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What is your name? Where are you from? Lower the window pane. The police is making an
all out effort to nab him. I’ve heard anyone giving news on
him will also be given a reward. Yes, but why will anyone
inform the police about him? The police may consider
him a murderer… but the common man
considers it a good deed. Those he killed were goons. Nothing has happened yet. Even after killing Lobo,
has he been caught? Mr. Sharma, I think the CM will have
to appoint a special force… for this task. He is very smart and cunning. He has killed four people
one after the other. Yet the police has
not been able to touch him. Why? Why?? I don’t want to hear any excuses
Intensify surveillance. Check every car. Look in every
nook and corner of the city. I want that man arrested! What do you
want to explain to me? The man who the police has
charge sheeted as a killer… who has committed three murders and
created terror in the city… is asking me to defend his case? Not three, I have
committed four murders. Seems you have not read
today’s evening news. The police has labeled me murderer,
but I will be deemed a murderer… when the court will convict me. And Mr. Khurana, for renowned lawyers
like you, to save men like me… from the gallows,
is petty job. Mr. Vishal Agnihotri, I defend
cases in court to uphold justice. I have not become a lawyer
to defend murderers like you. Whatever the circumstances,
you have committed murders. You have committed a crime. I have committed no crime! Don’t call
what I have committed a crime… because it was necessary for
this city, for its peace. By wiping out those four men,
I have done a good deed. And I don’t want to spend
my life behind bars for it. Nor spend my life
trying to escape law. Because I have committed no crime. And you.
I know everything about you. How many criminals you have
got released… and how much money you have taken
for it, I know everything. Don’t make me waste time exposing
you. Tell me how much money you want. 50 million, 100 million? – Like to take a drink?
– I don’t drink. I accept the price you have
quoted for your case. But even I want to know something.
The man who the police is after… who is looking for a
corner to hide himself… how will he arrange
100 million rupees? Mr. Khurana, if I have been defamed,
I have also earned a reputation. – You will get the money.
– Alright, then keep your promise. Surrender yourself to the police. News in detail. The hide and seek between a criminal,
Vishal Agnihotri and the police… ended today. Vishal Agnihotri surrendered
himself to the police today. He has been charge sheeted
for murdering four renowned men. The police was looking for him. Mr. Khurana, does Vishal’s surrender
mean he only has committed the murders? You are mistaken.
He has surrendered because… he wants to save himself
the bother. Sir, you have never
lost a case in your career. Just because the police claims so,
it doesn’t mean he is a murderer. The court will decide that.
Wait for the truth to be exposed. Enough now! You have to sign
these papers, Vishal. Your case has been admitted in court
and the first hearing is on the 7th. I think this matter will
stretch for four hearings. I have got the orders to shift you
to the crime branch canceled. You will stay here now.
I know some officers here. They will take good care of you. Just don’t get into trouble here. You cannot keep a
check on your temper. I don’t want anything new to
be added to your charge sheet. I am not presenting you in court
in the first few hearings. I have attached medical reports. It is possible some medical officer
of the police cokes to examine you. With him…
– Don’t worry, Mr. Khurana. I won’t make any mistakes here. Even I don’t want any small matters
to be added to the charge sheet. As it is, you are tense
about my case. Yes Vishal, this is the
first case in my career… about which I am really tensed. I have never faced defeat.
That could also be the reason. Mr. Khurana, I have more faith
in your capability than you. You will win this case. Believe me, after this case,
your name will be remembered… in the history of law. Mr. Khurana was wonderful! He shattered the police defence. Can a lawyer like Khurana
ever lose a case? Yes, you are right. Vishal!
– We are with you. Vishal!
– We are with you. Your honour, I agree that whatever
evidence I collected against Vishal… Mr. Khurana has been shattering
those witnesses and evidence… since the last here hearings. With his talent,
Mr. Khurana… has succeeded in proving the
truth to be false and vice versa. But I have not
yet given up hope… fearing that the court
may give a wrong verdict. Setting free a murderer like
Vishal… will send a wrong signal to the youth
of the country, that terrorism… Mr. Sinha is deviating
from the case… the proceedings of which are to
prove… whether Vishal is connected
with these four murders or not. And my honorable friend,
rather than talk on this issue… is worrying about the
future of the country. My Lord,
I can understand his problem. In all the last hearings, he has
been unable to gather evidence… against Vishal Agnihotri. He has nothing to present
before the court today. So he is trying to probe matters… and also deviate from the case. My Lord, I want to go back to the
argument we had in our last hearing. It was the night of 7th November. An old woman, along with her kid,
bangs into an autorickshaw. Vishal Agnihotri witnesses the incident. He catches hold of the rickshaw
driver and takes the old woman… and her kid to Bombay hospital. The duty officer Dr. Patel… informs the closest police
station at Shanti Nagar. Thereafter, inspector Sharma,
and constable Mhatre… completed the investigations. During investigation, Vishal was made
to stay in hospital for about two hours. To prove that, I’d like to present
some witnesses and evidence in court. My Lord, it has been proved beyond
doubt that my client… has no hand in any
of the four murders. Now the question arises that
why is an innocent youth… booked for four murders. My Lord, he is a victim of
personal enmity with the police. Some time ago, he had protested
against police atrocity… outside Nana Chowk police station. He was even involved in
fisticuffs with them. For which, he had spent
four nights in police lock up. Since then, the police considered
him a thorn in their side. Then, the police, to hide their
failure & prove their superiority… framed Vishal for these murders. My request is that no more atrocity
be committed against this youth. Give your verdict
and acquit him honorably. After considering the
entire proceedings… it is clear that the police has
no concrete evidence or witness… on the basis of which the accused,
Vishal Agnihotri can be proved guilty. The arguments by the defense lawyer
and the evidence presented… prove his innocence. Therefore,
the court honorably acquits… No! What is going on? Vishal Agnihotri,
this is contempt of court! Vishal Agnihotri,
what are you doing! Vishal Agnihotri,
this is contempt of court! Leave him! Leave him! This is contempt of court! Leave him! Leave him! I won’t run away!
I won’t run away! Magistrate Dogra, Jagdish Khurana’s
corpse is lying here. I have killed him. And you… you
resign from that chair. You have no right
to sit in that chair. I have saved you today. You were
about to give the wrong verdict. And this Khurana, he proved in court
that I have committed no murder. That I am innocent. No! I have not committed one,
but four murders. He was aware of this. Before coming to court,
he had taken all information from me. He was aware of how
and when I killed who. He had asked me from what
distance I had fired the shot. Whether the bullet hit him
in the head of chest. The one who I strangulated, whether
he had bled from the mouth or not. Were his eyes closed or open,
he knew all that. Are you understanding something,
Magistrate Dogra? Do you understand? He had charged me 100 million
to save me. Jagdish Khurana was not
a protector of law… he sold justice. I gave my case to him, not to escape
law, but make law realise its folly. Is this a court?
Is justice imparted here? Is truth and
deception exposed here? No, nothing of the sort happens here.
There’s only violation. The violation of law. People like
Khurana violate the law in every court. And there is also a man like
him sitting in that chair. And people like them who act as
audience and watch the fun. For them, whether it is a court
proceeding, or a juggler’s trick… their only criteria is to enjoy. So, are you enjoying? Enjoy! Do you understand something,
Magistrate Dogra? If you just want to have fun,
why put up this pretense of a court? Put a stop to this all! Yes, take me to the dungeon. But all those who I killed
were like him. They were all rascals like him. Do you understand something,
Magistrate Dogra? Do you understand something? Do you understand something? The incident of killing one’s
own defense lawyer in court… has shocked the city. Yesterday, during proceedings,
the accused, Vishal Agnihotri… killed his defence lawyer Hail Vishal Agnihotri! Calm down! Please try to understand my point. Vishal himself doesn’t
want to meet anybody. Allow us in, we want to
speak to Vishal. But Vishal doesn’t want
to talk to anyone. Nor does he want to meet anyone. Do one thing.
