Picture Perfect (feat. Crabstickz)

Chris, it looks like you’re
struggling to paint. How can you tell? It says it all right here. [sigh]
You can always read me like a painting, Chris. I’m Tom. You’re Chris. I’m not following you… I’m not following you…
on Twitter. -Chris, I’m going to teach you how to paint.
-Why? Because I want to build the only kind of ship
that doesn’t sink. -The Titanic.
-No, a friendship. Also, the Titanic did sink. Impossible. -Chris I want you to paint me.
-Done. Show me. That is a shoe.
You have painted a shoe. Damn, it must be this brush! -Try again.
-Done. Show me. I imagined you being
Chinese this time… That is still a shoe, yet
somehow more racist. -Damn this xenophobic brush!
-Only a bad workman blames his tools. Ha! Why not a work…WOMAN? Now is not the time for feminism, Chris. WHEN WILL IT BE TIME, TOM? Try…again. Show me. This is the alphabet, Chris. Hnnrrggh, it’s just so hard, Tom! You’ve got to believe in yourself, Chris! Can’t. I can’t do it, Tom. I can’t. [whispering]
Believe. Yes…okay… I love it! I loathe it. I…loaf it? I…actually, that’s pretty good. He’s thinking about the Holocaust! Haha! Now I hate it. DAMNIIIIITTTTT. What…is…this? It’s…nothing! It’s…
It’s just a work in progress. Finish it… It’s done. Chris… What did I tell you
about feminism?! Tom, I do not respect your
misogynistic criticisms. -I’ll kill you, Chris
-Not if I kill myself first. Two can play at that game… Any leads? Only these. They must have painted
their killers before they died. So we’re looking for a centaur,
an anti-semitic cat, and the alphabet. My god… …they’re back. Hey, you! So that was a video! I hope you enjoyed it and you should
check out my last two videos over here. Or you could subscribe to my channel
Crabstickz! It’s like what Tom does, but a bit…
a bit lighter! I mean…you don’t HAVE to. Tell them to subscribe to my channel, Tom!

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100 thoughts on “Picture Perfect (feat. Crabstickz)

  1. Why is it when it showed Chris with the painting of the black circle,I thought he was gonna make Tom but in EddsWorld. Since his eyes are black

  2. 2:05
    "Who is stupider? The person trying to kill himself, or the person trying to kill the person trying to kill himself?"

  3. Lil story
    I'm shit at art, and my art teacher pretended she didn't hate me but she definitely did. The one time she complimented my work when I was drawing in class was when I had earphones in and I didn't hear her. THE ONLY TIME I'VE EVER GOTTEN A COMPLIMENT FROM HER I WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS

  4. When I said Bo Burnham in the description I was like “YESSS THIS IS GONNA BE A GOOD VIDEO!”

  5. Gotta love these sketches man. A painter painting a Christmas tree turns into a double suicide in 2nahalf minutes. 😂😂Masterpiece.

  6. Both pointing their guns at their chins to kill themselves, yet no bullet wounds on their chins when they're lying dead on the ground..

  7. Tom's sketches are the perfect combination of clever comedy and absolute nonsense and it's the best thing ever

  8. if I had a nickle for everytime there was a killing spree done by a centaur, antisemitic cat and the alphabet I would have 2 nickles… which isnt a lot but its wierd it happened twice

  9. Art is dead, by Bo Burnham

    Art is dead
    Art is dead
    Art is dead
    Art is dead

    Entertainers like to seem complicated
    But we're not complicated
    I can explain it pretty easily

    Have you ever been to a birthday
    Party for children?
    And one of the children
    Won't stop screaming
    'Cause he's just a little
    Attention attractor

    When he grows up
    To be a comic or actor
    He'll be rewarded
    For never maturing
    For never under-
    Standing or learning

    That every day
    Can't be about him
    There's other people
    You selfish asshole

    I must be psychotic
    I must be demented
    To think that I'm worthy
    Of all this attention

    Of all of this money, you worked really hard for
    I slept in late while you worked at the drug store
    My drug's attention, I am an addict
    But I get paid to indulge in my habit
    It's all an illusion, I'm wearing make-up, I'm wearing make-up
    Make-up, make-up, make-up, make…

    Art is dead
    So people think you're funny, how do we get those people's money
    I said art is dead
    We're rolling in dough, while Carlin rolls in his grave
    His grave, his grave

    The show has got a budget
    The show has got a budget
    And all the poor people way more deserving of the money
    Won't budge it

    'Cause I wanted my name in lights
    When I could have fed a family of four
    For forty fucking fortnights
    Forty fucking fortnights

    I am an artist, please God forgive me
    I am an artist, please don't revere me
    I am an artist, please don't respect me
    I am an artist, you're free to correct me

    A self-centered artist
    Self-obsessed artist
    I am an artist
    I am an artist

    But I'm just a kid
    I'm just a kid
    I'm just a kid
    And maybe I'll grow out of it

  10. is that a low-key reference to An Inspector Calls and Mr. Burlington saying how it’s impossible for the titanic to sink?
    God I hate English GCSE

  11. (two dead people later) "Any leads?"
    "Only these."
    what happened?
    Well you see he took the gun, put it to his head and- Bang

  12. Tom: hey let’s be friends!
    2 seconds later….
    Tom: I’ll kill you Chris!
    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  13. Came back to one of my favourite skits and just realised thats Scorpius Malfoy as one of the police officers

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