!

  11. Great video! It's amazing to see how getting outdoors and partaking in photography can help people immensely. Thanks for making this video 😊

  12. Hi Adam, Jason & Tracy here. Can we just say a massive THANK YOU. It was an absolutely amazing evening (for many reasons). We really appreciate all of your help and support, and thank you to the wider photography community; the amount of generous people we have encountered so far has been truly heart warming. We are just trying to do our bit to ensure that the charities, services and people that helped us so so much since Februaury are able to continue doing so in the future for others. Thank you everyone! <3

  13. Hi Adam – long time watcher/lurker, first time commentor! Just wanted to offer my huge thanks for all your great vlogs – they are truly inspirational. This one in particular has given me cause to post as being a keen photographer, a father of two young 'uns, and someone who was at that very spot atop Winnat's Pass (sadly with a cruddy sunset!) just a few nights after you, it really resonated with me. It is so great that you can help promote the Aching Arms guys and their cause – donation made!

  14. Very moving story, must say, well done inviting Jason and Tracey on too your blog, hope it helps them with their charity, great cause.

  15. Jason, Tracey my heart goes out to you, life is so harsh at times but you are both an inspiration to many and good luck for the future xx great vlog, great pictures that rainbow was to much, sitting crying in the garden now πŸ™‚

  16. Adam, a great video and I empathize with Jason and Tracy. Jason's sunrise image is wonderful as is yours! Keep up the good work and thanks for having a heart that cares!

  17. Hi Adam, nice to meet you Jason & Tracy. Very emotional video from a strong and positive couple. Your efforts are so heart warming. I love your sunrise shot it is spectacular. Very best wishes and good luck. So nice of you to team up with them Adam.

  18. Made me cry with tears of pain and empathy, but also (here's the happy part!) tears of joy and healing! Thank you Adam, Jason and Tracy. Sending love to you, your pecious daugher, and your Teddy Bear.

  19. This is one of the most inspiring and emotional presentations i have seen
    Adam your humanity is wonderfully overflowing, just awesome mate,
    Jason and Tracy your bravery is beautiful and encouraging, could hug you both
    and you mission so inspiring, can see only beautiful things happening for your 73in73 project
    you will shine, many many thanks to you all, kindest regards and cheers, well done

  20. Fantastic shots at the end. The shot with the teddy was all the more powerful knowing the story behind it. Thank you Adam for taking the time to post.

  21. 2 amazing final images Adam and cant help thinking the image of the bear and the rainbow was meant to be. You support for such a worthy cause is commendable and for someone to actually give this the thumbs down bewilders me and fails to see what you done here

  22. Hi Adam, Jason and Tracy, it's good that the healing has started and I am sure that you will have the sound of little footsteps in the future. Adam, its very nostalgic seeing thous places that are very dear to me. June and I emigrated to Tasmania in 1969 from Sheffield. and on our 3 visits we have always visited Castleton. My sister lives in Bakewell. The Peak District is very familiar to me as I cycled there from Crosspool as a youth.
    Best of look to Jason and Tracy.

  23. What a nice video, even though it was borne out of tragedy. Beautiful images! But Jason and Tracey seem to be making the best of an awful situation. Really brave! My condolences to you two. I hope in time that the grief will get easier to handle.

  24. I really enjoyed this Vlog, Adam, as I enjoy all of your vlogs. Your photos are absolutely stunning, as usual, and I really like Jason's sunset shot that you showed as well.

    I was very touched by your story, Jason and Tracey. It brought tears to my eyes, and admire all that you are doing for charity to help others. I have subscribed to the 73in73 channel.

  25. As always, you nailed it, wow, i wasnt expecting that on a Monday morning. What a great video, what a story, what great people. Finished off with a wonderful set of pictures. (wipe tear from eye-go to work)

  26. Think the final inmate had such a powerful meaning aching arms teddy over the rainbow bridge well done to all great message

  27. Wonderful Adam, such a good use for the channel and it demonstrates that landscape photography has more to offer than just the final pictures.

  28. A truly remarkable and amazing vlog Adam, Jason and Tracey. It shows the fantastic nature of what can be achieved through Photography and YouTube. Wishing you (Jason and Tracey) all the best for the future, x.

  29. Oh what a powerful and emotional vlog … I am sure the rainbow at the end was a sign. Beautiful images!
    Wishing Jason and Tracey all the best for the future and with their photography challenge.

  30. Great video Adam. It's so true that the outdoors and photography can be incredibly healing! Will definitely check out 73in73.

  31. i suffer with mental health and really loved getting out with the camera so totally agree with you then government took our car away and really knocked me for six that was back in feb n still struggling for motivation now not had camera out since but hopefully soon but hard when motivation was from the places we visited sorry for the ramble love your stuff

  32. Stunning pictures in particular the last one. Inspiring and emotional vlog for such a worthy cause. I can definitely relate to the feeling that getting out taking pictures in amazing places helps clear the mind and makes the world feel just that bit better place. Will definitely go look at the 73in73 page and pictures. Many thanks Adam you are a top guy.

  33. I was shooting Mam Tor from Rushup edge that same night! The rainbow was amazing, it was a shame I couldn't capture it! Awesome video man πŸ™‚

  34. When you know the story behind the teddybear it is perfect under the rainbow. Great picture. Also a great vlog all toghether ☺

  35. hi adam. fanastic dude .. absolutely fantastic, your a good man with a big heart .. a lovely gesture, great photography by all .. and are hearts go out to jason and tracey , hopefully they will have a some more happiness in the not distant future ..heres to a successful 73 in 73 …

  36. I was moved by Jason & Tracy's story, I wish I could help but I am not able and I feel bad that I can't. I am in my own crisis but I am carrying on. Please forward my sympathies to them, thx!

