Q&A – What damage does “nut grass” do to Bermuda lawns?

– “What damage does nut grass
do to bermuda lawns? “I’ve heard it is
destructive to a lawn, “I’ve been fighting it with
Image for several years. “My dad used a banned
product”– I like that, a banned product,
“what can I do? “I’ve heard to move
off, and leave it. “Can’t do that yet. “My next door neighbor
has a larger crop than I. They are not yard people.” – Uh-oh. – “I feel doomed.” And this is from
Miss Linda in Munford. So they are not yard people. – Yeah. – She feels doomed. [laughter] – Wonder if you could
talk them into letting them control their nut sedge. – Yeah. – I would. I would just do it. Can I come over there? – Yeah, can I
spray your yard too. – Can I help you out with this. So what damage does nut sedge
do to bermuda lawns though? – It doesn’t do anything,
it’s just competition for space. – Yeah. – So if you grow a
thick stand of grass, that would help. – Yeah, so maybe switch
to some zoysia grass, it’s a tighter grass. – (Chris)
That’s a lot thicker. – That’s a lot thicker. That might help. – Nut sedge is tough. – It is tough. You know, if you pull it up it
breaks off the little bulblets in there–
– (Chris) It’s tough. – And it can re-seed as well,
and it spreads and it does look weedy. – It does. – You know, Image is what you
would probably use to control– – (Chris)
Image is what, she’s using the right product,
but it’s going to take several years before you get the
control that you’re looking for. – (Carol)
That’s true. – Right. – And if the neighbors– – Aren’t helping. [chuckles] – Their’s is going to seed,
you know, so rain, water, it will blow it over. – If they don’t like to use
chemicals at the neighbors, maybe they could let them
come in and dig it out, or put some black
plastic over it, or do something else. – (Joellen)
Try to get it. – Try to get it, but yeah,
it’s going to come back. – Tough. Tubers, or nutlets. – Lot of carbohydrates. – Something else
too, though, yeah, lot of carbohydrates. But guess what,
nut sedges, or nut grass likes moist conditions. – True. – So check your drainage, make
sure you have proper drainage. – Good point. – Address that issue, then
that nut sedge may go away. But it is tough. – It is. – It is tough. – Wonder how big a patch. Could you just put a big
container right over it? [laughter]
– And cover it up. – Boom. – Right there. – Won’t get light
through the container. – Some black plastic, over it–
– Black plastic, yeah. – In sections,
you could move the, I’ve known people to do that,
take a large section of black plastic, and put it
over one section, leave it there for awhile, and
then move it to another section. For some reason, the
bermuda grass lives, but the nut grass,
some of it will live, but not all of it. – Well and bermuda grass
will race right back in. – It will cover it
up, without a doubt. – I’ve seen people
do that too, so. – Alright. – Image is really
the best way to go. – Image is the
best way to do it, I mean there’s another
product that’s expensive is Sedgehammer. – That’s right. – Which is halosulfuron
is the active ingredient, but it’s expensive. But Image. Just give it a couple
of years, it will work. – When do the neighbors leave? [Chris laughs]
– I didn’t say that, I didn’t say that. Check their schedule. [Joellen laughs]
– Alright Miss Linda, be careful with that. But I would knock on their door
and just ask if I could help control that for them.

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