Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs

Let’s shift to the arts and culture scene
in Seoul, where a photo exhibition has recently opened.
Our Yim Yoonhee joins us for a closer look. Good afternoon, Yoonhee. Good afternoon I heard that this is a photo exhibition featuring
Pulitzer Prize winners. That’s right. The highly esteemed Pulitzer
Prize is awarded annually by the Pulitzer Prize Board to recognize those who excel in
journalism and the arts. The photography branch of the award is usually
chosen the year after a photo is taken,… and you’ll see in just a little bit that each
of these pictures,… as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words.
Take a look. [VIDEO IN]
With the click of a button, a moment in time is captured, and forever preserved,… to
be remembered by those within the image, but
also to be shared with the rest of the world. That’s the motto here,… almost 50 years
of history to be shared, as winners of the esteemed Pulitzer Prize. “Joseph Pulitzer was a legend in journalism,
and before passing, he created a will, so that people would be recognized and awarded
within journalism. A portion of the money he allotted was put towards putting assembling
this photojournalist gallery, and through this exhibition you can see the biggest events
of the year, for example this year you can see the major events of 2013.” There are over 230 different pictures, illustrating
the last 50 or so years of our civilization,… years of war and disaster,… family and love.
The exhibition has made its round in Korea before, but this time, they’ve expanded, bringing
in additional works from the winning artists. They’ve created series of events through their
pictures, where the viewer can get not just a glimpse of a moment, but a look at a time.
Even video interviews have been included, sharing the story of the artist, and more
importantly the story behind their winning works.
Between the categories of “breaking news” and “feature photography,” the stories here
range across the scope. “In 1942, the prize was first awarded, then
in 1968 they started awarding two prizes for photography. These are this year’s winners,
and here you can see a victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing. This man was waiting for
his girlfriend at the finish line, and then the attack happened, so he lost both legs.
But the beautiful thing is his girlfriend waited for him after, and now they’re married.
It’s interesting how this picture at first glance looks like Jesus on the cross.” It’s not just the pros that are accepted into
this hall of fame. This picture shows a fireman, rescuing this
child,… a picture taken by your everyday heroes,… because it’s everyone’s world to
share, and it’s everyone’s moment to capture. These are incredible photographs that really
tell the story of people from around the world. What else does this exhibition feature? Actually, they have videos at the exhibition
explaining the stories behind the images. It’s an interview with the photographer and
it explains what happened leading up to the photograph and how the moment was captured.
It’s a unique aspect of this exhibition that you wouldn’t be able to see elsewhere — say,
online. Now with the two categories, “Breaking News”
and “Feature Photography,” I noticed there were a few pictures of war, including the
Korean War. Right. In fact, this exhibition has a special
feature, which is a side exhibition with photographs of the Korean War by Pulitzer Prize-winning
photographer Max Desfor. And in honor of the Korean War, 45 additional
photographs by Desfor are being exhibited. Titled “The Forgotten War,” the exhibition
captures the people and their lives here in Korea.
One of the most chilling photographs of the exhibition is of of a prisoner of war, with
his hands bound, covered in snow. You can see the small hole where he was probably
struggling to breathe, but the picture captures this haunting moment of death, something that
was all too familiar across the nation at the time. Very powerful images.
Now, you mentioned that this isn’t the first time the exhibition has been here. Right. This touring
exhibition has come to Korea since 1998, and
has attracted record-breaking crowds. This year, they are expecting to attract a
large crowd again, as these pictures are some of the strongest images in the world. And you have until September to catch them.
Thank you for that report. Always a pleasure.

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