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So I had this idea I want to show you how I take a picture but not just how I take the picture But what happens before I take a picture what happens during and how I read it after and even post it But today is a very beautiful day You don’t get those very often cause pollution but I gotta work late and the Sun is dying So right now I’m in a taxi. We’re going to the bridge There’s a nice shot. I want are being mean to get for a long time and it’s very limited because it only happens in spring So, yeah, let’s get to it So we arrived at the spot it’s a little loud so I’m sorry for the sound and today we’re gonna be shooting with my Phone and I’m using this cheap Clip-on lens you can find anywhere on Google just search for it Anyways, if you guys don’t know I’m trying to give up here for a whole year and pretty much just shoot with my phone But here we are Anyways, very beautiful. So let’s get to shooting Okay, so we’re We just finished the shoots it was alright, you know I would have preferred more clouds in the first picture I took but you know, what can you do the light is dying and Actually, I think this would be a great place to come and shoot infrared. So once the green grasses start blooming Then we’re gonna come over here and shoot an infrared picture But for now, we’re gonna go home. We’re gonna edit the pictures and we’re gonna see what we got So here we are a light room Out of all the images. I took this is the one I chose and We’re just gonna make quick edits first increase the dynamic range by decreasing the highlights You can already see a dramatic change there increase the shadows and the whites I’m going to worry because this picture was little dark when I took it, but it should be fine I’m gonna decrease the blacks a little to give a little bit more contrast and Increase the vibrance, so I want to go for that anime look from before so I’m gonna change the sky color There we go Now I’m gonna give it a quick and I color in the shadows Maybe something like this pretty much anything. That looks good. I mean it’s always different no So I’m liking that Now I remember the water was a little bit more blue but here it looks Kind of brownish. So I’m just gonna give it some color back a little bit of green in there Not too much just just enough That’s it nice I Want the sky to pop a little bit more so I’m also gonna give it just a little bit more Bluetooth You can’t notice it very much but it’s just a little bit more blue to it Now I don’t know if you can tell but there’s some red on the train You can’t see it very well, but I notice it so Then I go to the Reds and I’m gonna increase it Just to make it more Pronounced The Train is also not sticking out very well because it was made in the day when I shot this in the shadow of mountains, so I’m gonna get a brush and I’m just gonna increase the saturation. I mean increase the exposure just Enough You don’t want to do this everywhere you just want to do it where it comes See the train pops a little bit more now I Would like these yellows to pop out more and people always ask me. How do I get that painted look effect and It does it by itself, you know, this is just the limitations of the iPhone That’s why it looks like this the picture starts to break down But I guess it gives I guess it ends up looking like I painted or something. So that’s nice. So I’m gonna brush and I’m gonna give it a little bit more saturation in the yellows. I make this small brush. I’m gonna zoom in And I’m just gonna paint the yellows a little bit more Maybe less explosion but more saturation and a little bit of yellow Just to make them pop a little bit more like I remember them Doesn’t have to be all of them just the main areas of The photo So I’m making that already And some you Now it’s missing some contrast so I’m gonna go ahead and give it a little contrast in there and One more time I’m gonna go to the HSL panel and boost the yellows up maybe smoothness and The sky could be a little bit brighter, too And There you go This is the final products of the picture. I took today I’m glad you guys enjoyed watching me shooting and now watching me editing it and If you enjoyed this, please subscribe leave a comment and I’ll get to you later

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25 thoughts on “Seoul Train Photography

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  2. Beautiful shots man! They definitely do have a painted quality to them. I have a lot of respect for you with your "No Gear" challenge, I don't think I could do it!

  3. Cool video as ever… BTW can you move the clip on lens to behave like a simple TILT SHIFT??? Have you tried? Would be interesting if it worked in the Cityscapes.. Alex.,

  4. Omg I need that graphic 😍 loved the video! Please keep them coming. They're bringing me out of my creative depression

  5. Hola, en Noriangjin hay un parque abierto con una colina donde hay unas tumbas de unos heroes, ahi hay un buen lugar para ver trenes que creo que podria ser interesante para tus fotos. Saludos desde Chile

  6. at the very end of a video like this, itd be great to just click "" to show the before and after of your edit

  7. Did not know Seoul had such a unique landscape. It seems like a great place to live! I enjoyed the video man. Keep it up. 🙂

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