Pet Sematary (2019) – Final Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(erie music) (water dripping) – [Ellie] I remember my birthday party. Church was just out on the road. (truck horn) And everything went black. – [Louis] It’s okay now, you’re back. – [Ellie] Back from where? (erie music) – [Rachel] What’s going on? – There’s a place Rach,
that brings things back. Hug your daughter. (gasp) – [Ellie] Are you happy mommy? – I should never have
shown you that place. – But you did. – [Jud] If you cheat death,
there’s a price to be paid. – [Louis] I needed more time with her. – Sometimes, dead is better. – [Ellie] Rachel. (rising dramatic music) – If you’ve done something Louis, it’s not too late to undo it. (cat hissing) (gasping)

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100 thoughts on “Pet Sematary (2019) – Final Trailer – Paramount Pictures

  1. stop remaking movies that were already great! is there something wrong with millenials watching movies filmed before 2010?!

  2. i watched the movie and i have a question. what was the point of the kids with the mask? they only have one apperance in the movie and just kinda worship the sematary so why make it seem like they are going to play an important role in the movie?

  3. So I been waiting to see this. Hell I was dying. I got to see it yestetday and I was DISAPPOINTED. "Dead is better" shoot the "original is better". It was so freaking slow at the beginning. Everything was just so bad. Like the ending…wtf. I recommend saving your money cause this wasn't worth 6 bucks. Maybe it would've been "ok" if i haven't seen the OG but dude…. this was like a huge fail like 2010 A nightmare on Elm St.

  4. "i should never showed you that place" equals with "i should swallow you when you were still a sperm" which means "shit happens!"

  5. Pretty good adaptation, I was pleased, scared, entertained and left with some thoughts about death and afterlife.

  6. I thought this was a warrior cat movie once I saw the cat
    Also I would love a cat warrior movie
    One heart/like=a warrior cat movie

  7. this is another film that could have been done so well again, had the perfect setting to start with but they messed it all up.was no need for the black guy coming back as a ghost. and the old man telling him about the sematary could have been done a lot better.was no need for the ghost sounds at the sematary.the first thing that messes it up is the kids walking past with the head masks.that was just stupid. if it was made more realistic it would have been more scary and believable.first the old man wants him to go there,then he doesn't.that part is dumb.the girl goes and kills the old man and talks about his dead wife? what? and then the parents don't want there daughter when she comes back?is all stupid.and the mother's sister what is that all about? nothing to do with this story.who made this crap?

  8. 1:19 i did not see that scene in cinema
    Has it been removed or i am blind or its banned from my country

  9. Y'all I didn't sign up for this I just came here to see why tumblr was crying about a cat covered in vaseline and coffee grounds

  10. I'm so glad I didn't see THIS trailer before the movie. They give away the fucking twist in this one.

  11. So glad I saw this movie before the trailer, it spoils one of the major events right from the get-go.
    Wow, what is it with those pesky Americans and ruining a movie experience like that.

    Watch this one>>>

  13. I am just satisfied by how the water goes down the hair and how he brushes the hair but Iโ€™m also really really disturbed by it

  14. NO WAY JOSE! I wouldn't even have to think twice about NOT taking someone to that place. Imma leave death alone, cause what you get back, is what you get back!

  15. This Remake is terrible.
    THey have ruined it. Just like what they did to Brilliant "FRIGHT NIGHT 1985."

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