Scary Things Caught On Camera : THE SUN VANISHED Mystery

Scary Things Caught On Camera – The Sun Vanished
Mystery So in last week’s video on creepy Twitter
mysteries, I talked briefly about the Twitter account TheSunVanished and asked you guys
to let me know if you wanted an entire video devoted to just that story. And the response was a pretty overwhelming
“yes” with over a thousand requests and upvotes for a full video. So let’s jump right into it. The mysterious TheSunVanished account first
appeared on Twitter on April 30 with the first tweet which simply read “Help”. Other Tweets soon followed:
” It’s late in the morning and still dark outside.” ” I can hear the tornado sirens in the next
county over, but the weather radar is clear.” ” Where is the sun.” A video post followed showing some very bizarre
and downright scary things caught on camera The
video seemed to show a CNN news report about the strange disappearance of the sun, and
the resulting hysteria in downtown areas. On the TV, we can see what looks like a city
in chaos with cars on fire in the street, and people being carried away on stretchers. The scary video ends with a bizarre thunderous
sound from somewhere outside the house. ” The power keeps going out and I keep hearing
noises outside. Sometimes far away, sometimes close.” “I can’t sleep. I think the noises outside are gunshots.” ” TV signal is gone, the noises keep happening
outside, and I can barely keep track of the time anymore. I am honest to God terrified.” May 2nd, TheSunVanished tweeted:
” I went outside. I saw something out there I can’t really explain,
but I can show you.” In the scary video, something strange is caught on camera. It seems to be illuminating in the dark. It looks like some creature or a bizarre face. In the morning, he posts: ” Still shaken from the short time I was outside. I don’t know what that flashing light was,
but it was following me.” Another day passes. TheSunVanished posts : ” Something just flew over my house.” “I couldn’t see it, too dark outside, but
a wave of heat just came over me. Feels like the temperature increased by like 10 or 15 degrees.” Later, another scary encounter caught on camera. Someone is just standing on the sidewalk leading to his front door. “This guy has been standing completely still with his back towards me. I have no idea how long he has been standing there.” Then this scary video Over an hour and a half later, TheSunVanished tweets: “To those of you asking, I am doing alright. Hiding in my room and waiting this out.” “I haven’t heard any more knocking, but I
don’t want to get anywhere near the front door to check.” The next day, he receives a strange DM. “Hey brother. I’m from British Columbia. I don’t know much but I do know that you should never look into the red light. EVER. If you do, you become like the guy who was at your door.” Later that day, TheSunVanished posts: “Someone is screaming outside.” 2 more days pass and everything is fairly
uneventful. Then:
“I can see a faint light outside my bedroom window. Going downstairs to check it out.” Some unknown scary thing is lurking outside his window. He retreats back upstairs to hide, tweeting
“I cannot fracking believe I’m still alive.” However, his relief doesn’t last long, a few
tweets later: “I am hearing noises outside again.” Then twenty minutes later, more scary video caught on camera.”It got in I don’t know how but it got in I am hiding” The next day, TheSunVanished tweets
“It’s finally gone. I think I’m safe now.” “I have no idea how, but the front door is
unlocked and WIDE OPEN. The alarm never came on either, I guess it
got reset during one of the blackouts?” A couple of days pass, and nothing much happens, then he tweets “Over the course of the last week, I’ve been increasingly paranoid about someone or someTHING coming into my house while I’m sleeping. And I don’t think it’s one of those lights,
it feels different. I can’t explain it, but I can sense it.” “And last night, after I put cans on door
handles, I’ve been waking up to clanging sounds. But I’m not certain if it’s real or just my
imagination.” He decides to spread flour on the floor to
see if anyone is actually creeping in during the night. “So now it’s time to put my paranoia to the
test.” “If the flour is disturbed, we will know.” The next day, the person from British Columbia DMs him a strange picture. Some scary thing caught on camera in his home. It looks like an eerie shadow seems to be
hiding in the corner of a room. TheSunVanished writes back, asking what it is, but receives no response. That night, he awakens to more strange sounds. “I had a nightmare about that picture. Just woke up to more screaming outside.” “I think the screaming is coming from the
neighbor’s house.” Two days later:
“I just woke up and came down stairs to this. Oh my God.” The flour that he scattered on the floor has
mysterious footprints in it. Someone … or something came inside his house during the night. He immediately decides to leave the house
and packs his bags. He tweets “I’m staying low and staying away from streetlights and other light sources. Using my flashlight sparingly.” As he passes his neighbor’s house, he hears the screams again. Against his better judgment, he decides to
investigate. The whole thing is caught on camera. TheSunVanished tweets:
” I found fresh food and water here. Checked every room to be sure I’m alone.” “It’s not just in my head. I KNOW I heard screaming. It was ongoing. And I’m glad I came to investigate because
now I have food, water, and a safer place to stay.” And that’s all of TheSunVanished story so
far. To read the rest, I highly recommend following this creepy twitter account for updates. Someone in last week’s comments claimed to have “inside knowledge” that the account was a film promotion and some have theorized that the whole thing is yet another Cloverfield ARG promotion for an upcoming movie. But honestly, no one knows the source of TheSunVanished ARG right now and it’s still all a mystery. Let me know who YOU think is behind this creepy twitter account down in the comments.

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