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So, welcome to another street photography
videos. This time it’s the rainy evening edition which
is pretty great because as you guys know, especially if you follow my instagram I really
really love rainy evenings because you get all the reflections everywhere and it looks
great. But anyways, today we are in the area between
Dongdaemun and Jongro. I don’t really talk about it very often because
it is more like an area in between, but there’s lots of little alleyways where you can take
all these beautiful photos and it’s not like Jongro where you have lots of neon lights
everywhere. It’s more like dark alleys with some dotted
Neon signs and actually that works out great because the photos look beautiful and yeah
if this is your first time on my channel, welcome and I hope I will not disappoint you
with my photography and please be sure to hit that like and subscribe. So let’s get to it. Like I said, right now we are in Jongro. We’re in the alleyways. We’re walking towards Dongdaemun. There’s a lot of backalleys streets here I
think I can get lost all evening. And hopefully I will find the kind of shots
that I am looking for. Actually, like I said… In my previous video, I made a video about
scouting and looking for one particular alley which is the red light alley. I didn’t know it was a red light alley at
the time but anyways you can check out the video up ahead. But that’s my ultimate destination because
I really visualize that that picture is going to look really nice with these like rainy
streets so that is our goal. But for now let’s keep shooting and if you
have a comment please write it below. Hit the like button because it helps me and
subscribe if you haven’t. Yeah. So right now we’re like in a real nice alleyway
with a lot of Neon. I’m waiting for people to come by but since
this is a really remote alley there’s not too many people and we have to play the photography
waiting game and if you don’t know what that is it’s basically where you kind of camp at
a spot an you wait for someone to come by to walk into your frame and then you can take
the picture. Sometimes you can be here a long time like
my previous video I was there for like two hours but right now I think it’s still early
so we might get some more people. Alright so, actually right now I’m taking
kind of a little break under this tarp. Protecting me from the rain. But I wanted to take this time to talk to
you guys about this channel because I’m still trying to figure out which direction I want
to take my channel. I know there’s so many photography channels
and it’s so hard to like stand out. They do like gear reviews, they do awesome
editing and all that and I feel like I have no chance to stand out but I am kind of liking
the simple vlogs like where I go out and shoot and these videos are more about shooting and
much less about me. You know I want to show you guys the process
of shooting and if I do some kind of tutorial it’s like how I do things and not trying to
do some other way. Cuz I know there’s people who dedicate their
channel to like photoshop or Adobe lightroom and I am not trying to do that, I am just
trying to show you how I shoot right? And I appreciate your feedback. If this is your first time on my channel,
please be sure to hit the like and subscribe because you know that helps my channel out
a lot. And yeah let’s get back to shooting.

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15 thoughts on “Rainy Street Photography – Noealz

  1. Your videos make for a very immersive viewing experience… and backed by your commentary, it makes us feel like we're right there… walking with you through the streets and alleys of Seoul… taking in all the sights, and smells & flavours too (referring to the Scouting For Location video).
    Thank you, and we wish you all the very best πŸ™‚

  2. Γ― always love shooting in the rain.
    people are distract even more and care less about their photo being taken!
    thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. βœ… Websites

    Wallpapers: http://www.noealz.com

    Prints: https://www.society6.com/noealz

    Donations: paypal.me/noealz

  4. Can I ask if you actually shoot during rain or after it stops. If during what do you use to keep your gear dry. Keep up the good work.

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