Padaiyappa |Best Scene | Rajinikanth | Sivaji Ganesan | Ramya Krishnan | (English Subtitles)

Give a lot of hay for the cow,
it’ll give some extra milk. Why are you whiling away your time? Are you here?
I want to ask you something? If you put your hand into
the snake pit won’t it bite? – What??
– Didn’t the snake bite Padayappa? – Go and ask him that question.
– Okay, I’ll ask him. Madam, please go inside, this
cow gets attracted to red color. I can’t were the
color the cow likes. I’ll do as I please, you mind your own business. Madam, please go inside. Madam the cow……
Someone please help…. Bravo! Did you give the letter?
No…. Then give it now. Okay. When your giving it mention
my name and give it. Okay…
– Think of God while giving. Stupid not now, while giving. Stupid not now, while giving. Padayappa, come inside.
Yes, coming. Padayappa asked me to
give you something. – What??
– This letter. – Get a cup of coffee.
– Please help him God! – Thanks for saving her life.
– Uncle, don’t get emotional. If something happens to
her, I can’t bear it. She is very dear to me! – Ask him to sit.
– I forgot! – Welcome sir.
– Didn’t the snake bite you that day. You don’t bite him now.
You sit. He’s my son’s Secretary. Welcome Padayappa, how are you? Fine. You’re going to
be my brother-in-law. – Is everyone fine at home?
– Yes. Mother asked if we have to do anything special… For the engagement. The girl itself is special
to us. So no formalities. Am I right, Prakash? He’s going to be a
groom so he’s shy. So how is your politics? This time they have
agreed to give me a seat. You go inside and do your work.
She’s very absentminded. Have you seen your engagement dress? Yesterday I saw it.
It looks fine. – Thats not yours, thats mine.
– No I saw it yesterday. Try to understand what I’m saying. Okay, okay.
I have some work so I’ll take my leave. Even I have some work. . . sit down. You carry on. – Don’t stand for everything.
– You didn’t answer me. Why do you respect
these servants? Sit. What are you waiting for?
Keep it and go! The fault is with me.
Don’t get angry with her. Girls should have
patience not anger…. obedience not arrogance,
calm and not hasty. A woman should be humble
and not audacious. Altogether a girl should
behave like a girl. It’s believed that arrogant
women can’t lead a happy life.

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