Rise of Shadows Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

So, you’re probably wondering
why I’ve gathered you here. Let me take a moment
and break it down. We’ve been given black eyes
by the “good guys” Oh..But that’s about to change. Those meddlesome mortals who’ve mucked up our missions will finally feel some of our pain. You see, I have a devious plan That requires a demonstrative fist. And each of you will have
your dreams come true as a fiendish finger of this! What? Alright, let me try this again. Alone all our dreams went… Ka-boom? Yes! But united we’ll take… Take all the candles? No, think bigger! I’m seeing what you want to do Let me hear it! We’ll come together
so we can dismantle! Now here’s the plot to capture
your greed and intrigue… We’ll take Dalaran for
all that it’s got… as we form
an Evil League!

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38 thoughts on “Rise of Shadows Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

  1. This was horrible, wasn't this supposed to show something evil?Stop treating us like we are a bunch of 12 years old.

  2. 개병신 같네

    오버워치 하려는데 계속 어떤 좆도 아닌 붕대 감은 병신같은 새끼가 개병신새끼 마냥 내려오고 지랄~

    이게 멋있다고 만들었나? 쎈스 씨바ㅋ 존나 어이 터뜨리네. 오버워치 없었으면 이미 한국에서 생매장 됐다. 찐따새끼 내려올때 진짜 개병신같다ㅉ 멋있다고 생각하고 영상 메인에 갖다박았을 거 아녀ㅉ
    좆도 아닌 거 같고 존나 거슬리게 씨이발

  3. We can see how the view count has dropped steadily as each expansion comes out, proves that this game is done for.

  4. I love this expansion, they keep giving you packs from OLDer xpacs. Cant wait for the next xpac is out so I can get flooded with RoS packs ….

  5. This song sounds like it was composed by someone who was trying not to think about "Be prepared" (from the Lion King).

  6. Hearthstone makes you forget that Azeroth is technically facing a war with themselves and a bunch of monsters. XD

  7. I guess when the said those mortals that mocked up their missions would feel their rage

    He meant that very clearly

    I guess they’re NOT gonna be rich after the league of E.V.I.L is done with them


    80's music resonates in the desert

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