Photography Business Game Changers! How I grew my photography business

hey guys, welcome back to my channel! in
today’s video, I’m gonna be sharing with you the game changers in my business.
this was actually a suggestion from one of my subscribers and they asked what
were some game changers like gear I purchased maybe experiences I had
software’s and mindsets things like that that I think are the biggest game
changers in my own business now reflecting back on the past 5 years and
I really love this question I think it’s a good one so I’m going to answer it in
today’s video. before we dive in, if you are new here, hit that subscribe button I
make videos just like this one every single week for photographers just like
you ok so starting off with experiences I have 3 different experiences that I
think really shaped Who I am as a photographer now and took me the
farthest of anything that I tried in my business early on and the first is
second shooting I second shot for a couple of different wedding
photographers pretty consistently meaning I second shot you know 10 or 15
weddings with that same photographer in my first year so while I was booking my
own weddings I was also working for other photographers and this was hugely
valuable not only to grow as a photographer just get the camera in my
hands working manual that kind of thing but really good to see how other
photographers run a wedding day and get to see how the timeline works on a
wedding day so if you can get second shooting experience I think that would
be hugely valuable especially if you’re moving into the world of weddings the
second experience that really helped me out was shooting couples for free I even
shot individuals families friends and engaged couples and it just got me
really comfortable with posing other people in front of the camera and it got
my feet wet into the industry a little bit before I had pain clients so if you
don’t have any portfolio you’ve never photographed a couple before don’t just
jump in and start charging people do it for free so you can gain the experience
without the pressure of having that paying client and all those expectations
the third experience that really grew me was attending a business focused
workshop for photographers so I attended a workshop called the business
essentials and doing this really early on in my career and starting to think
about profit and my cost of doing business and sales
and marketing and just the different side of photography early on instead of
being only thinking about my gear and my flash and my settings really set me up
for success when it came time to grow my business because at the end of the day
my goal as a photographer wasn’t just to produce beautiful work but to bring home
a paycheck and support my life and my family’s life with my photography and so
being in that mindset from the very beginning really helped me and took me
really far so I’m gonna link some of my favorite resources below for you guys if
you’re interested in the business side of photography or you’d like to just
grow in general and business knowledge marketing knowledge branding knowledge
and that kind of thing so be sure to check that out so in terms of gear I
have two pieces of equipment that I think just made a really big impact in
the final results of my images now I personally wanted to shoot weddings and
I wanted to shoot a lot of portraiture and be able to photograph couples in low
light and not have too much noise so I was struggling for a long time to be
able to accomplish what I was envisioning in my head until I received
well until I bought a full-frame camera body so until I had a camera body that
could handle a little bit of a higher ISO I struggled to get that look and
then the second pieces of equipment that really helped pair with the full-frame
camera body is the 85 millimeter 1.4 lens
so for me personally in my own business it was absolutely crucial that I have a
full-frame camera and an 85 millimeter lens combined to really get that look
that I was going for and that kind of became my signature look which really
built my brand in my business and took it forward now when it comes to editing
early on I was really overwhelmed by Lightroom I knew I needed to use
Lightroom and not Photoshop because I’d be dealing with so many images but I
didn’t know how to use Lightroom and one class that really helped me organize the
catalogs understand presets and just all the editing modules was a class by
Jarrod Platt over on creativeLIVE I’ll link
down below but I think it was like less than $100 and it is so in depth and
really breaks down every single area of Lightroom so that you can understand
your import settings your export settings and how to achieve the edits
that you’re really looking for in your photography so that leads me to
software’s I have three softwares that I want to mention for you guys today the
first is photo mechanic before I got photo mechanic I was using Lightroom to
actually go through and pick the images that I wanted to edit and it just took
ages and ages and ages and Lightroom’s actually not meant for calling and it
just slows everything down if you have a huge amount of images in your catalogue
that you don’t need to be there so I use photo mechanic and I have a video all
about that so I won’t get into it but you can check that out here and I’ll
link it down below the second software that I use is honey
book and honey book is how I manage all the nitty-gritty of like contracts
invoicing getting paid getting things signed questionnaires a lot of the back
and forth of my clients is just a client management software really and I waited
a little too long to get a client management software because I thought I