Give us some more time. We will talk to Vishal again & check
if he wants to meet you all or not. We will leave only
after meeting Vishal. Quiet! I said none
of you can meet Vishal. On the demand of many social
organisations & big personalities… the government has agreed
to an inquiry committee… to look into Vishal’s case. This 15 member committee will look
into every aspect of Vishal’s case… and give its verdict. Look Vishal, what you want
or don’t want… is definitely your personal view,
your personal decision. But your case is no more
a personal issue. Every man in this city
is talking about you. Infact, the people are even
questioning police honesty. I know what you
have done is not wrong. Our system created
this situation before you. Agreed you have killed
a few outlaws. But that is not
going to improve things. There are some more people
who deserve punishment… who are still holding
on to their chair. When your case is opened
before the committee… people will get to know the truth. Our department’s corrupt officials,
who have supported wrong… those officials should be exposed. Everyone must know about them. Vishal, every man connected
to the system is not bad. There are some
good and honest people. It is due to these few men
that even today… we have not lost the
faith of the common man in us. I and many of my officers are
co-operating with the committee. And I want even you to co-operate. Alright, I will answer
whatever the committee asks me. I will watch another show of
pretense of the law, DGP. But before meeting the committee,
I’d like to go home. Brother, he is Vishal.
– Move a back. Sachdanand Agnihotri. Mr. Vishal Agnihotri, the DGP must
have told you about our committee. I and the other members have been
connected to various aspects… of law and administration. We have given verdicts
on many serious crimes. Normally, the law has only one
way of looking at crime. See the crime as is, & give a
befitting punishment for it. But yours is the first case where
the law has to deviate from norms. The aspects of your crime that the
police has kept before the court… like your charge-sheet, the evidence
& witnesses in favour or against you… this committee has no intention
of giving verdict… keeping only those in view. This committee also wants to see the
other aspect connected with this case. And I am sure you will
co-operate with us totally. Mr. Krishnamurthy, you… Mr. Vishal, a crime like murder
happens in a fit of fury. And after committing the crime,
generally, one feels remorse. Did you get this feeling
after killing Khurana? Mr. Krishnamurthy, after giving
verdict on a criminal how do you feel? Naturally, I feel good,
that I have upheld justice… and have done a good deed
by punishing a criminal. You feel good after doing a
good deed, you don’t feel remorse. Mr. Vishal must control his speech. Just one truth got you agitated? I have not even begun
the chapter yet. Today, every man here, is talking
of truth, honesty, limitations. If there was such a thing as law,
the word criminal… would not be prefixed to my name. I wouldn’t take to crime
to get justice. People would not call me a murderer. I have been
accused of several murders. I was not taught to commit murders. My father was a school teacher. Imbibing good values
in children was his job. He ignored his problems
and lived for others. I’ll show you.
See these applications. He didn’t write these
applications for himself. He used to make the rounds of
governments offices… to help solve people’s problems. Sometimes for someone’s land,
sometimes for a girl’s dowry… and sometimes for the
treatment of some poor man. Read them! Don’t make those noises, idiots. Does anyone scare the
one who feeds you? I know you are angry with me
because I didn’t come last Monday. Slow! Can’t you see
the pigeons are flying away? Master, all my work is done on time.
You are half an hour late today. But Govind…
– Master, take your pigeons elsewhere. If I wait, I’ll get late. I have to take Mr. Chopra’s
dog to the vet at 1 O’clock. And then arrange for my cure. You are drunk early in the morning? No Master, I drank to sober
down from last night’s high. You drink in the morning to
sober down from last night’s high. And then get high
in the evening again. If you always want to be on a high,
why do you sober down at all? You are the first man
I meet in the morning. Atleast meet me sober. I’d to go to Chowgule’s house. Wonder
if I have brought his application. Take, you feed this to the birds.
Let me check my bag. The birds have eaten enough.
Arrangement for my drink is made! Take, this is the Mayor’s letter. You can admit him to Tata Hospital
without paying any expenses. – Master, you have done so…
– Come on! What have I done? Just did a running around.
No big deal. Go get me tea. The police caught the idol thieves,
recovered the idol from them… and arrested the temple priest. Did you read this, Ma?
– Give me the paper. If your father lays hands on it,
he’ll only talk about them all day. He had left at 6 in the morning,
and is not back home yet. Where do I hide this?
…No, he will find it here. This place is okay. Where were you?
– Offer these flowers in the temple. Has Vishal left?
– No, he is sitting out & having tea. Found it. Are you leaving?
– Yes, father. Did you have breakfast?
– Yes. Go to the bank on your way
and collect the pass book. Tell your mom to hide the newspaper
in some good place next time. Idol theft!
– You gave it to him? No, I found it. Take your watch.
– I’m leaving, mom. The priest has been arrested. Here’s your tea. Gayatri, you also bring your
tea here. Sit here with me. If I sit with you and hear about the
whole world, who will do the chores? You will anyway talk about the
temple, priest, idols all day. I have so much to do. As it is,
I cannot run around too much now. Your son has started earning now. Meet people, try getting him married. Even that will happen. Tell me, what kind of a
daughter-in-law do you want? Kanta, is my breakfast ready?
– Yes, madam. What’s this?
– Prospective grooms. I said I don’t
want to marry like this! We have a bomb explosion
early morning! You put pictures of
big shots at my feet? This one’s got stuck in my bottoms. This guy’s become a doctor
now in America. That’s your old style, daddy. First you’ll show me the pictures,
then ask me to choose one of them. Then you will match horoscopes. And then you only will say
their stars are no good. That’s old style. There is
no excitement in this process. I’ll get married in new style. The fun is when someone bangs
into me, I fall, he holds me… and I look into his eyes and say,
‘he’s the one! ‘ You will ruin me.
Please don’t bang into some crook… who will make me a
pauper from a millionaire. Love is love. When you fall in love,
you don’t care about money or society. But try to understand my point… You are unnecessarily getting upset
over a small matter. I know Neha. She will bang into the
right guy at the right time. You don’t care about the plants. If anything happens to my plants,
I won’t spare you! No! This is what I had dreamt of. Banging, falling, and steadying. Then looking into each other’s eyes. He’s the one!
I love you! What’s happening? It’s happened! Something’s happened!
– What’s happened? Tell him. Dad, I turned back suddenly, banged
into him, fell down, then he… Then he what?
– Saved me. He did? It’s done now?
Now leave his hand. Mr. Nayar, when she was falling,
couldn’t you have saved her? You have been handling
all my jobs since the last 1 7 years. What happened to you today?
You just stood and stared? What’s going on!
Come with me! Not you, you come with me.
I’ll get your eyes tested. So that you bang into
the right person. Come with me! Worry when something
unusual happens.. ..when two people fall in love
no one can stop them. ”Mad, crazy, vagabond” ”What name do I call you by?” ”Should I behold you in my eyes” ”Or keep you in my heart” ”Whatever name you like” ”Call me by that name” ”Through your eyes” ”Let me enter your heart” ”My desire is my beloved” ”He’s my love, my passion” ”How do I tell you” ”How much I wait for you” ”You have my name on your lips” ”Ours is a bond forever” ”I can give up the whole world” ”When I have your hand in mine” ”Spirited, lover boy, carefree” ”What name do I call you by?” ”Should I behold you in my eyes” ”Or keep you in my heart?” ”Keep me in your heart” ”You are some damsel
come from heaven” ”I’m lost in your love” ”My heart cannot forget
you for a minute” ”How am I at fault?” ”The whole world is no
comparison against you” ”I wear your flower in my tresses” ”I’ll accept whatever sorrow I may
have to suffer for your sake” ”Beloved, darling, dearest” ”What name do I call you by?” ”Should I behold you in my eyes” ”Or keep you in my heart?” ”Whatever name you like” ”Call me by that name” ”Through your eyes” ”Let me enter your heart” Move! Leave me! Forgive me!
– He’s apologizing, let him go. No, sir. – He should be handed
over to the police. I beg of you. If I let him go,
he will pick other people’s pocket. Forgive me! Alright, we’ll take him
to the police station. Go get a rickshaw.
I’ll hold on to him till then. Go! I’ll hold on to him. Why do you do this, brother? My son hits very hard.
– Yes sir, he does. Did you begin with me, or have
you picked someone’s pocket before? I started with you. Which means you
failed your first attempt. Why don’t you do some honest work?
Why do you steal? Yes sir, I’ll take up some work. Keep this money.
Visit a doctor. Add turmeric to milk and drink before
you sleep at night. You’ll be fine. Now scram!
