Plasma TV Repair – No Image, No Picture on Plasma TV Screen – How to Replace Y-Buffer & Y-Sustain

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42 thoughts on “Plasma TV Repair – No Image, No Picture on Plasma TV Screen – How to Replace Y-Buffer & Y-Sustain

  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have the F8500 from 2013. It blinks only but does not show a picture. At times you can hear audio but no image. This used to happen less and I can see the image and audio but now it doesn't turn on at all. Just the blinking red led. What parts do I need? Thanks.

  2. LGE PDP 120-330 board 42T4_YSUS with a loud popping noise. Tv has sound but no picture. Kind of leery about messing with it since there’s HIGH VOLTAGE WARNINGS on it lol

  3. Should i replace the y sustain board if the glass is cracked but hasnt penetrated to the plasma? Panasonic hd plasma TCP50x60

  4. It's a contex brand plasma tv and problem is it's turn on but it's not showing anything on the display

  5. Hi, i have a Samsung PN50B530S2FXZA, it's about 8 years old, and i was watching it the other day, and picture simply went blank, sound is still good, just no picture. From watching your video, sounds like i need a new Y-sustain and Y buffer boards. Any advise? thanks

  6. No picture but I have sound . Tv would turn off and take forever to turn on samsung pn60f5350bfxza help please would like to order part asap

  7. Have a Samsung PN64D8000FF bought new in 2011. Does not get much use but now picture goes from fine to black in a blink after about 30 to 60 minutes. Turning off and back on buys you about another 30 minutes until if goes out again. Sound continues uninterrupted while picture is out. Power light stays out – no blinking. Can this be fixed with a board swap?

  8. My tv works fine but I don’t see any picture but hear sound please help me I’m only 19 and don’t have the money to buy a new tv

  9. I have a lg 60pv250 with a very dark dimmed screen any ideas what may be the issues with my TV. Please help

  10. Hello my Samsung 32 Inc boots on, but refuse to display, making popping sound.
    Samsung (model code: UA32EH4006ZXXY
    Version No: TH02) 32inches plasma what should I do

  11. pn51e530a3f Samsung plasma has tiny scratch at 45 degree angle from the bottom right corner and doesn't display picture. Is in brand new condition and when turned on the red light blinks a few times then gives up with a home sound effect

  12. Mine is the PS43E450A1R i m facing no display and red light keeps on blinking and tv turning on sound coming after some cycles what to do?

  13. hi, I have a Lg plasma TV 60pg60f-ua . On the upper right part of the screen there is a white square with colored lines going down in it. Rest of the screen is showing fine. On and off just find, no blinking lights or such. Where would I look first or most likely problem to check. could it be the logic control board or main board ? Power board is fine, Ran a meter on things and I just cant locate the problem. Didn't find any thing wrong on the YSUS board or the ZSUS board. Ribbons seem fine, looked at the ends of them all and reseed them in place. Any directions you could give me to look for or test ? Thank you.

  14. Lg 60ps11 plasma. The picture will come on for a little bit (varies on how long) then it goes black but the sound still plays. What could be the problem? Sometime it’s only seconds before it goes black but the sound always plays

  15. I picked up a Samsung Plasma Model# PS42B4302D from my friend. This unit had multiple issues. Pretty much all the boards, i.e. Y-Sus, X-Sus, buffer boards had blown up MOSFETs and diodes. I have been repairing electronic gadgets and computers for a few years, but I have never encountered a device with so many faults.

    Ideally, I should have abandoned the repairs and recycled this TV, but something prompted me to troubleshoot. And guess what, after changing the MOSFETS and other SMD diodes the TV is powering up with constant voltage (VS: 207VDC and VA: 54VDC ) readings.

    However, I noticed that the set displays the OSD, but as soon as on pressing any button on the menu, the TV shuts down. If I don't do anything, then OSD keeps on showing and the voltages are constant. I believe the logic board has some issues as well. Since I don't have the schematic for this Plasma, I am wondering if you can shed some light on which SMD component can be suspect? Repairing this TV has become fun, but wasting more time on it is not worth it.

    I am thankful to anyone in advance for advising me on what I should do next.

  16. Tengo un samsung S42AX=YB09 y empezo hacer mucho ruido y la imagen distorsionada lo quite de la corriente despues de 3 horas y trabajaba bien hasta que se quedo sin imagen y sin sonido y ahora esta con el stand by estatico y al ponerlo en la corriente se siente unos clik y no enciende y despues se queda en el stand by estatico .
    Gracias espero su ayuda si pueden

  17. Soy yo otra vez jose lvarez ahora hice las prubas de quitqr la coneccion de las placas X-y Y y siguue haciendo los click entones quite la Main Board y no hizo nada .Que puede ser?

  18. Hello! I have Samsung Plasma PS43E490B3R model tv. I have no picture on screen problem and I found in Y-sustain board IGBT (FGD4536) short problem,I replaced the same but again it burnt with spark…I also checked power supply board and found VS voltage 130v which should be 210v and VA also observed 130 which should be 58v..pls help me to over come from this problem

  19. my samsung plasma tv got poping sound then the screen turn black. but have sound. my model tv is PS43E451. what items need to change and where should i buy ? thank you very much.

  20. The screen flashes on my tv, then the screen goes black….the sound still works but no picture…'ll show a picture for a short period of time, then it'll flash and then go black

  21. I have a Samsung HPS4253x/xaa that the picture went out as I was watching tv. Still have sound. I can turn tv off then back on and the picture will come on for maybe 2 seconds then go out. What might be the problem?

  22. my plasma tv PS51E450A1R i heard something explode then suddenly the screen goes black but has sound. what is the problem, is there a way that only a minor parts be changed rather than the whole board itself?, thanks!

  23. I have a Panasonic 50" plasma and It had a 10 blink code and I repaired it by getting a Y-Sustain board from you. It then worked perfectly for 10 days. Now I have a problem with no pic or sound with a 9 blink code. What can I do about it now?

  24. I have a 43inch Samsung plasma.the problem is no picture,no sound but the on/off light is on..model #PS43E490B1R.what can I do..thanks

  25. I have an Lg 50pz950 the tv turns on but has no picture it looks faded black as if it were about to show something but never does

  26. I have a samsung 64" plasma tv pn64d8000ff. With the x sustain board and ribbon cable going to the y sustain board unplugged i get all the correct voltages. When i plug in the ribbon cable the vs and va voltages drop. When i plug in the x sustain board i dont get the va and vs voltages. Possible bad x sustain?

  27. I have a Samsung PN43D450A2DXZA.  Unit turns on using the remote control.  A brief (<1sec) ~1" scruffy looking white video band shows at bottom of screen.  I then hear the startup tune, but no video ever shows.  The42/50DH LJ41-09475A LOGIC MAIN board has LED2001 that glows green for 5secs, off for 2secs, and repeats this pattern.  I do not know how to interpret this.  I did change out CX818 and CX823 on the 42HD PSPF271501A (BN44-00442A) POWER SUPPLY board as those had leaked.  I did disconnect the Y board from the POWER SUPPLY board to see if they would change LED2001’s pattern.  It did not.  Not sure what I’m going after at this point and have exhausted my technical diagnostic abilities.  Thank you in advance for your help.

  28. My lg plasma tv has picture and sound but the picture is distorted and has dots not snowy dots more like distorted dots

  29. i have also a concern if possible you can give me idea regarding on my tv. i have 2 different tv 1 LG and 1 HYUNDAI i both are 42" inch display plasma tv, with power but no display???

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