Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

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21 thoughts on “Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

  1. In the US, the realtor always represents both sides of the deal. I don't see any reason why each party needs their own realtor. That's odd to me.

  2. WTF Marketplace. people be doing wrong crap and screwing people over and "were gonna keep the names to ourselves"… I wouldn't be surprised if you were working with some of the corrupt organizations.

  3. Sale deals that clients have agents who works at the same office are also common and conflictual. Agents share infos that should not be revealed !

  4. I would not like to bid because you might rush your decision. And btw how do they decide when the person will be moving out while bidding?

  5. They won't do jack….pass the buck around n do nothing but collect from fees charged to become realtors…..
    never understood their need!! lazy folks who reap where they never sow

  6. Oh. I guess each country has a different set of rules.
    In my country, agents can only take 3% fees base on the house price from home owners. We don’t charges anything from the buyers unless buyers requested us to find a very specific house and location.
    And the house price is display to public

  7. Amazing show. I cant beleive gov is just trying to dismiss this like its nothing. Bs. Too much trust in gov. People need to unify and protest.

  8. Everything like this is normal when Greed is the norm of the day. Politicians and policy makers don’t give a damn to what common people’s problems are.

    If they just increased the fines substantially to $50,000 from $5,000 and suspend their Real Estate licenses for anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the nature of their “financial crimes” things might be improved.

    But the people in power won’t ever let that happen as they’ve vested interests in keeping the status quo!!

  9. Cant you sell a place without a agent in Canada? The places are hot. The only thing is that you have to let it know that you are selling. Ain’t no rocket science

  10. For those who have a million to spend on a house…. I couldn't care less if they get gouged a few grand. But hey, you can always move to Australia as they said! After all, most of us can pick up and move whenever we want depending on the market. 😀

    If you wanna play the game, you get hit by the cheaters. Sell the house yourself if it is an issue…. realtors are vampires.

  11. At this point, I am pretty sure the word "capitalism" comes from the word "to capitalize on". CBC pretty much covered everything. Are you uneducated about a given subject? Amazing! Old? Perfect! Sick? Even better! Disadvantaged? You bet we'll take advantage of that! Wherever there's money to be made, no matter the principal or ethical cost, they're sure to capitalize on it…

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