– Thank you. Where did he go?
– He ran away. Ran away? I tried holding on to him, but
he was stronger. What could I do? Look, there is no cure to suspicion. If you feel I deliberately
let him go, what can I do? I was just saying…
– Close that chapter and have tea. The chapter closed long ago,
I am only stretching the matter. Right Vishal? Look Gayatri,
he is still staring at me. Gayatri, he smashed his face. Why didn’t you give him
some money for medication? I gave him rupees… The tea has gone cold. Why were you hesitating to
come to the temple today? Mom, actually…
– Shut-up! Don’t make excuses. You know I never forgo prayers
on ‘Ekadashi’. And who do I offer prayers
and fast for anyway? For you.
– For me? Yes, I come and pray for
a good bride for you. Even I don’t come here to ask anything
for myself. Even I pray for you. Is it?
And what do you pray for me? I pray that you get
a good daughter-in-law. Naughty! But how will our wish be fulfilled?
You never take any interest in girls. I am interested in a girl.
– Really? Matters have moved ahead.
– But who is she? I’ll introduce her to you soon.
As soon as the time… Time… time!
Ma, I wanted to make a call! You were going to call me at 10.
– I’m sorry. Fraud! Alright, I’ll wait
for you at 1 at National restaurant. We’ll lunch together.
– Neha, I am very busy. I have some meetings to attend. And moreover, your dad keeps
an eagle’s eye on me nowadays. I don’t know anything!
You have to be there at 1. Alright, call me up in office,
I’ll think of something. What if dad catches us
talking to each other? You have plotted to
put me in trouble. Duffer, you will call me
as Seema, not Neha. And Seema will have some problem
which only I can solve. So I will ask for leave.
Understand? I notice Neha is
very happy these days. Her behavior has changed completely. She is always humming songs,
that too, romantic songs. I see her glowing face,
and then my horoscope. I’m going through a bad phase. I think Vishal and her affair
is going strong. Youngsters nowadays are very forward. In our times, we took months to
hold even our wife’s hand. But now, they begin holding
each other immediately. He’s coming! He looks very happy.
He’s whistling away. What did you say? Stop picking your ears,
you’ll go deaf. Did you say something? You look upset. Anything serious? No.
– I’ll give you good news. Patel and Sons has signed
a contract with us. We now have four more
distributors in Gujarat. Here are their contracts. Didn’t
I say I will do this job in a week? I want every job to
be done in a jiffy. You can go, now. Okay. Go to your cabin. Yes Neha, tell me.
– No, I’m Seema. Who?
– Seema. Seema?
– Yes. Please give me Vishal. I have urgent work with him.
– Alright. It’s Neha on the line,
and says she is Seema. Vishal, your call.
– My call? Yes, it’s for you. Seema here.
– Yes Seema, tell me. Mom is coming by Benares Express.
Go to the station to pick her. Sure. Benares Express, right? Okay, then I’ll be there. Sir, my friend’s mother is coming
by Benares Express. I need to go. Sure. Go.
– You are great! You are not a man. You are a great man. See! He fooled us and left. Benares
Express comes at 5 am, not 5 pm. ”What cannot be spoken
by the lips” ”What is told with eyes” ”What cannot be spoken
by the lips” ”What is told with eyes” ”That’s what’s hidden in my heart” ”What you catch when young” ”What cannot be doused with water” ”What you catch when young” ”What cannot be doused with water” ”My heart is on that fire” ”I am never at peace” ”I am always thinking of you” ”The morning is young,
the evening, beautiful” ”My lips only chant your name” ”It is here, there,
or where?” ”Wonder where the pain of love is” ”What has happened to me,
where am I lost?” ”Your style has floored me” ”A new thirst is suppressed
in my heart” ”A lonely youth is worthless” ”Life is worthless without love” ”What is love if not crazy” ”It won’t hold any interest” ”What you have told me,
don’t tell anyone else” ”Crazy lovers have together written
and read stories of young lovers” ”I hold your love in my heart” ”What cannot be spoken
by the lips” ”What is told with eyes…” ”What you catch when young” ”What cannot be doused with water” ”My heart is on that fire” Coming! What happened? What happened? Tell me something!
What happened? Vishal!
– What happened, Ma? I don’t know.
He’s not saying anything. What happened?
Please tell me. Sit down here.
– Get me some mouth freshener. Yes. What happened, father? A cow got killed under the
train I was travelling in. Father!
You gave us such a scare. So what if a cow got killed?
Such incidents are common in cities. Take, eat this.
– Later. Did you see it mutilated?
– No. People were talking.
Even the train stopped. It was so dark. And in the dark, forget an animal,
even man cannot see well. Now remove this thought
out of your mind. Gayatri, I know you people are
put to immense trouble because of me. But what do I do?
Why can’t I be like other people? There were so many other people in
the train, but none bothered to look. They were so indifferent. That’s when I realized that
nothing affects people. How heartless man has become. Greetings, Mr. Rana.
– Tell me. These people are from the slums
of Azad Nagar in Malad (E), and I… Master, I have met you before,
in your colony, in a function. Tell me what I can do for you. Sir, there is a bus stop near their
colony, and a liquor den near it. The girls who work return late at
night have to cross that liquor den. The goons in the liquor den
misbehave with the girls. Last night, one of them, in an
inebriated state, caught a girl’s hand My son is coming. Hi dad!
What about my car? I have deposited two & half million.
Go and take delivery. So Master, what were you saying? A goon caught his daughter’s
hand last night. Their daughters are being teased,
and you are taking up their issue. Can’t they talk for themselves? Mr. Rana, they want you to get that
liquor den removed from there. Put a stop to the misbehavior
they have to suffer. Dealing in such matters
is the police’s job. Take your complain to the
police station. They will not take any action. I myself lodged a complain
two months ago. That report must
be lost in files by now. You should take your complain
to a senior police officer. You know very well that no officer
will get involved in this case… because this den
is owned by Gopal Anna. And Gopal Anna has your protection.
– Don’t raise your voice, Master! This is Jaspal Rana’s house. Those who pass from here, their
heart beats stop for a few moments. You live in Kandivli, & have brought
me a problem of the people of Malad. Are you their leader? I must appreciate your guts. Despite knowing Gopal Anna is
my henchman… you have collected 12 men and
brought them to my house. Mr. Rana, today, there are 12 men,
tomorrow there will be 200… and then, 2000. People who suffer atrocities
won’t sit quietly at home. They have the courage to raise
their voice against injustice now. Has their courage awakened,
or has it died? Turn around and look. Your soldiers left the battlefield. Such passion is not
good at your age, Master. If you sleep with the problems
of people under your pillow… you will not get sleep. Getting a good sleep in old age
is good for your health. Lankeshwar.
– Yes? Find out the names of the
men who had come with Master. A lot is being written in the papers
about the plot at Kala Chowk. Call all these journalists who are
writing these reports to my office. I want to talk to them.
– Yes. Why are you depressed?
What’s your problem? I have received this letter from
Dhaulpur from my elder brother. What’s he written.
– You realise how bad it is… to be young, when your elder
starts bullying you. My elder brother just wrote, without
thinking how this will affect me. What’s written in it?
– We two brothers own some land. Now my elder brother
wants to sell the land. I don’t know what reply to give him.
– Keep that letter aside. Mr. Rana…
– Don’t touch my feet. Just do your work well.
How much money is in this? Rs.500000.
– That’s all? Mangal, I want atleast Rs.50,00000
from your area by the end of the month I have promised to give
20 million for the elections. Even if you have to remove 1-2 people
out of the way, don’t hesitate. Zakir and Shanker will be released
tomorrow. Take their help. Your phone. Hello Mr. Rana.
– I’d told you this work must not stop. I’ll see what I can do. Doesn’t Chhugani know I am
constructing this building? Bring Chhugani to my
farm house tonight. Okay. Didn’t you speak to the lawyer? Why is removing just one
paper from court taking so long? We must not lose the land
at Kalina Chowk. It involves 200 million rupees. The court will give verdict in your
favour. The land is yours. But what reply do I give
about my land? I want to meet Mr. Rana.
– Get out! Let him come.
– Greetings, sir. What is it?
– My father is missing since 3 days. I even got a report filed at the
police station, but it’s no use. What is your father’s name?
