RAYSCORRUPTEDMIND on Becoming Travis Scott’s Personal Photographer

It’s crazy because my first concert
ever was a Travis Scott concert so it’s pretty crazy that I’m
his main photographer now, it just shows like you can really do anything
you want yo ray yeah I literally moved here
from where I’m from and I knew nobody like I practiced my photos like with him,
it was a all manual camera so, I knew nothing, I didn’t go to school for
photography, nothing, so I know nothing about settings ISO anything. So nobody
would want to shoot with me except Osiris he would always be like,
‘I want to shoot with you, I don’t care about anybody else, let’s keep shooting
shit’ and I remember one day I was with Ian, Ian Connor was like, ‘Yo, pull up
with me let’s just shoot today’ and then I just shot him and then after that, it
was just like more people started hitting me up and we went to
Atlanta and [Playboi] Carti was there after he dropped ‘Broke Boi’ and everything i used to just see him here and there and then one day he’s just like ‘Yo what are you doing
tomorrow?’ and I was like ‘Shit nothing, I’m free why what’s up?’ and he sent me a
flight like ‘Yo come on tour with me’ Travis was the, it was the most randomest thing he
like sent my manager a picture of me it and was like ‘I want to meet this kid’ like
when I seen that was like ‘wow this is like crazy like this is happening like
I’m from like a little ass town’ and then my manager showed me and I was like holy
shit like what does he want to do this and then he was like tomorrow hold that just keep doing that i dont really talk much to people like if I’m in the room I’m probably
quietest person in the room you know I’m saying there’s sometimes like I just
meet people first like there’s been times where I’ve been in a room and I don’t even
shoot and I’m just there just to like catch the vibe first and then like
they’ll invite me like the next day and be like let’s shoot today you know I’m
saying some of these kids dont understand like they wonder why like they don’t
have like a bond with these people because like they’ll take a picture of
them looking crazy and post it just to have them like people who I take photos
of these you tell me like yo your photos are like the best of me I ever seen let’s get a little more laying down with
the ball everytime i do big shoots shoots they’re like what is like your rider
like what do you need I’m just like nothing I’ll just pull up like some
water and candy that’s all I really need it doesnt matter about the camera its really about how you think you’re gonna shoot
it i work with osiris and imran because like they’re as raw
as it gets, it’s like if we like it we’re gunna do it and then if u like it, then you like it you know what im saying we just do what we like to do yo double flip real quick? in platforms? the NBA, Nike shoot I got
on a call with it was like all of us in there like yeah so this campaigns
basically based off your Instagram I was whoa thats insane they were like yeah like we want the thing to look like your Instagram like aesthetic wise color
wise everything I told them on the phone can you repeat that? like i didnt believe they said that and then everybody started laughing where you at shit I’m doing this HYPEBEAST
thing right now they about to record me seeing my billboard
where you at oh dope thats sick its over here right I didn’t even like this photo at first and then I sent it and i was like i like it yeah I know, i think theres more, these are crazy I’m not from New York I’m a kid from
like a little town I just moved here knowing nobody and now I have like
billboards all over New York for everybody to see like my photo is
like amazing like it’s amazing feeling it makes you like to show that actually
things do happen its like real, New York City in front of Madison Square i remember us in the same crib just chillin playing
video games and then like plottin on like ideas and shit that and then to see shit come alive like this is like great kids look up to me so for them to see that I’m getting
billboards is like, shows that if I can do it they can do it too which is true
if I can do it they can do it just as much even better probably you can’t be doing things thinking about if I do this am I gonna meet this person
because then you’re not going to like you’re doing something cuz you like
doing it life is gonna reward you like you just have to shoot because you like shooting, and then things will come

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100 thoughts on “RAYSCORRUPTEDMIND on Becoming Travis Scott’s Personal Photographer

  1. The only thing that separates a dumbass with a camera and travis scotts personal photographer is that one of them forced themselves to move out of state and was in the right place at the right time. I hate all this 'Yo dawg i was chillin like a villain and all a suddeN PLAYBOI CARTI PICKS ME UP IN THE SUV LIKE SKRRT' like no that didnt happen out of nowhere.

  2. He's lucky , there actually nothing special about his photos but today's society it's clout- who you know vs actual talent

  3. Can say what you want this guy brings his own personality and style to the table gotta respect it !

  4. Lol, he’s hella goofy. He’s definitely a industry plant just like Travis. Both of these guy went to a new city and knew NOBODY but somehow gets connected to rappers and well connected people

  5. If humans can be trash, this is it… I'm mean like, it is like the time like,..naahh I donno like you know? WTF !!!

  6. Majority of the comments on here are just tryna roast the dude.. Yet he probably has more money than all of you weak commenters combined. 😂👎

  7. Man, I do photography and honestly this the dream bro. Shooting for artist I love and creative minds just making art would be mad cool.

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