Photography Optics – Wide Angle Lens Distortion

today we’re going to talk about
distortion particularly distortion in Wide angle lenses now here is our lens and
here is a representation of a ball this circle or sphere is has a diameter of
three point six centimeters as you can see and each of these red lines
represents the diameter of this circle or sphere now let’s say you had a
picture of the balls just lined up like this you don’t have the balls lined up
you have a picture of the balls lined up right so that’s why you have the same
diameter now as you can see because the balls are flat you get a perfect image
so all the balls are going to appear to be the same size right no distortion if
you’re taking a to the picture of the balls however even though they are the
same diameter as you can see here these this blue line represents taking a
picture of the diameter of a 2D balls when you get the actual 3d ball
and you take a photo of it it’s actually going to change so in the middle it’s
fine but once you start getting closer to the end especially no wide-angle
lenses you start to notice that you’re going to get distortion and I’m going to
try to explain why so here’s our lens and now when you actually draw these
lines out you get this red line right because we’re hitting the edge of the
ball we’re not hitting the actual diameter we’re hitting the actual ball this image is longer than this image
right here this is why when you take a photo with a
wide-angle lens objects near the end appear to be
distorted or stretched out compared to the image in the middle once again
here’s the example you can see so I hope that helps explain why images in a
wide-angle lens look distorted this isn’t the only reason why there is
Distortion this is just one of the reasons why
there is distortion and I hope you can understand so if you were taking a to
the image of the circle it would be within this blue area but the reality is
you’re taking a 3d image of the picture and even though it has the same diameter
you get Distortion because that’s the way the lens see
things oh and we almost forgot right here so let’s do it one more right here so this is the real image that your lens
is going to see there you go I hope that helps explain
things and see you around See you

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7 thoughts on “Photography Optics – Wide Angle Lens Distortion

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  2. Chapeau !
    This is probably the best and maybe the only video that explains the why and how about this problem (phenomenal)
    Allow me to contribute:
    Two days ago a well know photographer from Adorama told the people that you CAN NOT take a head shot with wide angle lens (he was pointing to 28mm and wider)
    Now I debated that cause you can for two reasons of which you explained them EXCELLENT in your video
    If you do a portrait with a wide angle lens take two matters in consideration.
    1. Keep the subject in the middle and not on an angle
    2. Distance to your subject (keep it further away than you would do normally )
    Now one might say, if I obey rule two it will be a full body shot, but that's why I added, make sure you have a 24 MP or more camera so you have information enough to crop.
    Now I know this is not ideal but telling it is not possible is a lie.
    Of course there was no reaction to my comment cause people don't want to be put right especially those YT-ers that think they know all .
    Thanks for sharing, good stuff, nice short and crystal clear, keep them coming !!

  3. The extreme distortion of the "fish eye" lens is my favorite. A great example is the Jimi Hendrix album "Are you experienced".. The "fish eye" was very popular in the late 60's an into the 70's.

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