– Jagdish Rastogi. We won a shop in Kalbadevi. On Wednesday night, my father
closed shop and left for home. But he didn’t reach home. Nobody
listens to us at the police station. If you could talk
to the Commissioner… Mr. Kamble, what’s going
on in the city? What is your police doing
to trace Jagdish Rastogi? I am not aware of this case. I think this case will be
with some officer of zone ‘C’. I’ll call for the file today
itself and check. Your checking the file
won’t console him. Find the man. Just think what the
family must be going through… whose master has not
reached home since three days. I’ll look into it. Go home. The ACP will himself
look into the matter. Wherever your father may be,
the police will find him. Thank you. Mr. Rana, the problem has
become serious. It will be better if
you release his father. Even the media has begun
to write about this case now. Even you can have a problem. Everything will be alright
after Rastogi’s body is found. People will stop talking after that. No Mr. Rana, I think,
killing Rastogi right now… Rastogi will have to die! He has become very proud
about his riches. He was poisoning the minds
of his community against me. Lankeshwar.
– Yes. Call up Nagesh. Rastogi, my dad
doesn’t want you to be alive. Where are you going? I am noticing your interest
in studies is increasing. But today is Sunday.
– And we have a special class today. And the special teacher of this
special class is Vishal Agnihotri. And the subjects are
love, romance, fun, enjoyment. Dad, you misunderstand me.
– I am not misunderstanding you. I know about your
and Vishal’s affair. But get this clear. I won’t
make an employee my son-in-law. Do you know anything?
You know nothing! Come here! Look! Who is this?
Your great-grandfather, Hukumchand. King Bhimraj’s only heir.
He had a huge estate. He owned 50 villages. Two elephants and 500 horses
always rode with him. And he is your grandfather,
Raghupati Rao. After losing his estate,
what was he left with? Two elephants and a few horses.
He sold them to the circus… and made arrangements for his
livelihood. And this is your father. I had
nothing when I came to this city. I toiled hard day and night
and became a rich man. I don’t want a good for
nothing fellow to marry you… and usurp my property.
I have worked hard to make my money. I’ve had enough!
Come with me! Since you lost your mother,
I fulfilled your every demand. I bowed before your every demand.
But what did I get in return? Get inside the room.
Don’t you dare come out of the room! And I’ll smash Vishal’s head!
I’ll break his hands! What are you doing? Why are you
being so cruel with an innocent woman? I am doing the right thing.
I should have done this long ago. My pampering has spoilt her. The one who your pampering has spoilt
has taken the car and gone away. You have locked up Kantabai
in the room. What are you saying! If you don’t believe me then.
Open the door and see for yourself. Come out! Why did you put up this pretense? I dragged you up by your hand
and you didn’t even tell me? How could I have said anything? You held my hand for
the first time in three years. First time in three years?
What’s wrong with me? Should I make arrangements of your
marriage along with Neha’s? I won’t spare Neha!
– Nothing can be done now. Those two must be dancing
and singing. “Thump!” ”My love, relent to what my
heart says, it is pounding” ”My love, relent to what my
heart says, it is pounding” ”When you hold my hand,
my heart pounds” ”My heart pounds,
I slowly begin to swoon” ”When I think about you,
my heart pounds” ”When I come close to you,
my heart pounds” ”My heart pounds,
I slowly begin to swoon” ”My love, relent to what my
heart says, it is pounding” ”When I think about you,
my heart pounds” ”You have cast such a
magic spell on your lover” ”He’s in a daze and swoons
in gay abandon” ”You have cast such a
magic spell on your lover” ”He’s in a daze and swoons
in gay abandon” ”Even I have protected myself
for 18 years” ”But when I saw you,
I surrendered myself to you” ”Having got the gift of your love,
my heart pounds” ”My love, relent to what my
heart says, it is pounding” ”When I close my eyes,
you come in my dreams” ”And then torment me
in my dreams” ”When I close my eyes,
you come in my dreams” ”And then torment me
in my dreams” ”Your beauty won’t
let me live in peace” ”I cannot bear even a
moment’s separation from you” ”I toss and turn all night,
my heart pounds” ”When I think about you,
my heart pounds” ”My heart pounds,
I slowly begin to swoon…” ”When I think about you,
my heart pounds” “Come my, beloved. It’s night time,
my heart pounds” Some one save me.
– Cool it baby! Leave me. Why are you screaming?
Nobody can listen to you. Leave me. Where were you? I begin to get
worried. Look, it’s so late. I have laid the table since so long.
Sit down, have dinner first. What happened?
Say something. I witnessed a great
injustice being done today. I saw an atrocity being committed,
& I just stood & stared at the scene My lips were sealed,
I could not scream. Why, what was it you witnessed? I saw some goons taking away a girl
from the middle of the street. And one of those goons was Nagesh,
the son of Jaspal Rana. The Jaspal Rana, who claims to
be a leader and social worker… is such a powerful leader today… that his son committed such a
heinous crime on the street… and the police is hand
in glove with him? This 60 year old man who has seen
us being freed from slavery… was helplessly
watching this incident. I felt like going and
reporting to the police… but later, I realized that even
the police is in it with them. No, don’t tell anyone anything.
And even you didn’t see anything. Please listen to me this once. I have never stopped you
from doing anything until now. But you will have to keep
out of this. We don’t want to mess
with such people. You have my promise.
You didn’t see anything, that’s all! Take the body. Look, Salukhe’s daughter’s news
has come in the newspaper. The police is investigating.
– What can the police do? The goons who has such guts that
they can rape a girl, kill her… and then throw her body
on the railway tracks… cannot be the job
of small time goons. Even the police doesn’t
touch such goons. You are right. Father, what is the matter?
You left home early today. You didn’t even offer prayers.
– I didn’t? Yes, I forgot. Go home now, mom has called you. Go and seek Master’s blessings, son.
– Bless you. He’s appearing for
his exams today. Parents blessings are more
than enough. Bless you. It is all thanks to you
he is getting an education. If it wasn’t for you,
I wouldn’t have got a job. Good I met you. Now he will surely
pass in his exams. Good day. You are aware that Mr. Rana has done
many jobs for the welfare of people. He always strives to do things in
the interest of the society & country. I request Mr. Rana to place his views
before you and begin the meeting. The worsening situation,
the terror of goons… and the common man
living in fear… that’s the picture
this city portrays. People connected to the police
and administration are present here. But I don’t feel the least bit of
hesitation in saying… that the situation
in the city is worsening. Whether home, workplace, or street,
a man does not feel safe anywhere. The state of affairs is such
that hooliganism… goes on in broad daylight. They don’t just threaten
people and extort money. They just kill him and
snatch it. To eliminate these powers, every
police officer… will have to prepare for battle. Don’t applaud! Don’t listen to such
people and applaud. Don’t! Open your eyes!
Realise! Leave me! I am the public,
and this is a public meeting. Listen! Leave him.
Come, Master. Come here and speak. You want to say
something? Come on stage and speak. Yes I want to speak. Because I am not
a part of this crowd of dummies. Mr. Rana is expressing remorse at the
worsening situation in the city. Master, speak in the mike. Mr. Rana is expressing remorse at the
worsening situation in the city. He is advising the police on how
to keep the hooligans in check. He stands on stage wearing a mask
of a social worker… and collecting applause. Which goons is he
talking of eliminating, Mr. Rana? You are the biggest goon of the city. Look! And he has the other goons
in his fold. And even the police has given
complete freedom to these goons. The police has accepted defeat
before your power and influence. The police always complains that no
man lodges a complain against goons… with the police. That there is no eye witness
to murder or looting. So today I, Sachdanand Agnihotri,
give the police an eye witness. The police has recovered a body on
the Mahim railway tracks last night. The girl’s name was Bharati Salukhe. Some goons had picked up
this girl from Worli Naka. One of the goons among them
was Mr. Rana’s son, Nagesh. I have myself seen Nagesh
pick that girl. I am the eye witness
of that incident. Will the police
investigate this case now? Answer me, Commissioner. What will you say? Your police
was with them in this crime. Will the police take action
on my evidence? This is a public meeting.
