Shield bug / Sting bug babies hatching

Shield bug eggs are hatching. But this is the last scene when most of them are already hatched. Let’s go back to the begining to see how it happens. When i was picking some mulberry leaves for my silkworms i realized the eggs. One of them was hatching. 4 of them already started to move while i was setting up the camera. This will be a long and slow video record. So we will watch the progress at it’s natural speed. Soon the legs and the antennae emerge. Freshly hatched bugs are walking unsteadily just like a baby. They are almost transparent. But their color will get darker as time passes. Time to change the lens and go on in a more controlled environment. The one in the middle is ready, pushing the lid. And also the one just behind it. Notice the egg on the right of the hatcing one. A drop of water comes first. The seal is broken. Soon it will open the lid. Black stuctures don’t belong to bugs, they are parts of eggs. A pulse movement on the head like a heartbeat takes attention. It takes time but i don’t want to break the recording. Elder brothers are discovering the environment. Let’s switch to a wider view. 2 babies almost hatched. Their legs are free now. They are struggling in a funny way. Meanwhile other eggs are hatching too. Eventually the babies on the right are standing. They will join their brothers soon. All the eggs were hatched within a half hour. I placed them on a safe leaf where i found them. Equipments used: – Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 5X microscope lens, – Rodagon 28mm f4 enlarger lens, – Componon-S 50mm f2.8 enlarger lens. MAKRO DÜNYASI – Güray Dere

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