needed to wait until I was really busy and really profitable and while that
kind of makes sense at first blush it becomes really overwhelming to transfer
everything over so I had a really inefficient system of getting my
contract signed and invoicing my clients and remembering when to invoice them
after you know a certain amount of time had passed and they needed to make their
next payment or whatever is in your client process and so transferring over
was kind of a pain so I really encourage you if you want to have a wedding
photography business sort of photography business in general get a client
management software sooner than you think you need it because it will
actually allow you to be able to grow to the levels that you need to because your
business will be set up in a really healthy and sustainable way instead of
having all these weird backwards ways of getting paid and getting contracts
signed and sending invoices and I mean even sending a proposal like if you’re
filling out all that information customizing that sending it to your
client every single time like I know people that are wasting time on
proposals when it should be like three clicks and it can be really quick your
time is really valuable so get a client management software
the third software I want to mention is my like you it is an app that I use on
my phone that tracks all my mileage and all I have to do is swipe left or right
and tell it whether it was a business expense or business mileage or personal
and at the end of the year it I to mises everything out and it gives me a form
that I can send with my taxes so that I can get the most amount of write-offs
possible for my business so once I discovered this app I knew this is what
I want to pay for it every single year and it just makes my life so much easier
I don’t have to keep a log or keep receipts or any of that like it’s all
digital and I love that it you know preps all my tax forms at the end of the
year so it’s really really great I have three books that completely change the
game for me I guess mindset wise but also just gave me a lot of incredible
business knowledge when I was first starting my business the first is the
pumpkin plan the second is the book start and the third I have to look at my
list it’s fine art weddings I’m gonna link all of these below I’m not going to
get into every single one of them but these are the three books that when I
really sat down and I really thought about it I can attribute the most amount
of business growth and change and they just were the biggest game changers for
me starting out in my photography business the final thing that I want to
share with you guys is a couple of mindset shifts I guess you could say and
that I had early on in my business and those were looking at other
photographers looking at people that I admired and looked up to and wanted to
be like and realizing that they were just people they put on their pants one
leg at a time they’re human beings and that they started at zero as well so
when I start when I first started out I kind of you know had all these amazing
people up on pedestals and I it was really hard for me to imagine that I
could ever be there or ever booked clients like they do or produce work
like they do but I really started shifting that mindset and asking you
know why not me why couldn’t I do this why can’t I book that
client and why can’t I make that money why can’t I produce that work and I
think that mindset was really hugely crucial for my success and just saying
like why not me so that was really huge I know that’s
like kind of you know woowoo or like a little bit vague but I think your
mindset going into business and your belief in yourself is hugely impactful
on how it’s all gonna go down and whether or not you’re gonna push through
and have the grit to continue when you come up against resistance and struggles
and problems which you inevitably will the last thing that I think had like a
profound impact on my business was the compound effect and the compound effect
is simply that there’s nothing that you can do once or twice or three times
that’s gonna change everything for your business but rather it’s something that
you do every single day for a long amount of time that suddenly adds up to
something so it starts to compound in effect and all that blogging you’re
doing and networking and posing going on workshops reading books listening to
podcasts all these things you know one of them or two of them may not feel
impactful but in the long run they add up to huge results and that’s the
compound effect and that’s something that took a little while to grow and
have momentum in my business but I just kept at it and I knew that the compound
effect would take effect and that I would see huge growth of my business and
then it would take some time so I remembered the compound effect when I
was submitting my work to magazines and blogs and I knew that it could take a
really long time for that search engine optimization to truly take effect and
for me to start seeing those results so keep in mind the compound effect when
you’re growing your business and don’t be discouraged if you blog for a couple
months and you don’t see any results because it can take more than you think
to start seeing the results but it truly will add up because of the compound
effect so I would love to hear from you what were the biggest game changers in
your business is it a piece of gear an app software’s something completely
front leave it in the comment section below I’m super curious to hear what you
think were the biggest game changers in your business or that you think could be
your biggest game changers as you’re implementing right now if you enjoyed
this video give it a thumbs up and I will see you next week bye guys