Answer me! Do you think before
doing anything or not? You picked up a girl
from the slums? Don’t you have any standard? It’s okay that guys like
you do such things. It’s also okay that you killed her. But what is not okay
that her body was found. Instead of throwing her
on the railways tracks… couldn’t you throw her in some gutter? Alright, forget what happened.
I have spoken to Kamble. He will manage everything.
Henceforth, be careful. Lankeshwar, is the
plot work going fine? Which plot?
– The Rana complex plot. That one? Yes, sir. What appointments do I have tomorrow
after my meeting with the commissioner? You have to go to
Gandhi Memorial school at 11 am. The kids that had died eating sweets
on the independence day function… you have to congratulate them. And in the evening, condole Dr. Patel
for the medical services he offers. What nonsense are you talking! I’m sorry, I messing things.
Actually, I am very upset. Why hide anything from you? My brother
has sent a letter again from Dhaulpur. He has asked about
the plot of land… Keep that to yourself! Gayatri, Vishal, look!
…Why are you staring at me? I am no more an ordinary teacher
who gets a pension of Rs.7 40. I am something more. Who says people don’t
stand up for truth any more? Truth is important even today. See this! Everything has
come in the newspaper today. My picture has also been published. The newspapers have
exposed Jaspal Rana. It won’t be so easy for
him to save Nagesh now. Why are you so upset? What do you think?
That I have done something wrong? We didn’t say that. But before doing anything,
you could have atleast spoken to me. Why should I? And even if
I had, what would you do? We could have atleast discussed…
– How would that help? The truth published in the newspaper
has reached the people. There must be some people
who’s conscience is not dead yet. Those people will come on the
streets and demand Nagesh’s arrest. And the police will be
forced to arrest Nagesh. You don’t understand
– What will you explain to me? You have grown so big
that you will explain to me? You make him understand. Vishal, what is
done cannot be undone. Think of what we have to do now.
Atleast… You stop worrying about me.
I’ll face what will come. I will fight my problems. What I have taken up, it is my
duty to carry them to their end. Trying to teach me! Wait for the day when
people will come on the streets. Try to understand my dilemma. Master is not alone today.
He has public support. People are abusing the police. Even the students
have got down to rioting. Yesterday, they burnt
police vehicles too. If this continues,
I’ll lose my job. What do you want from me, Kamble? Look Mr. Rana, I have thought
a lot over it. If the situation
continues to worsen… even you will suffer heavily. There is only one
way you can stop all this. I… l… will have… to arrest Nagesh. First hear me out, Mr. Rana. Nagesh won’t be in
police custody for long. Rest assured. Mr. Pradhan will fight Nagesh’s case. It won’t take me long to break
the charge sheet in court. I won’t allow any witness
or evidence against Nagesh in court. Trust me. But I will be able to do all this,
only if I hold on to my post. Which means the police will drag
Nagesh like a dog. And tomorrow’s headlines will be… ‘Social worker Jaspal Rana’s son
arrested on charges of rape.’ Alright, I will appoint Pradhan
as defence lawyer. Nagesh will also get released. But after this entire episode… what about all the work I have done? I have put in 25 years to build
this reputation, what about that? There is one solution, Kamble. You rascal!
Got hot pants? What are you doing? What have you done! Didn’t you feel
ashamed to commit such a grave sin? I will kill you. Get out! How could you do such a crime? Did you think your father would save you? Dad, what are you doing? In our country,
women are considered to be goddesses. They’re worshipped. And you considered them
to be mere objects of passion! What are you doing?
– Fool. You fool! Your scoundrel! Mr. Rana, stop! I don’t care about you anymore. Kamble, don’t stop me!
I will not spare you! You don’t exist for me anymore! Dad, what are you doing? You’ve spoiled your father’s
name by committing such a crime. The society is more important
to me than my child. I won’t rest until you are dead. I will break all your bones. I will personally hand
you over to the police. What’re you doing, father? Dad! Inspector, here’s your culprit. He has committed a
heinous crime as rape. Treat him as an ordinary criminal. Forget that he is my son. He is not my son.
He cannot be my son! Mr. Rana, people use their position
to protect their friends & relatives. But you yourself handed your son
over to the police? It was necessary. Mr. Rana, you have done a great deed
by putting your son behind bars. Don’t say that.
I have done no great thing. I have just done my duty. When fingers were raised
on my son… I myself handed him
over to the police. I want it to set an
example for those boys… who commit crimes without fear
because of their father’s position. It’s not me, but Master Sachdanand
Agnihotri has done a great job. Who fearlessly raised his voice
against this injustice. Don’t take my pictures, please! If you have to take pictures, take
Master’s pictures and publish them. This truth loving man’s
face must reach every home. After handing over Nagesh to the
police, will you… What I have done
is with my honesty. Now I want even the police department
also to do it’s job diligently. Is Master home?
– You… Don’t worry. We have
not come here to arrest him. We want his signatures
on some papers. Call Master. What is the matter? Why have you
come here at such a late hour? Sorry to bother you, but we
are helpless, our job is such. Why are you standing?
Sit down. The police investigation
in the rape case has begun. I am handling that case. The statement you gave,
on it’s basis… the court will file a case in court. I need your signature.
– Where do I have to sign? Think again, Master.
This is a case of rape and murder Your signing the papers means
registering yourself… as an eye witness in the case. Maybe the investigation reaches
a stage where Nagesh is sentenced. But all this is not so easy. Because Nagesh
is Jaspal Rana’s son… who has power
and is very influential. I have seen many cases… where the witness is
harassed so much… that they prefer
to leave the case… but the police is
forced to hold on to them. I am only narrating my experience. Just a minute! Are you narrating
your experience, or scaring me? I spoke what I saw.
And I stick to my word. Tell me where I have to sign? Wait! Don’t sign. I have a feeling we will
get into big trouble. Patil! Put that down!
Have you come here for an encounter? If you fire accidentally,
someone here will die. Sorry. No, please don’t sign.
I am very scared. Gayatri, there is no need to worry.
No one can harm us. Those who have committed the crime
should be afraid. I know, but please don’t sign.
Even Vishal is not home… What will Vishal do?
He cannot stop me from signing. Yet, please don’t…
– Don’t talk nonsense! What is the matter, mom? They have come to take
your father’s statement. Stop him from signing.
I have a strange fear in me. He cannot stop me.
I will not back out. And instead of telling me anything,
make your mother understand. Don’t I have anything else in life
other than wiping your mother’s tears? Do you have any respect for me? Have I ever hurt you two
to make myself happy? Haven’t I fulfilled my
responsibilities as a father & husband? Don’t I have a right over
my views, my decision? My ego is my only wealth. Do you want
me to surrender it before those goons? Mom, she… But you don’t
take any hasty decision. If you don’t like her,
I’ll get another girl next Monday. No, she is the one.
That’s how I’d imagined her to be. What is your name, dear? Say it loudly One who sees you, will not
be able to take his eyes off. Now will you seek my blessings
if he tells you? Bless you. ”Look, my heart pounds” ”Look, my eyes flutter” ”Look, my heart pounds” ”Look, my heart pounds” ”A fire smolders in my breath” ”Look, my heart pounds” ”A fire smolders in my breath” ”It steals my sleep,
puts me in a daze” ”Her style is unique” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”Look. How rudely…” ”he talks to me,
holding my hand” ”Look. How rudely…” ”he talks to me,
holding my hand” ”He troubles me,
tries every way to woo me” ”He teases me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” ”She presses her
finger between her lips” ”She smiles and makes me go crazy” ”Why are you crazy about my style?” ”Why do you sigh over me?” ”Your cheeks are rosy,
your gait mesmerizing” ”When I see her, I’m awed” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”Don’t touch me after
trying to melt my heart” ”Oh no, I’m too smart” ”She speaks so curtly” ”And walks like a slithering snake” ”He’s mad, he’s after me” ”He’s desperate to get me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” ”Look, my heart pounds” ”A fire smolders in my breath” ”Look. How rudely…” ”he talks to me,
holding my hand” ”It steals my sleep,
puts me in a daze” ”He teases me” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” ”The Punjabi girl floors me” ”The Punjabi boy floors me” Vishal has not come yet.
– He has been told. He must be on his way.
Here, drink water. I don’t want water, I am fine. Don’t worry, Vishal will go to the
police station as soon as he comes. But they picked him
when he was eating. He was eating after
a day and a half. I’ll go to the police station.
