Photographer’s CUSTOM Minimalist EXPEDITION CAMPER 4X4 Diesel

I found this vehicle on Expedition Portal.
The previous owner lived up in San Francisco. He built it to take up to
Alaska on a trip. When they got back they decided they wanted to get something
smaller. When I bought it it was just a stock F250 with a camper on the back
but so far I’ve added 35 inch Yokohama tires, 4 inch lift kit, full rigid lights,
got all sorts of front lights. It came with an exhaust, but I also added a bunch
of performance parts from Diesel Power Products, did a full intake tuner, and an
edge insight to monitor all the vitals of the truck just so you know what is going on with it. With the camper I’ve added a heater, propane heater, and
then I also added a Maxx Air fan just to kind of help get the air flowing
inside of it. My name is Dylan Magaster. I’m in Cabo
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the description down below. Now enjoy today’s episode! Hey, what’s up? I’m basil
Lynch and this is my truck. It’s a 2000 ford F250 with a custom camper built
onto the back. Before I had this truck I had a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.
It was pretty heavily modified. I had that thing for four years and I put over
120,000 miles on it in four years so that’s kind of what got me into the whole
off-road overland camping world and then from that it just kind of progressed
further and further building the FJ and then eventually going and getting this
giant camper truck. First when I went to Boulder it was just to go to college and
see if I liked it which I didn’t really enjoy it. I mean I enjoyed it, but it just
wasn’t for me. A buddy and I pretty much just packed our trucks and drove up to
San Francisco and then we decided we were gonna drive south until we were happy. We ended up in San Diego. I mean definitely just kind of just going for it has been really helpful.
If you sit and think about things for too long the opportunity will pass you up. So this is my truck. It’s a 2000 Ford F250
with a 7.3 diesel in it. It’s four-wheel drive. On the front end of the truck
it’s got full lights by Rigid Industries along with a goal zero 100 watt panel.
There’s also a second 300 watt panel on the roof that charges the house batteries.
This one on the hood is connected into the goal zero lithium power pack inside
the camper. The truck is sitting on some 35 inch Yokahama all-terrain tires
and for suspension it’s got a custom set of leaf springs and some BILSTEIN
5160 shocks. Average about 15 miles to the gallon which is mostly because of
the big diesel engine, it helps. The truck is almost 10,000 pounds. Over here there
is an exterior cabinet. It’s mostly electrical. Got all the electrical
systems. Two full river battery group 35 batteries along with a 1500 watt
inverter. I don’t use that a ton because I have the goal zero but it’s nice to have
the option to run that also. Had to add a set of stairs on the truck. The previous
owner only had this little step. When I lifted it and put bigger tires on it was
pretty hard to get into so I put a different set of stairs on it, makes a
lot easier to get into the truck. Up here there’s an ARB awning across the top. It’s
kind of helpful. It’s a bit hard to open just cause the truck is so tall so that’s
definitely going to get switched out in the future, but for now it works. So on the
back of the vehicle there’s a kind of ladder/storage system on the back
to kind of help access the roof and clean the solar panel when you need to.
There’s also an outer limit supply first aid kit. It’s got just about everything
you need to help someone in need. There’s also a Camplux outdoor hot water
heater. It’s plumbed into the indoor sink along with having a hookup for an
outdoor shower if you need it. Maxtrax they’re vehicle recovery boards.
I put these I guess they’re called L track on the outside of the vehicle. It’s
nice to be able to mount crossbars horizontally on the vehicle so you can do
externally mounted stuff. So in here is the fluids cabinet along with the
fuel filler and kind of spare parts. Also holds the propane tank and the shutoff
valve for the propane and then up front cab of the truck. Inside it’s got a lot
of things done to it. I’ve got an iPad for navigation, hand radio to be able to
communicate while out on the trail. There’s also a tuner on the engine
that helps performance and mileage just to kind of make it a bit more drivable
along with an edge insight that kind of helps me monitor all the vitals in the
engine just so you know you’re not gonna blow it up at anytime. This is the inside of the truck, come on in. So one of the great things about this
truck is just a ton of storage so on the back wall got a food pantry and then underneath is my
cooking stuff. Got a big fridge, fridge freezer, nothing in the freezer right now,
but plenty of space for everything you need. Nice big countertop. That’s one thing I really
like a lot is having space to work. Propane hookup for my stove. Stove lives
in a cabinet. I pull it out what I need it. Water switch here turns on the
water pump. I put that in just so you know if you get a hole in the water line
it doesn’t empty your tanks into your truck. Main faucet is hot and cold water
and then the second little faucet is purified water so I could put any kind
of water I want into my two seven gallon tanks. It’s got bacteria and particle
filtration to it. Total water is 14 gallons total in two seven gallon tanks
that I can take out and carry into a convenience-store, fill up, or wherever
you need to fill up at. Under the countertop this one’s kind of just small.
