Excuse me! -Huh? -Hi, umm would you mind taking a picture? -Oh sure, I’d be happy to Thanks. It’s already set up. You just push the bottom right there. -Gotcha! All right one two three! Yay, thank you. -Here you go. .I can’t wait to show my- Hmm? Oh… Where is it? It’s, umm not here. Did you push the button? -Yeah I took it Took what? -Took your picture. I have it. It’s mine now. Bye! See? This is why we need the tripod.

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  1. "' hi do you mind taking our picture " "i be glad to " "*takes picture * "' there ya go" yay tysm oh um.. is not here.. did you press the button? "yes i did" i cant find it…" well yeah i took it " took wht "your picture it its Mine now bye this is why we need * type of camera * like….. this pls…. THIS TOOK ME ONE FREAKIN MINUTE

  2. in my language we don't use the phrase "take a picture" but, in the exact translation, we say "pull a picture" so it's not working here hahaha

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