Photography tutorial: Using Infrared filters |

{QTtext}{timescale:100}{font:Verdana}{size:20}{backColor:0,0,0} {textColor:65280,65280,65280}{width:960}{justify:center} {plain} [00:00:01.41] Our eyes see the world, of course, in visible light, but there are other kinds of light. [00:00:05.72] There’s ultraviolet light. There’s also infrared light. [00:00:08.60] If you have an infrared filter on your lens, you can photograph the world in infrared light [00:00:13.79] which yields a very different result than […]

Making 141 Picture Frames

Hey everyone Michael Alm here yeah so I am working on an absolutely massive project I have spent the last two years painting every mammal in Washington State there are 141 mammals and I have less than 10 left to go I one month left until my art show and I decided to frame all […]

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