I’ll have to go. Wonder where Vishal is.
I only will go. The police picked up your father.
– I know, mom. He has not eaten a morsel
since a day and a half. Just because he gave evidence,
he has put himself into trouble. Don’t worry, I’ll bring father home.
– Go soon. Master, this is the preparation
for the court’s first hearing. In law, one has to say and write
the same things many times. Write what? I have said that whenever
the police wants me, I will come. Why is the same thing
being repeated? Master, it is in your interest. It is possible you may fall sick, you
may not be fit on some hearing date. Don’t show me sympathy.
Concentrate on your investigation. Get them made again,
then I’ll sign them. Are you alright, father?
– Yes, I am fine. What way is this? How could you
bring my father here like this? We are only doing our duty.
– What duty? You barge into a witness’ house
anytime, pick him up… And then this statement.
When will this drama stop? This will continue
until the court’s verdict. And this is not drama,
it is the law’s working. Inspector…
– Keep quiet. You are right.
I understand your position. You should have thought of all this
before getting involved. He is old, a little crazy. Inspector!
– Don’t shout! It is you who is being rude. Is this
the way to talk to an elderly man? What will you do?
Put me behind bars? Vishal!
– Father, wait! I will carry forward
this investigation. You are too proud of
your uniform, aren’t you? It is not your fault, he has
gone crazy… You come with me! Come! It’s over.
You vented your anger on him. You think I enjoyed slapping him? Ask him why he created a situation
where I had to slap him. He actually got down to
fisticuffs with the police. What wrong did I do? They
were forcing you to sign papers. You were eating,
and they just came and picked you? But your behavior
in the police station? What was wrong about it? You were
being humiliated, which I couldn’t bear. If anything had happened today,
what would happen after that? Do you know the meaning of hitting
the police in the police station? Do you think before doing anything? Where do you think?
– Shut up, Vishal. Did you think before
going against that Rana? Did you think before signing the
statement about the incident you saw? Did you think what problems
your family could get into? Did you think?
– Vishal, keep quiet, and leave! I have realized today
that Vishal is a big boy now. Nagesh… son…
– Don’t call me son! Your son is dead. You killed him
to save your reputation. Stop your nonsense!
I have done nothing wrong. If I had not done that, I wouldn’t
have this position to save you today. One can do
everything with position. I can play any game now. You won’t be in
the lock-up for very long. You know Pradhan.
He has never lost a case. He is returning from America today. Pradhan, see this case differently. The verdict should come within 2-3
hearings, in our favour. The longer my son in jail, the
more trouble I’ll put everyone into. What appeal you make when… and how, is all your look out. Mr. Rana, even I am
upset about Nagesh. He is like my son. I will clear this case very soon. And anyway, people don’t
see in this city. If they do,
they don’t speak about it This is the first man
who sees and also talks. Mr. Rana, just do
what I am telling you. Master Sachdanand is a
straight, honest, truthful man. And most important,
he thinks with his heart. One who thinks with his heart,
you must hurt his brain. Why did you fire?
– I didn’t. Then why did the pigeons fly away?
– How do I know? Please look after yourself. After examining your mother, I feel
she will need regular treatment now. We’ll know other details
after the report comes in. Give these medicines to her
regularly. I’ll be going. Master, take oblation. Why did you give me a scorpion
instead of oblation? Did you notice? The priest gave me
a scorpion instead of oblation. What are you saying! There
is oblation fallen on the floor. One medicine is out of stock.
Rs. 140 for these. Master, why don’t you understand? Legal work has to be done
in a legal way. I understand, I am educated.
But the way you are troubling me… You are helping us.
Then why will we want to trouble you? And one needs courage
to do what you have done. But before taking the brave step,
did you think about it? What are you doing?
– We’ll escort you home. Why are you taking me through
the back door? You don’t need to escort me home,
I’ll manage. – Start the Jeep. – Okay. Coming.
– Go on. Hurry up. Okay. Why are you drinking and driving?
– Who is drunk, Master? I don’t drink. Why are you driving reverse?
– I am driving straight. Drive ahead! Drop me off here, I’ll manage. No Master, it is our
duty to drop you home. Here, you are home.
– You were unnecessarily worried. Get off, your home has arrived. The problems at home
are ruining my mother’s health. When I think of father,
even he is not wrong. But there are no people in the
police or law who support the truth. But father’s faith…
– I’m sure he will understand… if you convince him, Vishal. What he did for the
sake of humanity is okay. Now let the law decide who the culprit
is and what punishment he should get. It is their job. If every man did his job diligently,
this situation wouldn’t arise. A man who is honest
is being troubled. I am surrounded by many questions. On one hand is mom’s
deteriorating health. Wonder what turn father’s
fight is going to take. Your honour, before arguing on the
charge sheet against Nagesh Rana… I want to throw light
on the basis of this case. An NGO, to discuss the
rising crime rate in the city… organizes a meeting at Cross Maidan… which is attended by top officers of
the police, social workers… and also the Press. Mr. Jaspal Rana is invited as
chief guest for the meeting. When he is on stage
and giving a speech… a man comes there like a
film hero and accuses Mr. Rana. He blames him for the
rising crime in the city. To the extent, that he accuses
his son, Nagesh of rape and murder. He says he has seen Nagesh
and his friends pick a girl. Master Sachdanand staged
this drama on the stage. But it has to be cleared before
the court… whether an incident
has actually occurred or not. At 11 pm, on Worli Naka, where
thousands of people are around… since there is a taxi stand on the
left, a theater & hospital on the right. In such an atmosphere, some goons
forcibly put a girl in a jeep. None of the people present there
hear her screams, except Master. Only he saw this scene. But he didn’t lodge any complaint
in any police station. Maybe at that time he saw
the police helping Nagesh. Master took a wise decision. And like a common man… considered it better to keep
himself away from the incident. But the next day, at Cross Maiden,
his other facet came forward. A man who stops himself
from going to the police station… snatches the mike from Jaspal Rana
in the presence of thousands of people? I didn’t snatch it.
Jaspal Rana gave it to me. And this incident happened
a little away from Worli Naka. Your honour, there are some old
buildings to the left of the theater. The girl was brought
from those buildings. I am speaking the truth.
Whatever the circumstances… I have never lied. My Lord, I request permission
to cross examine Master. Permission granted. Master, as a teacher, how many
years did you spend in a school? About 11 years in Poornima school. Did you teach in any
other school before that? Yes, I taught in a government
school for four years. Why four years? How is this question
connected to this case? It’s a personal matter. What has the court got to do
with when and why I quit a job. You just answer the questions.
Leave the court’s join to the court. This is not just a case where
the life of a youth is involved. Even the reputation of a
renowned social worker is at stake. It will be better if you
answer my questions patiently. I will prove that my every question
is connected to this case. Now tell me, why did you work for
only 4 years in a government school? Because as a teacher, it was
embarrassing for me to see… what was happening there. The teachers there had
made education a business. They had opened
shop outside the school… and forced
students to take tuitions. When I protested,
I was troubled in many ways. Sick of it all, I resigned. Why did you quit Poornima school
after 11 years of service? I had a problem
with the principal there. It was difficult to save
my honour even there. But this time, you didn’t resign,
you were dismissed. Yes, you can say that. As per the school report… you were irresponsible and
careless about your work. For example,
you never gave the Hindi lecture. That happened only once. And I wasn’t doing anything wrong
missing from class. I’d gone to the peon’s house.
He was very sick. There was no one to look after him. So I had given him some medicines. And again, it also happened that
you left class… barged into the accounts department
got into a tiff with the head clerk… and you beat him up. Yes, that had happened. Because there was misappropriation
of Rs.500000… in the fund received from
the trust for school maintenance. And this money had been shared
with others along with the principal. The head clerk had a major hand
in this entire episode. When I hit him, he was drunk. A school employee
came to work drunk. If I hit him,
what wrong did I do? Should even I have
turned a blind eye like others? Don’t get upset Mr. Agnihotri.
– I am being troubled. The thoughts that trouble me,
that I want to forget about… in court, the same things… Let me tell you, I am being
troubled even outside court. My Lord, they are trying to shake up
my mental balance… A game is being played
with me since some days. When I feed pigeons, my
security guard fires a shot at them. The police takes me in the police
station through the back door. When I am escorted home,
the jeep is drove reverse. When I ask for oblation from the
priest, a scorpion is placed in my hand A game is being
played with me, My Lord. What were you trying to say? All that didn’t make sense.
