Real-Time Animal Eye AF and Tracking: Animal Photography | Sony Alpha Universe

I’ve dog named Loki and I take photos of
him around the country and doing a lot of outdoor activities. Almost six years now, I’ve had an Instagram for him
and it blew up. He has two million followers now. At first, it was just photos from my phone
and I upgraded to a7rIII. When Animal Eye AF came out,
honestly it was transformational. It’s the most revolutionary thing I’ve ever used in any sort of camera ever for capturing and telling the story of Loki. He’s constantly moving, he doesn’t necessarily
always stay still. He has a half blue half brown eye and
I’m always trying to focus on that eye. With Animal Eye Autofocus, it’s so easy and it just it
tracks him so much better than I thought and farther away than I thought
I would have been able to track him.

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