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60 thoughts on “Photography Business Game Changers! How I grew my photography business

  1. Love the video, really needed it today. I am at that point where I'm looking for the game changer, the breakthrough. Some days I get excited like "yes, things are moving in the right direction" and other days I get discouraged. Your video helps!

  2. Thank for being so humble, and down to earth. Not making it look like it was easy, but that you went through all the struggles we go though and you managed to achieve you goals! You are such an inspiration to me <3

  3. Loved this! Game changers for me were getting a mentor, networking with local creatives, and investing in business courses like Hook and Book Brides😊

  4. So much great information here! I think these are the big kind of videos but it is super helpful to others. Good one! 🙂

  5. Joy!!! Seriously I look forward to each and every video you make. They are genuinely full I'm so much great information. I have two of the books that you suggested and they are amazing I may pick up the third one. I have also never heard of The compound effect but it makes total sense. Thank you for sharing such wonderful knowledge it's always such a pleasure to watch.

  6. Joy, I loved your comment about mindset! I have had friends and family tell me I am "too expensive for still being in college," or that "college students don't get paid that much, so maybe you should be charging lower than what you're worth for the time being". These comments have really discouraged me, but I am pushing through them. I too believe that it's about the mindset you have. I keep telling myself "I can be a college student, and I don't have to under charge myself." There are other young photographers who have been so successful with photography, and I look up to them for that reason.

  7. Game changers – two full frame cameras, realizing I was “worth” charging, my CODB, second shooting, my 50 1.4 and 85 1.8, understanding Lightroom and how to connect with people before just giving them pricing.

  8. I just started taking my photography from hobby to business. Right now I am editing images for a wedding photographer, signed up for a workshop and working along side a local photography, going to a networking event this month!! Can’t wait to meet more photographers in my area and find my style.

  9. Switching to digital, Discovering Lightroom, my d500, my 70-200g2, switching to editing with stylus/pens, my awesome supportive husband. So many!

  10. First of all, you look amazing! Congratulations with your pregnancy. And I know I have said this before, but you are awesome. There are so many photographers who on on YouTube and they do not hold a candle the the information that you give us. You are so down to earth and your heart is for helping others build their business. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

  11. Upgrading equipment.. Getting better with post processing. Also going IPS and learning Off Camera flash so controlling lighting situations anywhere lighting is allowed were the two Most HUGE game changers

  12. This was so helpful! Need to listen again and again and take proper notes. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!! Love your videos. It’s really priceless. Appreciate you, Joy!

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  16. The reason Lightroom might be slow for you is because you are not adding 1:1 previews when you do your import. This would mean Lightroom has to generate a preview each time you select a photo.

  17. This was such a helpful video! So glad to have found your channel. I'm wondering though, how do you seek out people who may need a second shooter?!

  18. One of the biggest game changes was changing my mindset. I was in a reactive mode most of the time and I needed to shift out quickly. Once I got my head out of my gear and was paying attention to those in front of me my style began taking shape.

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  22. Thanks so much! I think these are the most valuable points I’ve gotten so far! I appreciate you being so genuine 💛

  23. GameChanger: studying researching photography consistentency understanding power of social media, gear doesn’t matter to me I Shoot well with anything I stay sharp mentally and creatively. Lenses 1.4 to 2.8 enhanced things tremendously all were game changers

  24. You are an inspiration! Right now, I am getting my website set up but confused on where to get my contract templates or does Honeybook offer templates?

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