Picture Styles: Episode 147: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

this week will learn how to create
custom picture styles in the camera AdoramaTV presents exploring
photography with Mark Wallace bring human innovative
techniques on shooting a wide range of $800 use
your host Mark Wallace everybody welcome to
another episode exploring photography I’m Mark Wallace well today i wanna talk to you
specifically about shooting everything in camera in creating a custom picture style so
that was soon as you click that sugar everything is finished you want to do any post production it is
get it right in camera and this is done on most cameras using
something called Picture Styles if you’re on a Canon camera on my Fujifilm x-pro1 here’s called film
simulation if you have a Nikon camera is probably
called Picture Control but the key thing to understand here
they’re called different things but they do essentially the same things the allow you to in your camera create
custom presets that you can say I want my image to be
really highly saturated Rd saturated or black and white or sharpened are not
sharpened and you can change it and things like
that and so that you can customize to your camera processes Eur J paid files for specific shooting scenarios after
shooting a portrait you don’t want super highly saturated read that makes people
look embarrassed but after shooting a scenic photo you
probably want everything to be really saturated so all those flowers and
mountainside kind i’ve seen pop and so you can do
that and you can customize things a nice thing is most cameras come with
presets built right into let’s take a look I’m using my Canon 5D Mark III this is a
very popular camera reusing at so we can just show you these
menu items here and so when we look into the menu here
the first thing that we see is our picture style in right now is set to auto but i wanna
say and when it’s be said on where the camera tries to figure out what I’m
shooting I want to prescribe how my camera should
handle these images so we go into our menu here we
can see that we have all these different picture style sonny’s can’t come shipped
with the camera and they have auto standard Portrait
Landscape neutral indeed are things that sound and do exactly
what they sound like separate shootings a person you want to use Portrait
Landscape yunis landscape so he died in really quickly here you can see what’s happening so on this we have our
sharpness turned up just a bit for landscape by contrast saturation color toner still
set to the middle and and we can always go on here so you
know it when I shoot landscapes I want things to be more saturated you
can just click on that and then you can increase your
saturation you can decrease that so you can take what the pictures tiles are the kind with your
camera and you can do some changes to them political quick look at how these works
are going to do something to take a standard picture style and we have stamping
standing by right back here and I was gonna take a really quick shot stunt pig when that shows up you can see
it said standard picture a thumping so we don’t have a lot of
contrast you don’t have a lot on it’s not monochromatic but that’s
what I want I wanna have a picture that is black and white and as high contrast
all I can do is I can create something that does just
that to me going to my pictures tiles here and i wanna go down here to my
user-defined Picture Styles and I also hit info to go into that and on my picture style I’m gonna begin
with at the preset the come to the camera so
I want to choose the preset love monochrome 13 black and white and
I’m not going to use the monochrome preset the King the camera is in my opinion it’s not contrast the
enough summer start there and I’m gonna go down
to my sharpness I mean take my sharpness in a min take
that way up so it’s all the way up to the max I’ll take my contrast imaging that all
the way up as high as you can go analyst even going we’ll take em all put
a filter effect on that will filter some yellow and then we’re going to you and not do
any kind of toning on it but we could if we wanted to the point is you can make
this what you want it to be alright we have
that set and then why do I go back to my menu everything’s good and now let’s take
another shot constantly hear answer same shot that we did before we
can clearly see that everything is exactly as I wanted we have the high
contrast really sharp image upstanding it’s black and white well
this is great news for I J pictures because now that you know a
picture styles are you can apply those to work the way you
should in fact here’s some shots I did and outside today and you can see how
each scene looks differently using different picture styles and so
someone great some don’t but the point is you can change your
pictures tiles are picture control or film simulation whatever it’s called in
your camera to work the way that you want it to work
and so when you get done you take those pictures right on the
camera and a good to go what happens if you’re shooting in rock to those pictures tiles applied
here of I’ll answer is no they don’t and leisure
using the proprietary software that comes with your Canon or Nikon or your
Fuji it doesn’t work if you’re using
Lightroom all those pictures tiles they don’t apply to iraq house how you cover that well as we’re
gonna talk about next week in next week’s episode exploring
photography to stay with us to see how you can do this raw files is pretty awesome and speaking
of next week’s episode make sure that you
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week again of the next week or two talk more about this but in rock piles of CNN I want to have higher contrast only to
be more sharp are more sharp much more sharper much
more sharper on it to be sharper this up gets that pingback: here he’s
gonna be our model and what we want to do here is I mean really talking about how forklift
screws up your phone issue she’s just getting here world noisiest 30 ever want to get the most Adorama photography equipment is our
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21 thoughts on “Picture Styles: Episode 147: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

  1. It's uncanny how Mark explains the things that I have questions on right when I need answers. Thanks Adorama for Mark Wallace!

  2. One word of advise even when you are a beginner. You should always shoot in RAW and not JPEG. Leave your Picture Styles in a neutral setting both for stills and video. RAW has information that is not compressed like a JPEG. It is best to use post processing to get your final look rather than using your camera.

  3. Just seen this tutorial, Picture Styles, Episode 147. Nice, but I'm a RAW shooter.
    Can someone tell me how to find the episode where Mark Wallace explains about picture Styles in RAW photography. I've try'ed a lot of things like episode 148, Picture styles RAW and so on. THNX ahead. Toin.

  4. In my Sony a99 function menu it's called "Creative Style" and only applies to jpeg.   It will have no effect when shooting in RAW.

  5. Another outstanding explanation of the many variables that can be manipulated to get better photos. Thank you Mark and thank you Adorama!

  6. ok i shoot in RAW and as an experiment i shot on a canon (.CR2 file) with picture styles turned up full on custom. I loaded said .CR2 file into 3rd party software and low and behold it still HAD all the adjustments the camera made !!! DEEP colours, HIGH contrast etc. When i loaded it into camera raw as you all point out all adjustments gone. So……if i want to display RAW on my tv/projector i just load up 3rd party software and use its slideshow option. The pics look really good with no need for me to edit in camera raw, unless i'm doing it for someone else of course.

  7. I used to shoot jpeg only. Then I started using RAW and discovered how much more info is preserved like color, tone, saturation, etc. I can't believe how much jpeg destroys so much of the final image. Never again.

  8. Maybe you can help me out with this or someone can help me out. I seen a person taking a photos with a canon rebel t4i i believe, maybe it was a 5 but no more. Here in thailand he was taking pictures of the temples on the boat, i seen him taking pictures and the pictures would change color from the light aim at the temple. He showed me how to do it and i can no figure it out at all, i even have spent hours trying to look it up online and no one has it. So let me give you maybe a better example if you do not understand me quite well. When the picture was taken of having a light in the photo he could get it to change colors, almost like a 3d or maybe a holygram picture. He showed me in setting what to do but i thought i could remember but i didnt. I hope someone doenst think im crazy and can help me out and then can also make a video of it because i have yet to find one on you tube. It looked very awesome and it seemed it was almost like a live picture off apple but instead it changed colors also and it was pretty badass. He just had his camera and nothing else.

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