  37. Heartbreaking, reduced this Aussie trucker to tears ……. sobbed like an old woman when the bear in the rainbow popped up…. it's a pain I know well, time will make it more tolerable.

  38. Jason and Tracy – 73in73 you reduced me to tears yet again! I don't think I have ever met a couple like you, ever! Everyday you guys inspire me in many ways. Well for now, I can tell you my camera has been dug out and dusted off, and batteries charged. Now I just need to see what I can capture 😳

  39. Wow! This is what photography is all about for me too. Jason and Tracy are so brave. I have a feeling that rainbow was just meant to be and is trying to say something about the future. Your best vlog to date Adam.

  40. Just discovered you, I think I'll sub even though you have one heck of a lot more green in your area than I have in mine! πŸ™‚

  41. What an inspirational vid Adam! Sometimes the worst of times can bring out the best in people and this certainly has,what a brave couple! I must admit I had a tear in my eye the whole way through and I think a fitting end to the days shoot with that awesome rainbow! Well done to you all! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  42. A very moving video. Maybe the rainbow was a little divine intervention. It certainly brought tears to my eyes.

  43. Absolutely stunning pictures and a powerful message. Is that the Manfrotto BeFree you've taken the shots with? Are you no longer using the 055?

  44. I'm in tears…seeing that rainbow was magical. I am so proud of Tracy and Jason and thank you so much for sharing this journey with them today. We all need support after loss and you touched their life and so many other today by bravely breaking down the taboo of baby loss. Wonderfully touching. Leanne (Founder, Aching Arms and mummy to James who died too soon) xxx x

  45. Such a powerful video Adam. Jason and Tracey wishing you all the best. It's nice to know there are such wonderful people out there like you.
    Brilliant sunrise shot by Jason and two stunning shots there at the end Adam. Loved the bear and rainbow image. It was just meant to be.

  46. You are a proper geezer mate. I just watched Jason & Tracy's vlog and the superb gift you gave them. Massive thumbs up Adam πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  47. Hi Adam yes photography does help me as I do get depression & anxiety so I try to get out taking photos. Big hugs to Tracy & Jason it must be so hard I have 3 beautiful children I could not imagine losing one of them.

  48. Brilliant video done very professionally with a wonderful feeling of inspiration amd compassion. An excellent charity project that deserves wide support.

  49. Hi Adam. Love the video's, very positive. I think it would be good for the video's if you had a little more stable shot's when you at you composition and talk us through it. Just like you had introducing your guests. Might be a bit cumbersome taking two tripods but I think it would make a huge difference. Hope it helps. Keep it up!

  50. Hi to Jason & Tracey…..Superb Vlog….Hope the 73in73 goes well for them both, Jason had the best shot I think, I am just getting over an Heart Attack at the end of July so this Vlog was more than just Video…keep them coming….martin

  51. The highest of respect for taking on a subject many others would shy away from. It's an issue that's very close to home for my better half and myself.

  52. hi just subscribed to your vlog AWESOME BTW πŸ™‚ just a quick question ive just upgraded to the 5d iv from the 6d and I always use live view in my landscape/seascape but its a little different to the 6d what focus mode do I use as there is more options than the 6d….cheers man :-0

  53. That was a really moving video. Huge respect to Jason and Tracy and good luck to them with their 73 in 73. Great work, Adam.

  54. Hi Adam an emotional video as many have said , but a generous one in many ways. I am so glad that I started an interest in photography at age 60 ; The community I have come across has been such an unexpected surprise and pleasure. Through your video I have subscribed to 73in73 and I find Jason & Tracy's story , whilst sad , inspirational in many ways. Thanks. Mike

  55. Catching up on blogs. Possibly the most emotional one I've watched. What an awesome thing to do and I will be subbing Jasons channel. πŸ™‚

  56. Wow what a powerful video my heart goes out to you Tracy and Jason, it's not an easy time losing a child we lost our first 21 years ago and we both still think about him. As for the 73in73 what an amazing way to hounor the memory of your daughter, sounds like a lot of hard work and good luck with that project. As for that sunset image at the end that was amazing as was Jason's sunrise image, looks like you've got some competition there Adam. Just remember Tracy & Jason your daughter will always be with you no matter where you are!!

  57. Great video, powerful message, very moving at the end and to tell you the truth my eyes were a bit damp. Best wishes to Jason and Tracy, you're both showing incredible strength.

  58. hii i'm Bhagyesh Patel. I'm from India. I'm little confused between natural photography and events photography so how & what I select from both plz can u give information about that and sir can u give your mail id

  59. hii i'm Bhagyesh Patel. I'm from India. I'm little confused between natural photography and events photography so how & what I select? information about that and sir can u give your mail id

  60. hii i'm Bhagyesh Patel. I'm from India. I'm little confused between natural photography and events photography so how & what I select? information about that and sir can u give your mail id

  61. I gave after watching Thomas Heaton's episode, and I'll do so again after watching yours as well – thanks Adam for helping these wonderful people.

  62. Your always cheery, and remind me of my mates when we catch up. That is one of the things that make watching your videos enjoyable. Plus I want to learn about landscape photography which you show really well. Keep up the good work πŸ‘

  63. Just finished watching the video, the photo of the bear and rainbow brought a tear to my eye. Subscribed to 73in73. Touching video.

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