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Assalamualaikum Friends my name is Unusual Hacker in this video i’m gonna teach you that how you can see the gallery pics/video of your friend/girlfriend or younger brother or anyone all the stuff also including whatsapp pics and videos everything I’ve already made a video on this topic but those methods have some downsides and drawbacks It had so many problems But the method i’m gonna teach you will never let your victims notice even a bit that his videos and pictures are coming to you alright? you have to download an app on his phone He will never ever know because the app will be totally hidden on his phone he’ll never find that app And i want to give a warning, as I’ve modified the application myself I’m not giving permission of this app to anyone, if someone used this app on his/her video then i’ll give a straight copyright strike If you are visiting my channel for the first time then don’t forget to subscribe Because you’ll never gonna find this type of content anywhere because channels with 2 million subscribers are starting to copy my videos so i don’t want you to miss this content so do subscribe and hit the bell icon if you haven’t liked the video yet then what are you doing man!…quickly hit the like so that my channel can grow quickly and i can bring more hacks for you guys alright? so without wasting further time lets start the video first of all open the google chrome or browser on your phone you have to open this website. after opening click on 3 dotted menu then click on create account as soon as page open you have to give first name, last name, email and password create an account and click on register after registering you’ll recieve confirmation email you have to open the mail and click verify email now your account is successfully created now you have to take your victim’s phone after taking his phone you have to download 2 apps on his phone 1st one is this connectivity service 2nd one is app cloner. You’ll find the link of both apps in the description below alright? first of you have to install this connectivity service app with the wifi icon on the phone once you’ve installed, as you can see the app is installed but we cannot see that app in the app drawer because this is a hidden app which i’ve modified myself now you have to install the other app which is the “App Cloner” after installing the app you have to click open you have to swipe right and go to the cloned apps tab here you’ll find that hidden app. click on 3 dotted menu you see the launch option here you have to login with the same email and password of the account we have created at the beginning alright? after login click on allow turn on Upload videos and also turn on use cellular connection and then click ok now the app is opened click on swiping menu and select camera uploads turn on camera uploads now we only have his phone’s pics and videos but we also want pics and videos of his whatsapp click on “+” then click on pick from file system swipe down and find whatsapp folder long press the whatsapp folder and click upload or if you want other files apart from pics and videos from his phone here you can see DCIM folder, long press and also check mark this foler and all the other folders like download folder or any other you want check mark all those folders and click on upload here after uploading now you have to delete the app cloner app from victim’s phone We have downloaded 2 apps 1st one is Connectivity service and 2nd one is App Cloner app cloner was not hidden but the other app with wifi icon is still installed but hidden in the phone so the app which is not hidden i.e. “App Cloner” you have to delete that app As soon as you Delete the app cloner from his phone there is an app remains on his phone which he doesn’t know and the app is running in the background and this app will run in background forever and he’ll never know that an app is installed on his phone which is sending all his pictures and videos on your phone alright? now you can see his pics and videos from all over the world it’s veryyy easy, just download this app from play store sign in to the app with exact same email and password of which you have signed in on the victim’s phone here you’ll see all the folder his pics videos all his files and his download you can see everything from here that app is hidden on his phone and you can access everything on your phone without him noticing all the videos are uploading and are coming to your phone and this app is 100% safe, no data is coming to me the servers are saved in background and this app is owned by a huge company so thatswhy all your data is safe and I cannot see it and i’ll upload the method of changing the app name and icon on my channel soon if you want to delete this app from the victim’s phone then it’s very easy goto victim’s phone settings, goto apps click on all apps scroll down a bit and you’ll find the connectivity service app there select the app click uninstall and click ok and the app will be deleted easily and if someone tried to copy this video or this app, you guys must tell me quickly i’ll give him a copyright strike if someone still has guts then I challenge him to copy this application i hope you’ve enjoyed the video and you have liked it so much if you loved it then don’t forget to share it with your friends people say me if they share then the victim will know about this method and will caught us ok if he somehow know the trick then don’t worry unusual hacker is here i’ll provide you with new hacks no need to take tention alright? don’t forget to follow me on instagram, I’m having a lot of difficulty on instagram for not replying becuase i’m getting soooooo many messages and I’m not being able to reply all of them If i’m delaying your reply then i want to say sorry from my heart for that still drop a message if i had time then i’ll surely reply to your message So i’ll meet you guys in the next video till then……. Allah Hafiz

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