There’s some toiletries along with the coffee machine and my smoothie maker.
This cabinet is also kind of cleaning cooking stuff along with the whole water
filtration system. Right now all I have is a bucket so the sink just drains into
a bucket. It’s not that bad you just got to remember to empty it before you drive
or you get water everywhere. Eventually I’m going to tie it into the
valve. I can pair it to the bucket or have it go outside. I didn’t want to do a
big black water tank underneath just so when I take it to colder climates, I
don’t have to worry about it freezing. Right now all the water systems are inside
except for the water heater kind of helps in cold weather so you’re not
worried about lines freezing or anything freezing up. So down here’s the
controller for the Propex heater along with the vent where the high air comes
out of and then inside of this cabinet are my two seven gallon tanks along with
the ducting for the Propex heater and the water pump. Up here on the counter is the
Goal Zero. There’s a small pass-through into the
cab. I haven’t tried it yet. It’s pretty small maybe in an emergency I could fit
through it but I don’t see myself using it consistently to go through the
cab. Nice big bed. It’s six foot eight long and about I believe fifty five
inches wide. I’m 6’4″ and I fit in it perfectly fine. Right now my surfboard
lives up there. I don’t really have a good spot to keep the surfboard so it
kind of just stays up there and I put it on the floor while I sleep. Nice big
windows on each side for ventilation and then there’s one big one across the
front that has a cover on it right now. Just to kind of help prevent rocks from
hitting it and it keeps it clean so every time you slide the cover off you
don’t have to clean the window. So for lighting I’ve got two options. I’ve got
the little mini Goal Zero lights along with just a normal switch light. I
definitely prefer the Gold Zero just because they have a more natural feel to
them. These are kind of an ugly white light that’s not, it’s good if you need
to see stuff, but it’s not good to kind of hang out with. Over here is kind of
the electrical systems. I’ve got the controller for the Maxxair fan along
with the solar controller and an indoor and outdoor temperature. Up here is kind
of camera gear storage. This cabinet’s kind of books, hard drives, computers, all
that good stuff and then, I had to put latches on them because I kept coming in
the truck after driving off-road and everything would be on the ground
so most cabinets have nice big latches on them. This cabinet’ss all camera gear,
nice to have it secure and have one location to keep everything in. This is where the
inverter comes through from that outdoor storage cabinet. Works pretty well, good
to charge computers and that kind of stuff but any other heavy stuff like the
rice maker, coffee machine, gets run off the Goal Zero. This cabinet down here is
kind of all tools, recovery gear, that kind of stuff.
I travel with probably too many tools. I like to be able to fix anything that
breaks on the road so I do all my own maintenance and work on the truck.
Also the nice fire extinguisher along with the carbon monoxide alarm over
there just kind of good to be safe definitely keeps my mom happy too. Back
here, cabinets again with the good twisty ties to keep stuff closed. This one’s kind
of just a big grab all – got backpacks, broom camp chair, wetsuits,
camping gear. Over in this cabinet it’s all my clothes storage. Not very full right
now but I don’t need a lot of clothes so it works out. College isn’t for everyone. You can
make it without going to college. Certain people it works, certain people it
doesn’t work for. Right now I work for a company in Oceanside. We mostly do
off-road and race video and photography. I specifically do photography and more
logistics, mechanic work for them so the goal in the future is to go from
a full-time job to more of a freelance job. Move full-time in the truck and just
travel around and see what happens. Definitely have to live off of ramen
noodles and chicken noodle soup for a little bit but I mean it kind of seems
like that’s what you have to do to break into the freelance world. Thanks for watching this week’s episode.
I hope you enjoyed it. If you did be sure to LIKE
comment and subscribe. If you want to learn more about me or follow my
adventures make sure you check out my Instagram @basillynch. Thanks
for watching. Have a great week, peace!

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    Music sucks
    Music sucks
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