That’s a court, father. They twist everything you say. You made a joke of yourself.
– Not me, of truth. What I said actually
happened with me. I am not mad. Whatever I said was right.
All the details I gave were correct. The case against the school
management ran for over two years. The judgment was given
on 13th April in my favour. Justice B. K Chaudhary was the judge.
I am not mad. You were born on a Saturday
at 2:37 pm. The same day when your mom’s
brother got married. Am I right? Yes. You failed your
Math exam in 10th, remember? I remember everything.
I keep all papers. Look! Liquor bottle? What I spoke in
court could be rubbish. Maybe age has made me go senile. But it is not possible
that I have started drinking? This bottle was placed
in my bag to trouble me. You don’t have to say
anything more now, father. Wait! You cannot go in.
– He is with me. You cannot go in. You were forbidden from coming in.
– ACP… Father! Now everything will
be done in my presence. What he’s asked,
what he’s made to sign, everything! We were waiting for you yesterday.
Where were you? Yesterday,
my mother fell ill all of a sudden. I called up the doctor. He wasn’t at home. So I had to take her to the hospital. She was admitted to the ICU.
But where were you? I was in Deepa bar. It was great fun. So you must’ve enjoyed a lot.
– She was too good! Inspector, weren’t you
the one… who gave the bag to my
father outside court that day? Yes. Then you only must have put
that liquor bottle in it. What are you trying to say? That you placed that
liquor bottle in the bag. Vishal, stop! Leave me! Look, it’s difficult for
Vishal to be released soon. The case is in a mess.
He has beaten the police. Atleast try.
– I’ll do that. But the chances are very few. Sir, my name is Sachdanand Agnihotri.
My case is in your court. I am the state witness.
I have helped the police. But some people have put my son
behind bars on fake murder charges. Just accept his bail application. Then let his case also run
in court, I don’t mind. I’ll be highly obliged. I cannot help you in this matter. We
don’t interfere in police investigation Sir, listen to me… I don’t have time. Let me go. Don’t tell me how much you have
broken the witness in this date. My son has been in
the lock-up since 13 days. The burden on my
conscience is killing me. Because I only thrashed him
and took him to the police station. This petty school teacher… a government slave who draws
a salary of Rs.2000 a month… is becoming a thorn in my side? Jaspal Rana’s side? He has become the eye witness
to the kidnapping of a girl. Despite knowing
my son had picked her? A petty Master! A petty Master,
is an eye witness… who witnessed all this himself. Kamble, remove Nagesh
from the lock-up for two hours. And only your trusted men
should know this. For tonight,
remove Master’s security cover. Will you tell me what you are up to? Now this case will be over
in the next hearing. This Master has a habit of
speaking out what he sees. What I show him, will be very
difficult for him to repeat in court. Father, please help me. Hurry up! Mom, drink milk.
You have to take medicines too. No dear, how many more
medicines will you give me? I am not so sick. It is five days since I saw Vishal. What do the lawyers say?
When will he be released? We are trying our best to get
him released at the earliest. We have even appealed in court.
He will be released soon. It is so late,
even my husband has not returned yet. What happened?
– Hello. Greetings, father. How are you, dear?
– I’m fine. What is the matter?
Something again… No, it’s nothing. I wasn’t doing anything important
at such a late hour. I was sitting in the garden.
I didn’t realize when I fell asleep. You didn’t realize
when you fell asleep? Don’t worry,
all this will end very soon. We have a court hearing tomorrow. Everything will be alright. You will be released soon. I met the judge at his bungalow. He is a very nice man. My case verdict will come today. Then I will do everything possible
to get you out on bail. I know a few good lawyers now. I will appoint a good lawyer
to fight your case. You used to play with my
watch when young. I had even recovered it
from your school bag one day. Remember I had slapped you for it? Since the past some days, this
watch has become lifeless for me. I am not able to
catch up with its movement. So you keep it. Maybe you can catch up with it. You’ll be released soon. Master, are you mentally
prepared for the court case today? I am fit and also ready.
Begin the proceedings. Here is the report
of the panel of doctors. I will talk about it later. It cannot be denied that a witness
is put to a lot of trouble in a case. So that the court doesn’t
do injustice… some matters have to
be repeated in court. Even I feel sad seeing tension
on the face of a teacher… standing in the witness box. Your honour, a teacher holds
an important place in my life. I was very naughty when young, and
it was a teacher who had reformed me. That teacher steered me to the
right path, that is why today… I respect every teacher. Being a man of law,
I am trying to protect law. On one hand, I am happy,
and on the other, I regret… that in this attempt,
a teacher is being put to trouble. So Master, I am placing before
the court what you saw, again today. I am repeating your statement.
On the night of 13th October… at 11 pm, you were passing
through Worli Naka… and heard a girl scream. You
saw some goons kidnapping a girl… and putting her in a police jeep. You
recognise one of them as Nagesh Rana. You even try to stop them.
But they don’t hear your voice. But how is this possible
that you hear the girl scream… but they don’t hear your voice? There was a reason for that too.
You had stated it, and it was right. Do you remember?
I’ll tell you. There was a railway track
where this incident happened. A train was passing by,
so your voice could not be heard. That’s right. You saw this incident happen
on the back road of Chitra theater. You were quite far away from Worli
Naka, to the right of the taxi stand. There was a temple there. Am I right?
Weren’t you standing near the temple? Were you standing near the temple? No, I was standing near the church. You are right.
You were standing near the church. The vehicle in which Nagesh and his
friends put the girl… was it a police jeep? I have said so a hundred times.
It was a police jeep! So your statement is at 11:30 pm,
you were passing… near the temple, I’m sorry, near the
church a little away from Worli Naka. You heard a girl scream. You saw some
goons taking a girl forcibly… from near the old buildings
near the railway tracks. You shouted and tried to stop them. But a train was passing by,
so your shouts could not be heard. The goons put the girl
in a jeep and left. Am I right?
Is everything what I said right? The girl screamed, you shouted, a
train passed by, your voice got muffled. The guys put the girl
in the ambulance and left? Want any change in this statement? Want any change?
– NO, everything happened like that. Think and tell. Was it an
ambulance in which the girl was put? Yes. But you just said
it was a police jeep. It will be better if you repeat
the whole incident before the court. I was passing through
Worli Naka at night. Give details.
What was the time? Go back and think. Where were you coming from? I got off the last local
train at Chembur. I passed the Naka to take a bus. You were passing through Worli Naka.
So you must not have got off… at Chembur station,
but at Mahalaxmi station. Yes, Mahalaxmi. Last train, means you got off at
about 12-12:30 at Mahalaxmi station. You reached Worli Naka at 1 pm.
Which means this incident happened… around 1 pm. Yes.
– But you have been saying… the incident occurred
between 11-11:30 pm. And if you were at Mahalaxmi station
at 11-11:30… then that train
was not the last train. I remember I got off at
Chembur station at 12: 27. No, I got of at Mahalaxmi. The question remains, on which train
you got off at what time and where. Anyway, at Worli Naka, where you
saw this whole incident happen… was there any building behind it?
– Yes, I was standing near a temple. It was not a temple, but a church.
You have made that statement. You sometimes get off at Mahalaxmi,
and sometimes at Chembur. At the time of incident, you are
sometimes standing near a church… and sometimes near a temple. The vehicle in which
the girl was put… is sometimes a police jeep,
and sometimes, an ambulance. You are taking so long in explaining
the incident to the court. When will the court know the exact
details of the incident that you saw. Changing your statement every time
makes it clear… you are out to hide
some mistake, some lie. I am not a liar! Everything
I have spoken is the truth. The vehicle I saw on 13th October
in which Nagesh and his men… kidnapped the girl was a police jeep. The incident happened at 11:30. There was a church
where this happened. But last night at 1 pm at
Chembur Naka… Nagesh picked a girl and
put her in an ambulance. There was a temple from
where I saw this incident. The two incidents are separate.
