Product Photography: Commercial Jewellery Photography

The difficulty with rings is lighting
that they reflect everything absolutely everything the base surface the top
surface the side everything – how do you combat that? We’re going to need some
hard light to bring out some sparkle on these gemstones and those broad tones of
metal need to be filled in with big broad gradient lighting so having this
here but what we’re going to need… I’ve got my camera with a 100mm lens so I’m
actually going to shoot the back of the watch really simple lighting setup
interestingly looking at only one light we’ve only got one light on this product
shoot you’ve also got some matte acrylic cut here into the squares I’m going to
walk you through the execution of a focus stack I’ve got the watch on a
beautiful charcoal burnt piece of wood we can capture all these tiny little
cults and movements and details I can see lots and lots of sparkles off those
diamonds because I have a point light source hitting those diamonds so we’re
going to get this little speck of light you can see me throwing in there so the
diamonds are getting lifted so just stuck a little white blue tack purely to
bounce some light back up through we’ll show you exactly how I’m going to
put that image together and finish it off so you can see the lovely gradation
in the bracelet here and here you can see the effect it’s having there that’s
doing the light on the right hand side there that is a bare bulb light source
through the scrim because it gives us a beautiful gradation of light on glossy
metalwork it’s just paint away the reflector when you change the focus of
the image there is a slight shift in magnification edit down to auto blend
layers that’s without it and that’s with it… look at that extra bite that
lovely extra bite we’re getting

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17 thoughts on “Product Photography: Commercial Jewellery Photography

  1. A really well done vlog love that Charcoal with the jewellery, and more than that your Hasselblad medium format camera, I have a Bronica S2A medium format film camera myself and love what it produces, mind you it was a fraction of the price of your one there.

    The image quality you achieve is staggering with that set up you did there. I enjoy watching and learning Karl.

  2. Searching for product and jewellery Photography it could be a challenge. You are bringing a true professional aspect in this field. I am getting ready to sign up with your educational site. However, I am particularly interested not only in those hero shots, but also for my jewellery site, I would like to know if you have any lessons to photograph 100s or even 1000s of items for my website. Can you tell me if you have something for me to achieve uniform, repetitive settings for Plain sterling silver as well as for gems and sparkly stones. Thank you in advance. I have a 5D Mark III, 100 mm macro and 3 studio strobe lights (2: 300W and 1: 600W) Thank you in advance. Daniel

  3. Pretty good results. The focus stack on the rings should be detailed (plus 4-5 shots) smaller focus steps, so you can get rid of the stacking artifacts. Also (I don't know if it is possible with HB cameras) you should focus step tethered therefore you can minimize the camera movement, which I can clearly see while you are jumping with the images. Also there are a few dirty secret 1-click things in post what helps these kind of products pop like crazy.

  4. Really you have a $30,000 Hasselblad digital camera and you expect anybody to take pictures like you have! Total ego bullshit video! A fool is born every day!

  5. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t read this but the manipulation of photo shop to any piece of jewellery is horse shit! That’s the reason why landscape artist all of them everyone manipulate everything and doesn’t show the true picture of anything! Photography now days is bullshit you can manipulate any portrait you can correct your mistakes everything if you are a great photo shop artist then you can make tons of money faking a product!

  6. You are a real inspiration Karl. Enjoy seeing the passion you have for your craft. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

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