Photographer from Curitiba, Brasil exposes in Paris works inspired by spirituality

International France Radio invites Photography is the theme today at RFI Convida! We are pleased to welcome photographer Todeschi. It’s a pleasure to be with you here.Welcome to RFI. It’s our pleasure.Thanks. Thank you Radio France International to our viewers and listeners. Its our pleasure Luiz Todeschi You integrate the exhibition ~”My Brazil in Paris” currently at Cloitre Des Billettes that is a medieval cloister here in the center of the French capital is an exhibition that is part of a mentoring project carried out by Ana Priscila Marques and Ricardo Esteves who is also the curator of this project. There were several works exhibited… this Monday begins a second phase of this exhibition focused on three photographers among them you. Luiz Todeschi you said that you will display a sequence of four photographs that you brought here in the studio for us to observe and what we realize is that you work a lot with the light. I would like to know what are the criteria for you to choose this set of 4 photographs that you exhibit in “My Brazil in Paris?” It is right ….. in our journy as a photographer we seek to honor the light and all its manifestations… and we see energies and colors and situations that are sometimes hidden from ordinary eyes. Because we are really connected with what this photographic search is. At the Violet Exhibition being presented here in Paris …… we work the spiritual energy of the transmutation of the violet flame that is attached to Saint-Germain one of the Masters of the White Brotherhood. seeking to bring to photography the question of spirituality.. in the case of this series it was elaborated carefully so that we could observe the arrival of this energy on Earth , through the prana, of the sunlight and through light the infiltration this connection with all that is represented materially and immaterially How did this relationship of you with photography about focus on the light that is the basic essence for photography, but also this aspect of spirituality? the work of metaphysics has presented itself to us naturally by our devotional dedication to all and all expressions of life As a photographer we look very carefully and pay close attention to everything … for an ant, a grain of sand, and even for the brightness of the stars …. happy people relating And on this journey …after much study of the history of photography … we can not repeat the idea of sadness, war, hatred, human misery …. So we decided to use photography to show the beautiful, to show the good things that exist here on this planet earth that is wonderful And let’s walk accordingly… In this way…. then photography as art and I as an artist I introduced myself to photography and photography introduced itself to me bringing incredible lessons and learnings This transit began in an abstract narrative and then we decided to begin making abstract metaphysical narratives as a differentiated work interpreting the messages of the creation, of the universe, of the energies that are manifested here on earth, and even of spirituality how did it come about at what moment? What period of your career? Because you started shooting at 14 years old … When did this direction manifest itself? This spiritual question in your work? 5 years ago I decided to dedicate myself fully to photography. I said: I will be a photographer And in that beginning….. five years ago. I connected with the Universe in a way with so much devotion, so much love, so much love for existence… that the first project “Abortion of the Soul” was given to me I only served as a manifestation channel for the manifestation of art. And he was given to me. So in this photographic experience I felt that the subject was serious …….. I’m in a photographic trance ……. here things are happening the messages are coming channeled I’m going to enjoy this….. I will honor this… and from there.. it was natural… naturally began to repeat for me…… in mentoring with Ricardo Esteves We started the quest to work on issues related to the creative process in the artist’s view ….. how we recognize ourself in our work ….. what he seeks in relation to his work …. . important and profound questions … a very positive mentoring I have a lot of material stored on my computer in backups, there are several HDs …. and in everyday we did not realize all this production. I did not pay much attention… And I did not even realize that the formatting of series, the personal search, a repetitive process … So let’s separate the good material. The material that can be discarded … and we realize that although we look for the best photo it is not always possible.But we always look for the best results… To make sense of this work. I bring to Paris in this exhibition this matter of spirituality in photography as something very new …… it is the spirituality in the direction of actually putting into the surrender of what you do …. To make things connected with the heart and with the soul …. with my mission. and things end up happening…. And what is the reception of this work? Of spirituality with art? It’s been very interesting. In New York, for example, we have already conquered a very important gallery to represent our work… around the world. ” Agora Gallery ” represents us. The Photos are now on sale through Agora Gallery A very successful partnership between us. And this has sparked the interest of other galleries and many collectors. Many art lovers are being touched by our way of presenting the work Because it really is something new and special When we stop to think: How can art come to pass good messages to humanity? Not only the delivery of the artist where the artist enters his particular universe … and uses art to express himself…. but in a contrary way …. where art comes through the artist to get through his messages In what context of spirituality does your violet project take place? we see here in one of the photographs ….. It shows a religious theme ….. even a foot where it is written God is faithful we also see a candle, flowers, …. In what context of spirituality does your violet project take place? it encompasses the question of art, we see that the background is a canvas, one paiting, of nature, there are brazilian flowers, we see the human presence,…. and the light of the fire of the candle that represents the light of the creation, of God, the light the light of the sun is manifested here on earth through fire in the culture of humanity of the original peoples has an incredible symbolic value And in this photo ….. during the production of this photo ….. that violet flame manifested itself…… then we fit it as part of the fact that the energy of the Violet transmutation is in everything…. we all are releated everything then in this series is related. The violet energy came from the sun, we observe it arriving on the earth…. hitting a rock, then passes through humans, art, nature … we see it infiltrated in a photo …. in all photos of the series …. in the water, in the palm tree …bringing the element earth… . then this energy comes bringing the connection of all elements. A connection idea proposed by Ricardo Esteves in Mentory Even when all this was already present in our work Ricardo suggested that we strengthen this concept… Something that is often imperceptible to the naked eye … even in the case of hidden energies… Luiz Todeschi, we have one last question … In the current context of Brazil … what are the perspectives for art and photography in your opinion? Brazil faces serious difficulties art in Brazil was banalized, voulgarized… A new language and a new concept of my art started. Some groups misuse art for political attacks a political strategy to combat artists and art itself…. But we believe that good art and good artists will never be marginalized on by the population or confused We even talk about an art that does not fit … But it is also art. So every human manifestation has an artistic mode And we cherish a lot the freedom of expression of all. Even the artists. As long as it does not hurt the right of the other. do not disrespect the other’s creed This involves intriguing issues in Brazil Where we talk about an art that comes to bother the other … to bother people … We do not need to have this in our country. And nowhere on Planet Earth. We need to learn to live with the differences. With respect. In this sense, art in Brazil needs to be reinvented. The difficulty of most artists to live on art is enormous. We see art on the street for example … of people coming from other places …. juggling ….. we see graffiti … see several strands and manifestations, all are important to make the world more colorful and more beautiful …. Luiz Todeschi, photographer from Curitiba who is here in the French capital at the exhibition, “My Brazil in Paris” Many thanks for the presence and the interview! I thank you. Paris is lovely. The Parisian people are wonderful And we have a lot to know and learn from art here in Paris

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