Do you understand that, Mr. Advocate? You mean you saw this
incident happen again last night? Yes! Nagesh picked up a girl again
last night at Chembur Naka? Yes! I don’t want to touch
this statement of Master. Nagesh is in the crime branch
lock-up under tight security… was seen by Master last night
at Chembur Naka. My Lord, to understand Master’s
mental state… I want to come to the
report kept on your table. The report clearly states that he
is suffering from mental illness. What do you mean?
– Just a minute! You will be given a chance to speak.
So please wait. My Lord, in such cases, the mental
condition of patients becomes such… that they begin to hallucinate. For example, a crowd is
watching a street show… but he feels
someone is being beaten. If they see someone running
to catch a train or bus… they feel someone
is trying to kill him. Such a man can imagine a rope
to be a snake and scream. He can imagine
a pen to be a revolver. And think the telephone ring
to be lightening… and shut all the
doors and windows of the house. For him, the identity
of everything changes. Such a man fears everything. Rope, snake, telephone, lightening,
everything is different. Master, tell me
what is in your pocket? I have understood your game. I have understood that
you want to prove in court… that Sachdanand Chaudhary,
who is standing here is a mad man. But I want to tell
you that I am not mad. I have said what I saw,
and I never lied in my life. Want to know what is in my pocket? I can even tell you
what’s in your pocket. I have this pen in my pocket
with which you write. I know there is a clock on that
wall and it’s 4:38 right now. I know that machine is a type writer. I know you speak into a phone
and write with a pen. I know that woman there is
my wife, and her name is Gayatri. The man sitting with her is my
son’s to-be father-in-law. I know my innocent son
is rotting in jail… is not being released. I know this is my specs cover,
and you want to prove me mad? I am not mad. I know this
is not a pen, but a revolver. And a man can die with it.
Want to know how? Want to know how?
Like this! ‘Truth always triumphs’ Your father was crazy. He created such circumstances
for me… that I had to beat up my own son. Your father is dead,
but his punishment is not over. It is said that until a son doesn’t
perform the final rites of his father his soul doesn’t get salvation. And I have made such arrangements… that you won’t be able
to perform Master’s final rites. As per court orders… The son of a petty school
master has hot blood? I never expected this. Kamble, cool him. What are you doing? Why are they taking him? Why has my son not come? Let my son come. Calm down. What are you saying, Mr. Kamble? A son cannot perform
his father’s last rites? Come on, hurry up! Stop! I said the final rites won’t
be performed until my son comes. Mr. Kamble, Vishal is the
only son of Master. Doesn’t your court
know that a father’s… Look Mr. Giri, the court orders
are in Vishal’s interest. Police has information that
some goons want to kill him. There could be riots in the city
if he is released. We have orders to perform Master’s
last rites before 7… under police security. I don’t like all this, but I
am helpless. I have to do my duty. Right! Absolutely right.
You do your duty. Cremate him.
Cremate him as per court orders. He deserves this! His son should
not perform his final rites. The man who was honest
should be punished. Take, cremate him.
He deserves this! But Kamble! It is not only
Master who will turn to ash. But the fire of anger of my son
will turn everyone… from Jaspal Rana to you,
to ash! Ash! All the wounds were on his head.
We have cleaned them. I have prescribed some medicines.
Get these for him. Mr. Rana. Don’t you dare remove that letter!
– I was only removing my handkerchief. See what trick my elder brother
has played this time. My niece cannot get married
until I sell that land. I cannot sell the land and
hurt my late grandfather’s soul. It is ancestral land.
– What land? That same two and a half
acres of land. My brother has sent a letter again.
Shall I show… No! Is it… is it! Mr. Rana,
Vishal has escaped from jail! Is it? Mr. Kamble, you must be very
happy to give me this news. So criminals have
begun to escape from jail? How many times had I told you
to keep strict vigil on Vishal. Where is Nagesh? ”They are after me” ”They are after me” ”They are after me” ”Some boys are standing before me,
and some behind me” ”Some are standing on the terrace,
and some below” ”They are after me” ”They are after me” ”Look how many crazy men are here” ”So many guys for one girl” ”How do I hide my beauty?” ”How do I save myself?” ”How do I explain to them,
they are crazy” ”Some are standing on the terrace,
and some below” ”They are after me” ”They are after me” ”I am only 17 yet” ”My naive youth is in danger here” ”Some attack with me with their eyes” ”Some love me secretly” ”How do I escape,
the are so many here” ”Some are standing on the terrace,
and some below” ”They are after me…” ”They are after me” ”Some boys are standing before me,
and some behind me” ”Some are standing on the terrace,
and some below” ”They are after me” ”They are after me” ”They are after me” ”They are after me” Shoot at sight orders have
been given for Vishal, Mr. Rana Within 24 hours, Vishal’s body
will be before you. I have killed your Nagesh. What! ! I could not perform my father’s
final rites because of you. But you will see
your son being cremated. What nonsense are you talking! I didn’t want to defile
the crematorium… by cremating Nagesh’s
body in there. I have cremated him
near a gutter in Kapaswadi. Rana, if you reach in time,
you’ll see the fire. If you delay, you’ll get ash. What happened, Mr. Rana?
What fire is this? This is not a fire,
it is Nagesh. I’d told him the first day itself
not to feel shy, just do it. He even takes a joke seriously.
– That’s how he is. He’s like that. If he had
four legs, ask him the answer. You are right, even four… How are you Mr. Pradhan? Won’t you
introduce me to your family? Yes, sure. He is my elder son, Vinod.
He is a doctor in America. She is my elder daughter-in-law.
He is my younger son. He’s planning to put
up a factory in Patna. She’s my wife. He… he’s my son grandson, Rinku. Rinku, my name is Vishal. I am your grandfather’s client.
He has put me in a dilemma. I don’t know its outcome. Do you know how
your grandfather is? I’ll tell you. He has made a name for himself
in the world of justice. He wins every case. He exposes truth and lies in minutes. No judge gives verdict
against his arguments. He is such a good man, he
doesn’t like being praised. Go to your room. Why Mr. Pradhan, sweating
after hearing your own praises? Shut-up!
No one will scream! I heard my mom lost her
voice when my father died. A teacher had
reformed you in childhood. It was because of him
your course of life changed. And mine changed
because of a lawyer. Forgive me. He has cut the phone line. And also closed
the doors from outside. Forgive me.
– No, Mr. Pradhan. A man who raises his finger in court
and speaks with confidence… how can he fold
his hands and apologise? It doesn’t seem right. Don’t beat me.
I will say in court… You will never be
able to see court now. You look human,
but you are something else. You are different from this world. And I am different. Want to see? Look, my blood is red. Your blood cannot be red. Famous lawyer Ashok Pradhan,
a gold medalist… is no more. No! While performing your
father’s final rites… fit this in your heart and brain… that you are shouldering not your
father’s coffin, but sin. Hello Kamble, Nagesh here.
– Who? Nagesh!
– Who Nagesh? Nagesh! I am alive! Nagesh, you are alive?
– Yes! Where are you calling from? From some place
near the sea in Colaba. Don’t worry Nagesh, I am coming. Just tell me where he is.
– He is not here right now. He’s gone out to get food.
I am very scared. Please come soon. Don’t worry, I’m coming. Kamble!
– Upstairs! Kamesh, hurry!
Open his ropes. Mr. Rana, Patil here. Vishal is
here drinking tea in National hotel. Stop! I saw Nagesh in the taxi.
Stop the car! I cannot stop,
there are cars behind. Stop the car! Why did you stop here?
Move! Stop that taxi! Nagesh, my son! Stop the taxi! Stop the taxi! Stop the taxi! Remember what you
had told me in jail? Vishal Agnihotri, I have
made such arrangements… that you will not be able to perform
the final rites of your father. Remember? What do you think of my arrangement? Scoundrel! I don’t want to die with you!
Help! If I want to save myself,
I must get out. Mr. Rana is finished! Take, kill him! Yes, I’m coming. Move! Darling, we are late. Mr. Vishal, after knowing your
side of the story… the Committee has reached
a verdict… that your life sentence
should be reduced to four years. Don’t reduce my sentence. Don’t! You won’t do anything great
in reducing my sentence. If you want to do something,
create such circumstances… that another Vishal doesn’t
sit here and embarrass you again. Reduce my sentence indeed! Reduce my sentence indeed!

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