Photography Tips – Finding a Personal Photography Style 📷 DIY in 5 Ep 51

If selfies are a style, I’m gonna be the
next Annie Leibovitz. Wait, and I’m happy about that?! Hello everyone! I’m Trisha Hershberger and I know, it’s
fun to take pictures, but have you found your own style yet? What sets your photos apart from the rest
of Tumblr and Instagram? In this episode of DIY in 5 we’re going to give you a few tips to find your own photography style. If you find these tips useful, be sure to
subscribe to see all of our upcoming tips and tricks. For starters, you’ll never find what’s
unique about you if you are constantly following and admiring the work of others. We all have people we admire
when it comes to style. Whether they’re fashion bloggers, landscape
photographers, extreme sport athletes, there’s always something about their imagery that
speaks to us, it’s inspirational. And that’s the dangerous part. If you subject yourself to other people’s
work without developing your own style, you’re bound to just copy it in some way. So, as scary as it might seem, unsubscribe from that Instagram feed and go out into the real world, you’re bound to find something
that speaks to you. This next tip goes hand in
hand with not following others. Imitation is not a personal style, and it’s
not really flattery for the original photographer. Instead if you’ve found an image that speaks
to you, figure out what it is about the image that impacts you and use that. Let’s say you have a picture by Ansel Adams
that you really enjoy. Figure out what it is about the image that
captures you. Is it the way the light reflects off the lake
in one of his landscape images? Or the textured clouds in the sky of another? You can take a piece of something and just
experiment with it. Now, if you want to get better at something
no matter what it is, practice, practice, practice! Photography is exactly the same way. You’ll need to shoot every single day to
develop your style. That’s right, every day! When you first start out things might not
look that great, your composition might be slightly off, but eventually you’ll develop
a technique that works. Once you get to a point where you like about
75% of your photographs you might be on to something. This one’s fun. Know the rules, then break them! Just like anything in life,
photography has rules. Whether you’re talking about rule of thirds or other composition tips, white balance and color grading, there are basics that you should
follow to get the best possible images. It’s only once you understand those rules
that you can go ahead and break them. The last tip we’ll mention is a biggie.
Shoot for yourself! Shoot what makes you happy, not what you think
others might want to see. Whatever imagery drives you shoot that. It can be still life photography, architecture,
or whatever specific style speaks to you, just shoot it! Photography is a personal expression and should
represent whatever you want to say. You wouldn’t want people telling you
what car to drive or what shoes to wear, so don’t let them tell you what to shoot! So what are some of your
favorite subjects to shoot? Your dinner, your kids,
your cat, your car? Let us know in the comments below. Oh! and here’s some tricks
on shooting outdoors in natural light. If that’s your jam,
check out this video here. Now show off your work and feel free to share
some of your favorites with us online #DIYin5. I’m Trisha Hershberger and thanks for watching.

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