Photography Tutorial – How to photograph a fast car in motion

This image was shot especially for pentax to advertise the K10D in uk’s Dslr user magazine. First thing to do, make sure you’ve got to get your polarizer set up to get rid of all these reflections. Do it before you start pushing the car otherwise you’ll have problems. Right reflections gone. check the exposure self timer always. Not bad, i think it wants a bit more. what have we got? that’s brighter. Put it on manual focus, so that the focus can’t shift. And breaks off Rob. Breaks off, just give it a push, and stop. what have we got? Rob going very fast backwards cool ay, it worked.

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  1. Ah, the video that started it all. The birth of a YouTube legend. I am watching all of your videos in chronological order and giving them a thumbs up.

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