Phone Photography Gear (2019)

why hello my name is Noe ALZ and
today we’re going to talk about mobile phone photography now some of you may have watched my
previous videos where I kind of decided that I’m going to shoot with my phone
for a whole year no gear and people are confused as to why I’m doing that and
I’ve actually seen some of my videos uploaded on reddit and the comments say
oh they’re tired of people trying to compare dslr’s and phones
and I’m not even trying to do that like for sure DSLR is going to beat the phone
anytime of the year but the whole point of me shooting with the phone is
basically to try and show people especially aspiring photographers that
don’t have a camera that even if you don’t have the money to buy a camera you
can use something as simple as a phone and start taking pictures because what I
think one of the most important things as a photographer is to be constantly
taking photos and like you have your phone with you all the time another
reason I did it was outside of people asking in which camera lens I use and
which settings because you know I firmly believe that doesn’t really matter and I
want to set myself aside from other YouTube channels who just focus on gear
reviews like I really want this channel to be about the art of photography but
you know that Ted Forbes already took the name anyways let’s talk about the gear
I’m using for my phone first of all I got this from the Chinese equivalent of
Amazon or Ebay Aliexpress and these actually cost like two bucks and two
bucks to ship and it’s kind of our clip-on lens you can see the quality is
actually not bad and I know someone’s gonna ask me in the comments like what
can I buy it and put the affiliate link below that but but you know we don’t we
don’t do that here I’m not here to sell your gear these
kind of lenses you can find pretty much anywhere you can go to Walmart Kmart you
can go to the like the shopping mall even there’s some street vendors outside
my street they sell these things and they’re like five bucks or something so
the quality I don’t really care about probably the quality so like I said this
channel is not about lens fringing or aberrations or things like that this
channel is more about photography itself in or authorities in art so yeah this is
a Kinda a 65 millimeter equivalences how medium zoom for my phone it’s quite nice
I like it very much and today this package actually took
took much longer to get here this one cost me about 20 bucks but it’s kind of
a little combo set you know also from Aliexpress not that I’m promoting them
or anything it’s just that I live in Korea so China is right next door you
guys might want to use Amazon you know anyways they come to there’s 12x zoom
lens remember I pay like 20 bucks for all of this and 2 dollars for the other
one and there isn’t any specific lens I chose I just liked the way it looked so
remember we’re not going for quality we’re just going for something that
helps us take the pictures and I also read that the lenses were glass so I
thought that’s better than plastic comes a little cheapo tripod which actually is
not that cheap usually they’re plastic this one aluminum and actually one of
the things that caught my attention about this one is it’s a phone case
which is good because I need a new phone case and you can actually just screw on
the lenses because I actually don’t like using the clips or the screen on the
lens this is great and it comes with two more lenses or believing one is a kind
of a fisheye lens and ghetto one is a macro lens so yeah I just wanted to put
this out there you know not long after I started making these photography videos
in my phone I started getting all these messages like oh you should use the
moment phone it’s got no chromatic aberration in straight lines and you
know that’s kind of really missing the point of what I’m trying to do like I’m
trying to all that stuff about gear and megapixels and chromatic aberration and
barrel distortion it’s just a bunch of noise to me and this is something I hope
to get across more photographers out there especially for photographers trying to
start that a gear isn’t so important what’s important is that you take the
photo and I mentioned this before my other in my other pictures like one
person commented oh when you zoom in it’s kind of pixelated and yeah that’s
the point when you zoom in but like people don’t go around looming into your
pictures the only people who do that are other photographers and like I’ve been
selling a lot of pictures taken on my phone as prints and actually been doing
I already done like four or five jobs with my phone and I told them hey I’m
only gonna be shooting with my phone are you cool with that and you know what
they didn’t care I’m surprised I’m actually one big
company one of the big three companies that I got to which one they actually
asked me to shoot with their phone and just uh take my night pictures like that
good pay that’s all I’m gonna say about that but I can only say the name but
it’s just put it out there it’s not really the gear you know gear does
matter up to a point and I want to reiterate the whole point of doing this
is to kind of inspire photographers out there to go and shoot and to stop
fantasizing about buying a new camera because you know a DSLR or mirrorless is
I mean a phone is never gonna replace these expensive high-end cameras okay
but you can take a picture anytime anywhere and it’s much less obtrusive so
it’s better to take a picture that no picture at all anyways one of the things
I’ve actually been noticing is that ever since I started shooting my phone I’ve
been taking a lot a lot more photos and that’s a good thing you know a
photographer should always be taking pictures and if you’re hauling around a
big camera sometimes you just want to leave it at home you know so uh yeah I
just wanted to show you guys my my gear it’s nothing special
please don’t start asking like Oh what brand or what well it doesn’t really
matter that the whole point is this stuff doesn’t matter you can just go to
your local mall and find some clip-on lenses like these they’re very cheap you
know this is like two bucks this deluxe set which is not that deluxe cost like
twenty dollars in total but I see them for as low as ten so yeah we’re going to
be taking a lot of pictures with this for a whole year and yeah I hope you
guys associate my channel with the arts and not with gear because uh really I
think I think it’s wrong to be trying to sell you guys kill time and focusing on
the latest and greatest and which lens is the sharpness you know the quote for
me is sharpness is overrated I like my pictures a little bit softer but that’s
just me I like the more artsy stuff of photography so yeah
hope you enjoy and I’ll catch you around

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17 thoughts on “Phone Photography Gear (2019)

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  2. I support the message on your channel man! this generation is beginning to lose meaning behind the art the make, and are looking to just get gear without trying to express themselves with what they have and tell a story. Love your phone challenge hahah im trying to practice more with just taking photos without any reference in mind but what i want to take photos of

  3. Great video mate, that’s the same reason I started my new series from the archives coz I want people to appreciate my photos not the gear so I’ve decided not to mention the gear in my videos I just wanna share the journey and some of my harvest that I managed to capture… it’s hard work mate to run around chasing good photographs and the simpler you can do that the better..


  4. Love your videos man learning a lot from you. I can vouch about what you are saying, gear isnt the most important. Hell they are so expensive and as for someone going into photography you dont really wanna break the bank. I started my photography journey with my old Iphone 4, and my dad bought me a canon 700D (not the most expensive DSLR) and surprised with how the images look. I recently bought a heios 44-2 lens which is a vintage lens and I love it so much, especially the bokeh it gives. Cost me like 60 euros.

    I also have a little critique about your videos, could you possibly increase the volume of your videos? I feel its a bit too low, even when i raise the volume to like 100. Other than that keep up the good work!

  5. Obviously, ypu are trying to do something 'different', hopefully unique that people might take interest and begin watching your videos & better still subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers, the better. There is money to be made here. Anyways, gooduck. I will be visiting your channel once in a while to check your mobile photos.

  6. I really like your plan to shoot for a year with your phone. Looking forward to following along. Thanks for the gear tips as well!

  7. The message you're sending here is so important, the best camera you own is the one you have with you to capture those moments!

  8. Good video and excellent message content.
    The best camera you can have is the one you have with you.
    With phone can take stunning pictures and print in a great size as well if some one like.

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